E-bike Motor 250W 36V, Electric Bike Kit, Spare Parts

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We are professional do e-bike kits business for many years for the customers all over the world, and have met so many troubles, with these troubles, we have much experience on e-bike kits today.


Our e-bike kits are easy to install and allow you to convert your standard bicycle into an fun and eco-friendly e-bike. Since every model is different and components will vary, it's your responsibility to determine the best way to install an electric bike kit on your bike. Although most of the steps are similar from install to install, we have instructions can help the customers to convert their bicycle.

We have build the Europe after-sale service center in Europe to repair the parts including motor, batteries, controller etc, also for the whole ebikes repairing. As one of the pioneer seller for ebikes in china, BTN aims to master clean energy technique, and develop energy-saving and environmental-friendly ebikes.





Our Advantages and Characters

1). Adopted ISO9001 management system strictly control every aspect of production

2). The automation of production to ensure the consistency of product quality

3). Adopt top raw materials lays the foundation for the quality of products

4). Every employee attentively makes each motor



Motor Specifications

Rated Power(W):


Rated Voltage(V)36
Max Speed(rpm):285
Rated Efficiency (%)≥78%
Reduction Ratio: 1:4.35
Over Lock Dimension(mm):100
Spoke Specification: 12G/13G
Cable location:Shaft center,right  
Hall sensor: Optional
Integrate speed sensor: Optional
Limitied Current(A)0.7
Brake type: V/Dics brake
Surface: Silver/Sliver painted/Black/Black painted
Salt fog test(h): 24/96
Water proof Grade: IP54
Certification: ROHS EN15194




1.Which country do you mainly export to?

A: Our products are very popular in Mid East, India, South East Asia, Latin America, Africa.


2.Q: What’s the advantage of you compared with other suppliers experienced in foreign trade?

A:  We have been specialized in FRP products for over decades years and approved by many domestic companies. Except for our quality and price, we’re also able to give you the best service.


3.Q:Can you provide some samples?

A:  Yes, of course. We will send you samples for your confirmation before you place firm orders.

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Q:How do you see the motor number of the electric car?
This is the manufacturer's production numbers, read, even if it does not have any use, and some car shop invoice to this number
Q:Motor vehicle over voltage, motor voltage rating
Hello.- * 1, motor rated voltage and rated power []: "motor rated voltage and rated power is two very important parameters. Its significance is: when rated voltage and rated load (rated power), the operating current is rated current, and it can run safely for a long time.
Q:How to measure the quality of brushless motor in electric vehicle?
Since the motor rotates to produce a induced voltage, the meter should have a voltage indication,The faster the rotation, the higher the voltage, the electrical performance of the motor can be no problem.
Q:How do you see the electric motors?
64V is generally 1800W motor for their say outrageous 400W car can't walk with me is how ah 1800W motor I bring my wife and children can run 40 daumet to see the landlord himself
Q:Electric motor generally how much?
Motor price: 200-400 60V motor price: 350-500 72V motor price: 450-700
Q:The speed of the motor is slow and the mileage is shortened
Oh, the power of 36v500w's point machine is not small. You are so confident. You can only turn on the rotor without any mechanical trouble. Motor winding will not have short-circuit fault, can only see the winding insulation resistance, with shake table check, must pay attention to disconnect the motor all links, heat is not Holzer, it is easy to breakdown. The rotor has no professional tools and cannot detect the size of the magnetic force. It can only be done by experience. Good luck
Q:Electric car magnet steel demagnetization should do?
Two differences, high speed motor, as the name implies ~ strong power, strong start climbing and motor power, high efficiency (up to 80 - 85%) of long mileage, long battery life. But because of high speed motor, internal gear reducer, large torque, so the cost is high; and in a state of no power cycling the resistance is small. There is a small drawback is the high machine high speed motor, gear motor slightly chorus and remove more complex.The advantages of a low speed motor in low speed, no gear transmission system is very low. So the noise of motor and motor wear, low failure rate, easy maintenance. The shortcoming is almost do not have the advantages of high ~ machine is of course relatively. But because the motor magnet demagnetization, 2 - 3 years, the power decreased after the replacement of new battery, a charge to continue the ability significantly reduced.
Q:Electric vehicle motor and controller wiring method
The first electric car up, then take three ocean controller motor line, in accordance with the yellow, blue, and green order motor connected, and then connected to ocean motor controllers and Holzer plug, connect the power line plug, to learn brown line, turn the power lock, then motor starts to work. Look forward or reverse, if it is normal, off line learning, other functions can connect normal riding, if it is reversed the learning line open again once the motor is transferred, then disconnect the line with other learning, the function of line on it.
Q:Electric motor heating is what happened?
Normally, motors run hot for a while in the summer! As long as no more than 100 degrees, no problem! Check the brakes if there is a problem, check the motor bearing is bad, check the controller output current is too large! Whether the running distance is too far or overloaded, all the above causes motor heating!
Q:What about the power of several electric cars?
Model: MC-20TSize: 10*3.0Voltage: 48Motor: program 48V500WBattery: 48V20AHController: 48V28AJJ-2Gb

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