E-Glass Four Axial Vermiculite Fabric Cloth

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200000 m²/month

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Product Description:

 1. Products Application of E-Glass Four Axial Vermiculite Fabric Cloth:

E-Glass Multiaxial fibreglass fabricis wound onto a paper tube which has an

inside diameter of 90mm. The roll outside diameter is approximately 265mm.

Each roll is wrapped up in plastic film and then packed in a cardboard box. The

rolls are stacked horizontally or vertically onto pallets. All pallets are stretch

wrapped and strapped to maintain stability during transport.

2. Applications of E-Glass Four Axial Vermiculite Fabric Cloth:

It’s compatible with UP, Vinyl Ester and Epoxy etc, used in GRP pultrusion process, hand lay-up process and RTM process etc, out-made products include GRP boats, automobile parts, wind energy blades etc.




3. Products Feature & Advantages of E-Glass Four Axial Vermiculite Fabric Cloth:


1. Mechanical property of different directions is adjustable.

2. The multi-layers structure could simplify forming process, improve operation efficiency.

3. Quickly wet-out, good molding property, easily to delete air bubbles.


4.Technical Data of E-Glass Four Axial Vermiculite Fabric Cloth:

 E-Glass Four Axial Vermiculite Fabric Cloth

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