Earth Moving Excavator high quality FR220

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Product Description:

1. Adequate technology for earthmoving operation which is formed by absorbing advanced European technology. The product orientation is mainly the working condition of rock operation, being highly efficient and economical;
2. Isuzu engine with advanced performance, high reliability and strong motive power;
3. Rexroth positive flow system is employed for the first time, idling automatically with low power loss and system heat, which enhance the controllability and accuracy control performance of the excavator;
4. Enhanced working device design, adopting cast-weld structure of low welding stress, excellent effect of absorbing vibration and high strength.

Main Parameters

Operation Weight (Standard Configuration) (KN) 21800

Standard Bucket Capacity 0.92

Transport Dimensionsmm 9380*2980*3030

Bucket Digging Force (KN) 138

Bucket Rob Digging Force (KN) 126

Maximum Traction (KN) 174


High-low Speed (Km/h) 5.3/3.5

Climbing Performance(°) 30

Total Length of the Crawler 4450

Tail Turning Radius (mm) 2770

Width of the Crawler 600

Ground Pressure (Kpa) 46

Turning Mechanism

Turning Speed (rpm) 12.3


Model Cummins 6BTAA5.9-C150

Form Six Cylinders, Straight, Four Strokes, Direct Injection,Pressurization, Air Inter Cooling

Rated Power/Rotate Speed (KW/rpm) 112/1950

Rated Torque/Rotate Speed (N.m/rpm) 614/1500

Cylinder Diameter*Stroke (mm) 102*120

Output Value (L) 5.88

Fuel Consumption (g/KW.h) 221

Hydraulic System

Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 380

Main Pump Pressure (Mpa) 31.4/34.3

Main Pump Flow 230*2

Operating Scope

Maximum Digging Height (mm) 10220

Maximum Dumping Height (mm) 7260

Maximum Digging Depth (mm) 6620

Maximum Digging Radius (mm) 9900

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Q:When did excavators first come out?.
In the current social construction, excavators are becoming more and more integrated with our daily life. The excavator is the earliest human or animal power for digging deep river dredger, bucket capacity is generally not more than 0.2~O.3 cubic meters. The first excavator manual has been developed for more than 130 years of history, has experienced a gradual development process of automatic hydraulic excavator driven by steam rotary bucket excavator to the internal combustion engine and electric drive rotary excavator, application of mechatronics technology during the. 2012-4-15 22:37:57 upload download attachment (7.39, KB)American Otis 1833~1836, the design and manufacture of the first steam engine, composite structure, semi rotary, rail mounted single bucket excavator, productivity is 35 cubic meters per hour, but because of poor economy without application. The improved steam shovel was formally produced in 1870s and applied to strip stripping. In 1880, the first semi - rotary steam shovel with tractors as the chassis appeared.From the early twentieth Century to the late 40s, excavators entered the stage of diversification of power and walking equipment.In 1910, there was the first motor driven single bucket excavator;In 1912, there was a full rotary single bucket excavator driven by gasoline engines and kerosene engines;In 1916, a single bucket excavator powered by diesel generators was produced;In 1924, diesel direct drives began to be used on single bucket excavators; crawler walking devices were introduced in 1910. With the development of the automobile industry, the tire walking device is widely used in small excavator.In 30s, a walking device appeared.Due to the application of hydraulic technology, a suspension excavator equipped with hydraulic backhoe was installed in the tractor in 1940s.
Q:what is the cc rating on a 302.5 mini excavator?
I know it is a 22 hp and only manufactured for england but the cc rating i don't know here is a cat site maybe you can find it
Q:how will I test solenoids or defects?
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Q:What exactly constitutes a hard dig excavation for a pool?
ask to see the rock in hole .... it will be on top ..... and it means they will being in jack hammers ...i used to put in in ground pools is s. Florida .... if we hit a large solid rock or the coral shelf ... we would hammer or drill and blast depending on size of pool . don't worry for your situation they will NOT blast ...
Q:how do I remove the tracks from a john deere 690E-LC excavator?
Information is below.
Q:How to choose a good excavator?
Q:San Antonio jobs? READ FIRST?
Go to LaBatt. They pay well. Minimum for a stocker is like $20 or more per hour.
Q:Approx. how much does a Caterpillar 385B excavator weigh?
385 Cat Excavator
Q:Excavators are hard at work at freezing sites?
Two reasons. One, the hydraulic oil gets thicker when it's cold, and it would help to warm up the excavator for at least 20 - 30 minutes before starting to work. And two, frozen ground is harder to dig in. If warming up the excavator doesn't help, you may want to check if the fluid in it is too thick. To do this, look at what the can says that you have been putting in it, and then look to see if there is a sticker somewhere on the machine to see what the manufacturer recommends.
Q:Lol what did the vanity digger play wild Lord?
The middle Pack: in general, early after playing the wild fit shape may consider an output for the brutal force, a brutal force to provide great help in output, on the other hand, CD is also very good, the price is high!Post installed: if the game player later work out, can be considered with a broken blade king, and singled out increased ability to chase, do not shun it, consider Renton's veil and Banshee meat!

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