Durable Quality Vermiculite Watts for Roofing and Wall

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Product Description:

1. Description of Durable Quality Vermiculite Watts for Roofing and Wall:

Adopts high grade & high density acoustic absorption fiberglass wool as base material and the linings are efficient inflaming with fire retardant fabric or leather. Fine machined based on different types, demand and occasions. It has the advantages of fireproof, sound isolation, sound absorption, and beautiful decoration effect. it has been proved to have excellent sound absorption properties for middle and high frequency.


Durable Quality Vermiculite Watts for Roofing and Wall

2. Specification of Durable Quality Vermiculite Watts for Roofing and Wall:

L300XW600mm  Thickness: T25/T50mm

L600XW600mm  Thickness: T25/T50mm

L600XW1200mm  Thickness: T25/T50mm

Or as per customized.

3. Application of Durable Quality Vermiculite Watts for Roofing and Wall:

Applied in high or mid ranking places which needs acoustic quality design decoration, e.g. opera house, movie theater, recording room, sound-recording studio, broadcast studio, audition room, business general office, TV station, radio station, multifunctional hall, conference room, studio, music hall, auditorium, gymnasium, big entertainment center, hotel, KTV, high class villa or home life, where have strict acoustics demand.

4. Technical Data of Durable Quality Vermiculite Watts for Roofing and Wall:

Durable Quality Vermiculite Watts for Roofing and Wall

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You have so many options with these materials most all of these materials can be used as a filter. I am not sure how advanced you need to go with this or how you want to do this but I would set up a multistage system similar to a fish tank filter rap the charcoal in the gauze and layer the rest in the tube. You can go all out by making it a multistage system where it will go through the charcoal filter tubing then a chemical cleaning through the soda bottle then finally through a filter
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You need to go out and buy a cheap bag of top soil for $3.00 or so. Mix it in with what you already have mixed up. Peat will eventually break down over a couple of years, so there is no long term consequence with adding too much. Peat will hold the moisture quite well, which means you might not have to water as often. Your mixture is not as bad as you think it its, it can be saved.
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Get some moss/Vermiculite/Pearlite/Wet paper towels and place it inside one of your hides, Water helps loosen the skin just like water makes our skin go all wrinkly and soft, Your gecko while hes in shed should spend most of his time in there, And dont be worried when he goes into shed and becomes a light grey colour, He'll soon jump out at you with amazing colours. Also how to make a damp hide? Get a small plastic lunchbox or even the ones you get from take outs, Cut a small hole in it big enough for your gecko to get through, ANd melt the edges of the hole so it doesnt cut your gecko while he trys to get through there, Then place whatever material your going to use (Paper towels, Vermiculite, Pearlite or even sphagnum moss) If you are using moss or anything other than the vermiculite you will need to spray the material once a day to make sure it stays moist, And allows your gecko to shed easy. Also, Giving your gecko warm water baths is a good way to help them shed, Just place them in some warm-ish water and gently put some water over it's head, The water should be a little past his legs, This will also help your gecko shed alot easier, Then as soon as you have done that dry him and put him in the hot side of his vivarium as water makes the body colder when out of it. Hope i helped
mica windows were generally installed on furnaces (way back when) sheet mica has no place for water to collect - but in the case of vermiculite - Vermiculite is a general term applied to mica-like platy minerals that contain up to 4% water, chemically trapped between the mica sheets. Upon rapid heating to temperatures in excess of 900°C, the trapped water changes to steam, forcing the mineral sheets to expand, forming an expanded vermiculite product. My text follows - Mica can be treated with high pressure steam (400 psi) , then immediately passed through a high heat environment 900-1000C - resulting in expanded mica a.k.a. vermiculite. Silicon popcorn, with a dash of potassium and fluorine for 'flavor'. At 1200C this can be fused with ceramic materials yeilding a surface that has to be seen to be appreciated.
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Vermiculite can stick to the beardie as she lays her eggs and has been known to cause eye problems to lizards who have used it to lay their eggs in. It's a great incubating medium, though. But I'd recommend using EcoEarth/Bed-a-Beast for her to lay the eggs in. You can then move the eggs to the incubator with vermiculite (no additives like the other answerer said) or perlite (which I find that I have better success with when it comes to gecko eggs...again, no additives). Be sure to keep the eggs in the same position as they were laid.
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if your female was not with a male then the egg is not fertile. leopard gecko eggs that are fertile will grow just a little as the embryo grows inside the egg. you also need to remove the fertile eggs an use an incubator (for the best hatch results) by candling the egg you need to be extremely care full not to rotate the egg at all. reptile embryo's attach themselves to the top of the egg, if it is torn away from the spot it attaches itself to the embryo will die. if you do not have an incubator then leave the egg's where they are (if she layed them in some sort of incubation substrate,like ecco-peat or peat moss) keep an eye on them and if they collapse into themselves or mold then the eggs are dead. do not put any sort of moisture directly onto the egg's, this will cause them to mold and die. hope this helps
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its fine dont worry ive used perlite and they can out fine

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