DZ47LE Series Current Circuit Breakers

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Q:components similar to breakers for low amps?
Quote: or components . . . How about fuses?
Q:just bought a new car 89' 190E Benz i cant find the fuse box any where in my car?
There are two locations: 1. there is a fuse box under the hood. The top right side, in front of the driver, just look for broken or fried metal on the fuses. 2. Go on-line and print the schematic of the fuses which are disbursed throughout the engine. I am not a mechanic, but an Computer IT Tech, so I immediately checked the internet and found everything I need to know about my 889 190E Benz, it is an amazing car, it runs better than some newer non-German cars.
Q:Tapping into a fuse in my car's fuse box for an extra cigarette lighter, where should I ground it though? (picture included)?
Be careful, a cigarette lighter is a very high amperage draw device. The single existing fuse is only designed for one lighter, so you should consider running a dedicated line from the battery, fuse protected, to your new lighter. However, if you only plan on using the lighter socket for small current draw purposes, like a cell phone charger, then you could be okay tapping into an existing line. As for ground, any existing ground should be okay, as well as adding a new ground to a metal frame or body component.
Q:Define the quantityand units of?
the SI unit of conductance is more commonly the siemens, but mho is also correct!
Q:What is an internal thermal fuse and what does it do?
they are a section of thinner wire(usually encased in a glass or plastic case) that fails to protect the whole circuit or component when the temperature, voltage or current drawn rises too high, hence the name thermal. fixing it is easier said than done. do you know where it is? do you know how to safely remove and replace it? can it be removed/replaced? best bet is to get (buy, beg/borrow/ steal) the service manual for your car and read that first. if you get one, it becomes a handy resource for when you need to know stuff about the car. these manuals are made either b the manufacturers or other people who atually pull a car apart and put it back together, noting instructions and taking photos, so they are relatively easy to follow.
Q:what would cause a 1999 merc cougar to blow starter relay and fuses?
In a nut shell, you have a short circuit - it may be a component or it may be a fault in the wiring. Another relay fuse? Which relay is blowing the fuse? This should help you pinpoint the circuit that's drawing to much amperage.
Q:I have a sanyo 25 inch tv that makes a buzzing sound after being on for a few minutes then gets louder. Why?
For sure please call Sanyo service center to help you (don't wait until the set blow the worst case it can set fire. Buzzing sound usually comes from the component that has coil in it, like flyback, transformer. But it usually comes from the flyback when its leaking. If this the safety fuse you're talking about, when it blows your set won't be able to turn on anymore.
Q:1996 Ford Contour no tail/dash lights?
recheck the fuses - one or more of them may look OK, but are burned out ( they should be labeled for each component, like radio for the radio, and etc )
Q:help! i connected my car battery the wrong way?
the polarity CAN switch and cause problems, but if your car started and runs fine and is charging you probably got by with it. the battery itself should have no lasting problems, there is the possibility that you hurt some electronic components, but this would most likely show up right awayyou probably got lucky.
Q:Lincoln town car air suspension?
compressor has a 30amp fuse, but, if the compressor runs, no fuse to check, probably have leaking air springs in rear

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