dust free asbesto cloth for induction furnance

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Material: Industrial Asbesto Cloth is made of asbesto thread by means of vertical and horizontal knitting.


Usage: It is a insulation material used in heat-preservation of pipes. In addition, it can also be made into gloves, working garments and rubber liner materials. If necessary, the asbesto cloth can be offered to clamp metal threads.

Size (Thickness) : 1 -1.5 meters. of thickness 1.5-6 mm



As a Thermal Insulation Material : 
Asbestos cloth are used for boilers, pipelines and ancillary equipments in power plants, factories, buildings and ships.

Protective Clothing and Fire Protection : 
For the manufacture of fire-resistant gloves, suits and other clothing for fire fighting; also for heat-resistant gloves, aprons, etc. for use in glass works, foundries, chemical works, welding shops, plastic moulding shops, etc. For use as safety-curtains in theaters, ships and aircraft and wherever a fire barrier is required.

Packings and Jointings :
Asbesto cloth, when proofed with rubber, is an excellent jointing medium. It can be folded into tapes and rings, and cut into gaskets for the sealing of pipe flange joints and boiler joints.

Packaging & Shipping

  Asbesto Cloth is usually be packed 50kg/roll by braided plastic bag.

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Q:Why shouldn't the burner contain asbestos?
Electric Spark Spark Ignition asbestosIt doesn't make sense to ask such questionsSuggest you go down and check the information
Q:After high temperatures, asbestos pads have an odor that makes this gas harmful to the human body
Asbestos itself is non-toxic, and if there is odor generated, it should be asbestos surface of other substances, generally will have a bad impact on the human lungs
Q:Is there any asbestos in the coal mine? My husband is thirty years old and works in the coal mine for ten years. Recently, he found out that he had advanced lung cancer
The coal mine does not contain asbestos, because the formation conditions of coal and asbestos minerals are entirely different. Coal mines may be exposed to asbestos products, but it is impossible to come into contact with asbestos ores.
Q:When the matches were burnt, what should we do?
Stainless steel million matches more environmentally safer than ordinary, can make electronic match more than ten thousand times, volume equivalent to only 1/2 of ordinary matches, stainless steel shell, advanced key chain configuration, can make strap crafts can also make use of matches. Stainless steel million matches is factory, winery, hotels, hotels, gift companies, units to do the best advertising products. Printed on their own address, telephone, web site, advertising, free of charge to customers, better than television advertising work better publicity. This stainless steel million matches for our latest products, imported flame, ignition success rate is high, only need to gently draw, immediately lit. Is similar products or not. Compared to high-grade, refined. Waterproof million matches is a kind of daily necessities, which belongs to the technical field of daily necessities. The match stick by striking piece, burning carrier, handle, the front end of the striking piece is flat serrated, with two relative to the handle on the plane and the striking piece in a plane, the burning carrier is made of asbestos fiber, the side of the box body is provided with a fire. The match has the advantages of large ignition rate, high ignition rate and convenient use, and can be matched with the touch to correct the match even in the dark. Million matches is from the two special steel friction sparks and burning gasoline or kerosene, need. But the amount is very small, generally 2, 3 ml can be more than 30 times, cost less than a penny. Is an outdoor camping fire tools. The use of matches is such: first unscrew the paddle rod removed, with a paddle rod continuously draw Flint (matches in the black side groove...
Q:Properties of asbestos
What is the net asbestos and asbestos asbestos? According to the real index of natural minerals. These minerals are used to increase the strength and flexibility of commercial products. Asbestos claims that these minerals mixed metal silicon, oxygen and hydrogen. Asbestos, gold or like coal mining. In some countries, asbestos mine including the United States, Canada, South America and the former Soviet Union of asbestos. Asbestos is not only a matter; in fact, can be divided into several different types, and these types can be divided into two basic groups. These two groups are serpentine and amphibole. The environmental health and safety said serpentine containing only one group member: chrysotile. This is one of the most common form of asbestos was found in buildings known as the "white asbestos asbestos net," regardless of the environmental health and safety in the list of the 5 different types of amphibole asbestos group. These five items including amosite crocidolite, tremolite, anthophyllite, and Yang. Iron is the second most commonly found asbestos building materials is also known as the "Brown asbestos asbestos", "blue asbestos" found that the structural safety of the materials should be from high temperature. At the end of three, anthyphyllite, tremolite, actinolite. Issues related to asbestos exposure to asbestos asbestos network shows can cause diseases such as lung cancer, mesothelioma a lot of problems. The cause of asbestos. Fibrous fibers can be formed. The crowded car pulmonary lung injury or even swallowed up, become Dun membrane gastrointestinal track, according to the asbestos net. Once again, it may lead to lung cancer or digestive tract.
Q:Chemical composition of asbestos
Asbestos can be classified into two categories: serpentine asbestos (chrysotile) and amphibole asbestos1. serpentine asbestos (serpentine, chrysotile)Also known as chrysotile asbestos, or (amphibole), Magnesium Oxide, silica and crystal water main component, its molecular formula is Mg6[(OH) 4Si2O5]2. chrysotile is white or gray, translucent; no magnetic, conductive, refractory fiber, alkali resistant, tough and soft, with silk luster and good spinnability at present the world production is mainly of chrysotile asbestos, asbestos production accounted for about 95%. of the world.
Q:Dust-free asbestos gloves are resistant to high temperature
The asbestos fiber has good heat resistance, and the product does not change at 800 DEG C to 1000 DEG C.
Q:What kind of clothes is a stone cotton padded jacket? Can it be used to keep out the cold?
Asbestos is made of high-quality cotton yarn woven into stone: clean stone cotton: made of asbestos was mainly adopts flame retardant: fire is not burning, with special process: made with tight structure and high temperature characteristics: can effectively insulate burning characteristics: asbestos is mainly used flame retardant fabric, with special process, with tight structure and high temperature resistance, can effectively insulate burning.
Q:Asbestos usage thickness3 by 3 meters square need insulation 300 degrees please enlighten master the use of asbestos thick
High strength insulation boardThis kind of thermal insulation material with excellent performance of other similar sheet: There is nothing comparable to this with its very low thermal conductivity, and has good heat preservation performance and heat insulation performance; with its extremely low water absorption rate, and has excellent waterproof, moisture-proof performance; with its high compressive strength, and has great bearing performance; to the light weight, convenient construction, and is especially suitable for large-scale modernization construction of high-rise buildings and large projects.
Q:Asbestos in the asbestos now inside it, terrible, very worried about the solution?
The product is not only in the appearance of breaking through the traditional model of a single product, but more importantly, asbestos fiber and dust thoroughly cured, to avoid environmental pollution has played a good role

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