DW15 Series Air Circuit Breakers

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Q:Looking for a true electronic components store near Lakewood or Long Beach, CA?
Sorry I don't know the stuff you are referring to, but maybe Net Electronics in Downey. It's on Firestone Blvd between Paramount and Downey Ave.
Q:Power steering pump fuse?
Power Steering Fuse
Q:please explain the components in the circuit.?
The item on the left is a fuse rated at 200mA. The 47k items are 47 k ohm (47000 ohm) resistors. I have no idea what the circuit does, but at the 4 pin connector on the right, provides voltages of, from the bottom pin up, 0, 2.5 volts, 2.5 volts, and 5 volts. .
Q:ge washing machine blows fuses?
you just need to trouble shoot the problem I might start with seeing if water is leaking onto electrical components you say its just the machine as you have tried other items on same circuit BUT are there many things on same circuit when machine is on ? anyway . no simple answer I wouldnt have thought unless theres a known component failure on these machines
Q:a circuit i n which the components form a single path?
Answer b) A series circuit only has one possible path for the electrons to move.
Q:2005 lincoln navigator doesent work?
you blew a fuse. check the fuse box and replace it. there should be spares in the fuse box
Q:Ive changed my relay, High pressure pump, electical ignition swith, and ignition switch ?
Always double check fuses. A poor connections could be the problem but I would be suspicious of the wiring. If the wires run under the truck, make sure they aren't damaged from debris or rubbing on other components. Try jumping at the relay +. If it runs while jumped at relay +, then you know its a problem before the relay (ign switch wiring, fuses, etc)
Q:3 of 4 Electric stove top not working?
These elements do go out indivdually and can be purchased at any appliance repair shop my guess would be an element or the plugin socket that it plugs into and either can be replaced easily. ALWAYS TURN OFF THE POWER BEFORE ATTEMPTING THESE REPAIRS.
Q:Big problem with my trucks wiring?
My first thought would be that you don't have a high enough rated fuse plugged in. I know they're color-coded AND stamped with the amp ratingbut are you sure it's the right one? Have you gone up a size to see if that helps? If you have a short, going from a 10- to 15-amp fuse, for instance, won't really run the risk of damage—it'll still blow. If you're confident about the rating or going up a notch doesn't help, you might have to disconnect everything on that circuit and plug the components in one-at-a-time until you find what blows the fuse. Once you have a suspect, pop in a new fuse and plug in just that one thing. If it blows again with nothing else on, you know where your problem is. Good luck!
Q:Where can I buy fuses for an old rotel amplifier. It's 20 years old but in great condition.?
I repair these - it is never just the fuse! I urge you to not attempt to just replace the fuse. Fuses do not go out due to age, they blow to protect other components from further damage and/or fire (no, I am not kidding). The amplifier requires service by a qualified technician. There are no user replaceable parts inside. Those Rotels were good units and worth the repair. Your best bet will be a stereo/home theater store that does repairs, although you may find a TV repair shop that has an tech that knows vintage audio. Now put that screw-driver away before you hurt yourself.

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