dust free asbesto cloth for induction furnance

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Material: Industrial Asbesto Cloth is made of asbesto thread by means of vertical and horizontal knitting.


Usage: It is a insulation material used in heat-preservation of pipes. In addition, it can also be made into gloves, working garments and rubber liner materials. If necessary, the asbesto cloth can be offered to clamp metal threads.

Size (Thickness) : 1 -1.5 meters. of thickness 1.5-6 mm



As a Thermal Insulation Material : 
Asbestos cloth are used for boilers, pipelines and ancillary equipments in power plants, factories, buildings and ships.

Protective Clothing and Fire Protection : 
For the manufacture of fire-resistant gloves, suits and other clothing for fire fighting; also for heat-resistant gloves, aprons, etc. for use in glass works, foundries, chemical works, welding shops, plastic moulding shops, etc. For use as safety-curtains in theaters, ships and aircraft and wherever a fire barrier is required.

Packings and Jointings :
Asbesto cloth, when proofed with rubber, is an excellent jointing medium. It can be folded into tapes and rings, and cut into gaskets for the sealing of pipe flange joints and boiler joints.

Packaging & Shipping

  Asbesto Cloth is usually be packed 50kg/roll by braided plastic bag.

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Q:Can asbestos dissolve in gasoline?
Asbestos is a silicate mineral product with high tensile strength, high flexibility, chemical and thermal resistance, electrical insulation, and spinnability. Generally insoluble in gasoline.
Q:Is asbestos net stone or cotton?What else is the use of asbestos nets besides chemistry?
With the development of modern technology, the application of asbestos in defense industry more and more widely, and there are many new uses. Such as composite insulation materials made of asbestos and ceramic fiber, a combustion chamber for the rocket. The composite of asbestos and graphite, used as a missile nozzle throat and missile engine closed asbestos insulation. And metal composite material for high temperature protection, it can avoid the rocket plume and high-speed flight due to damage caused by high temperature. Asbestos and glass fiber, nylon fiber woven composite material is also used for rocket and missile industry.
Q:The product features of asbestos cement board
The safe: "building materials is lower than the National Radiological Protection Standards", and from the measured index of surrounding buildings 20 meters outside the lawn are equal.The long life: acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, not by moisture or pests damage, and the strength and hardness increased with time, ensure long service life.The processing and renovation of two good performance: sawing, drilling, carving, drilling nails, finishing according to the actual situation, pasting tiles, wall and other materials.
Q:Why should the carrier use asbestos?
Asbestos fibres can be made into yarn, thread, rope, cloth, such as packing, transmission, thermal insulation, insulation and other parts of the material or material, mainly used in building made of asbestos, asbestos paper fireproof board, pipe insulation and thermal insulation, heat insulation, kiln pad and insulation, sound insulation material.Defense of asbestos and phenol, polypropylene plastic adhesive, can be made into rocket anti ablation materials, aircraft wing, fuel tank, rocket tail nozzle tube and high speed torpedo launchers, ships, cars and aircraft, tanks, ships in sound insulation, heat insulation materials, asbestos and rubber mixing die, also can be made into sealing material connector for liquid rocket engine. Asbestos and phenolic resin laminate can be used as thermal protection material for missile head. Blue asbestos can also be used as chemical, anti radiation lining, separator or filter, acid resistant packing, rubber board and so on.
Q:Can asbestos asbestos be used under the profiled sheet metal?
Labor intensive products are labor-intensive, engaged in the production or processing of products, in its production process, labor input is relatively large. Field crops such as rice, maize, wheat and cotton depend heavily on land, and the amount of labor input per unit area is relatively small. Compared with other crops, these crops can be called land intensive agricultural products.
Q:What is the difference between 3mm PTFE (PTFE) and asbestos gasket? Compare performance with price
PTFE price is much higher than asbestos, but PTFE corrosion resistance is much higher than asbestos, asbestos pad in terms of high temperature resistance than PTFE strong. PTFE pad in 250 degrees under the use of no problem, there is a Teflon wrapped asbestos pad, which combines the two characteristics, the price is moderate
Q:Asbestos usage thickness3 by 3 meters square need insulation 300 degrees please enlighten master the use of asbestos thick
Asbestos insulation board1, product structure and useAsbestos sheets are made of asbestos and bonding materials.Suitable for insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation and electrical insulation.2, the implementation of the standard 11-59 standards3, the technical and physical performance of the product4, product specifications
Q:The function of asbestos tile for chemical experiment equipment
The role of asbestos netsAsbestos fiber has acid, alkali, heat insulation, insulation, fire protection, not afraid of heat, not afraid of burning, and other characteristics, and widely used in industry. In general, physical and chemical experiments are used to make the beaker of a class of containers evenly heated
Q:Cry for help!!!
suction point taste characteristic is simply nothing asbestos inhalation of a small amount had no impact on health even if inhaled will have a certain latency this often leads to the workers but rest assured you that this is not ignored the situationThe harm of asbestos is also that once inhaled, the body no longer can be discharged, but in my opinion, even if you inhaled, it is also very small amount, there will be no question Ti
Q:What are the non asbestos gaskets available for?!
Contain a certain proportion of non asbestos asbestos, asbestos free does not contain asbestos, with many developed countries on environmental protection requirements, requirements of imported products no asbestos, now the advanced countries in the world have no asbestos material extended to various application fields, ban asbestos materials.

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