Dutch style Prefabricated greenhouse for flower

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Product Description:


1-Multi-span Greenhouse 

2-Hot Sale products of our company 

3-Large Inside Room,good for large area 

4-Custom-made for you

1. Features:


A. Multi-span greenhouse is more stronger than tunnel greenhouse, Foundation is required.


B. Multi-span greenhouse can use bigger inside room, suitable for large area.


C. Multi-span greenhouse is usually used to grow vegetables such as tomato, cucumber, chili etc, also grow cut flowers


2. Structure:


A. All multi-span greenhouse structure by hot galvanized steel pipe, Anti-rust for 10-15 years.


B. The main structure is consisted by Side Column, Inside Column , End Side Column, Gutter and Arch & Post over the Gutters and lattice-bars

3. Covering material:


The multi-span greenhouse is covered by 3-ply (PE+EVA Material) poly film (plastic film)


A.130micron/150micron/180micron/200 micron thickness for your choice

B. Anti-UV, anti-drip

C. Temperature range -40 C to +60 C.

D.3 years guarantee, 5 years life

E. Other covering materials (shade net/insect net) are available

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