Dust Filter Fiberglass Vermiculite Cloth

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Glass Fiber Vermiculite Cloth 
PPS Short fibers can keep intensity completely and bear chemistry maturing inherently, keep goo

Fiberglass non woven usage ranges from asphalt plant, incinerator, metallurgy, cement 
carbon black, liquid boiler, coal fire boiler.
HL Filter’s Fiberglass non woven needle felt owns a lot of advantages:
1. Good Temperature-Resistance. Max. Temp. 280
2.Excellent performance of Anti-acid Anti-alkali.
3.High Filtration Efficiency: reach to 99.9% 
4.Stable working time: up to more than 4500 hours. Could be used cyclically. 
5.First choice in incinerator, metallurgy, cement carbon black, liquid boiler, coal fire boiler.
6.Variety of finish treatments


PTFE Membrane

PTFE Impregnation

7.Stable working time: up to more than 4500 hours. Could be used cyclically.
8. Various Applications: incinerator, metallurgy, cement carbon black and liquid boiler.
9. Used in dust filtration of high temperature, high acidity, high alkalinity, fine high 
temperature, collection of valuable metal, high adhesive property etc.
10. Customized by order. 
With rich practical experience and working R&D team, we can design and develop kinds of filter media 
to satisfy the complex and diverse working conditions.
11. Professional team: 2,300 Skilled Workers and Professional Engineers.
12. Reliable Technology. 
Advanced technology and equipment are the prerequisite for the production of quality products.
Our finish treatments capabilities allow us to provide a variety of felt finish treatments, 
such as mechanical finish treatments: Singing, Calendering and heat-setting. Our wet finish treatments 
capabilities include chemical finish treatments such as surface coating and total impregnation.

1.Material : Fiberglass staple fiber
2.Scrim: with fiberglass staple yarn 
5.Weight:800-900g/m2 ±10% 
6.Temperature (): Continue: 240, Instant: 280

1.Excellent Anti-Acid And Anti-Alkali
2.High Temperature Resistance:240-280
3.Long Service Life: >4500 hours
4.Abrasion resistance, high tensile strength
5.Single fiber, high porosity, gas filtration resistance
6.Low resistance of filtration
7.Can be used in a variety of complex situation and harsh environmental conditions
8.Can be customized.

Physical Properties:







Finish treatment

Singeing, Calendering, Heat setting

Air permeability(L/m2.s)


Tensile strength(N/5cm)





Tensile  elongation(%)





Heat shrinkage(%)










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Q:Does anyone know how to help my plant?
I find they germinate better in commercial seed raising mix. Usually have about 60% germination rate. The seedlings are then used to graft named varieties on when they are old enough
Q:How much water content should i have in my vermiculite for cactus seed incubation?
Go okorder.com
Q:What is vermiculite steel tile?
Steel tile in the roof angle from 15 to 90 degrees, the roof tile on, down, left, right of the buckle, ensure that when the wind pressure, the rain will not penetrate; horizontal nail fixed way, effectively avoid rainwater immersion. The utility model can be directly hung on various roofing so as to effectively solve the waterproof problem and save a great deal of waterproof expenses. Even hail from a typhoon that is often followed by a typhoon,The steel tile does not cause water leakage when it is cracked like ordinary roofing tiles.
Q:Where is the specialty of vermiculite?
Vermiculite in China Xinjiang, Russia, Zimbabwe, Australia, Kola Peninsula and South Africa have produced in the United states.
Q:How well would vermiculite work as a mulch?
Succulent soil would be the easiest to use. But if you want to use your Miracle Grow buy a small bag of perlite and mix it in about 50/50 with the Miracle Grow. Perlite is a light-weight rock and will give the Miracle Grow a texture more to the liking of succulents. Vermiculite holds water, so don't use that.
Q:earthworms and compost?
Hi: Verniculite is environmentally friendly and wonderful for your plant specimens. I have germinated thousands of seeds in a greenhouse and indoors. I always use a light weight potting soil - vermiculiate and humas, mixing them all together. Vermiculite is also present in a lot of different commercial fertilizers and other landscape and garden products. I would recommend using Vermiculite if you are planning on germinating seeds or even putting in the ground with your trees, shrubs, flowers or herbs. I hope this has helped some.
Q:how do i incubate my water dragon eggs?
So let's assume that 100%=20 and 50%=10 and 40%=8 and 60%=12 If he has 5 bushels of 50% peat moss, he has 50 peat moss. If he has 5 bushels of 50% vermiculite mix, he has 50 vermiculite mix. If he adds 100% (20) to his 5 bushels of vermiculite mix, he will get 70 (50+20) vermiculite mix. So now he has 70 vermiculite mix and 50 peat moss. He needs 48 (8 (which is 40%) times 6 (# of bushels needed) ) peat moss and 72 (12x6) vermiculite mix. Therefore, he does not have enough. I'm pretty sure this is a weird method of doing it, but it still works
Q:what soil/dirt should i use?
Vermiculite is no problem to use on a temporary basis, it cannot get through eggs, but it does contain substantial levels of asbestos, which is why it is not recommended as a permanent substrate. Neither are Cedar mulches which contain volatile oil. After you remove your eggs, it would advisable to remove the small amounts of vermiculite that might be left, as you don't want the snake eating or swallowing any by mistake. Wood and plant mulches are much better substrates for all but the smallest snakes, unless you'd just rather use newspaper.
Q:my leopard gecko just had an egg. I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
You don't say what species of reptile you're incubating. If they are cornsnake eggs...unlikely as it's way past laying times...you don't need an incubator. Simply place the eggs in damp perlite, close the lid of the plastic tub and wait. There are many species of snake and lizard that don't require temperatures of more than 80 degrees to hatch eggs and if you have a warm spot that stays about that, you're fine. You can use eco earth, but just as with vermiculite, you run a high risk of smothering the eggs if it's too wet. That can't happen with perlite. You'll also need a thermostat to regulate the heat mat. Place the thermostat probe in the middle of the eggs as most will generate heat the last couple of weeks of incubation. If you use a regular 10 gl tank you'll need something to cover the top to keep the humidity in. If you use a platic tub for your eggs with the perlite or whatever hatching medium you're using then you just close the lid. Make sure condensation does not make drops that fall on the eggs and drown them.
Q:What soil would have the lowest thermal conductivity?
Crocodile Gecko

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