Dump Truck 32cbm 50t 60t HOWO 8X4 Heavy Side

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Product Description:

 Dump Truck 32cbm 50t 60t HOWO 8X4 Heavy Side

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:ZZ1317N


Transmission Type:Manual



Load Capacity:51-60t

Emission Standard:Euro 2


Drive Wheel:8×4

Engine Capacity:>8L





Tire Type:Inner Tube

Tire Certification:ISO


Tire Design:Radial

Dumping Type:Side Dumping Style



Chassis Brand:Cnhtc Sinotruk HOWO


Engine:273kw (371HP)

Gerbox:Hw15710 10 Forward Gears, 2 Reverse Gear


Drivre Axle:Hc16

Cargo Body Size:9400*2300*1200/1500/1800mm


Cargo Body Volume:28 Cubic-38 Cubic

Thickness:Side 6m;Bottom 8mm


Hydraulic Cylinders:Side Dumper Lifting

Left / Right Hand Drive:Optional


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:After Waxing by Container, RO-RO, Bulk Freighter



Origin:Hubei Suizhou

Production Capacity:500 Unit / Month

Product Description

28cbm 30cbm 32cbm 35cbm 38cbm
50tons 60tons 371hp sinotruck howo 8x4
Heavy Side Dump Truck / Side Tipper truck
howo Half row with A/C sleeper,howo gearbox 10-speed
CNHTC sinotruk engine 273kw/371hp,HC16 rear axle
dumper drive type;8x4 Optional 6x6 and 6x4
dumper box size:9400*2300*1500/1800mm  

Dumper Equipped with material of carbon steel Q235,
Side 6mm thickness;bottom 8mm thickness, 

Dumper Equipped with side dumper lift hydraulic ram
(Optional HYVA Brand),Single rear door.

Products Technical Specification
Type Sinotruk 8*4 Side Dump Truck
CabHW76,single sleeper,with A/C
Vehicle Description  
Overall dimensions(mm)11975*2496*3237
G.V.W (kg)31000
Curb weight(vehicle) (kg)15320
Loading capacity (kg)40000-60000
Max speed (Km/h)75
Engine modleWD615.47 Euro 2
Maximum power273kw (371hp)
Displacement (lit)9726
Engine ManufacturerChina Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd.
Chassis Description 
Chassis modelZZ3317N4667W
Wheel base1800+4600+1350
F/R track base(mm)2022/1830
F/R overhang(mm)1500/2445
Approach/Departure angle(°)16/19
Spring plate14/13,14/13
Front axle / rear axleHF9 T /HC16 T
Type of fuelDiesel
Fuel of capacity300 L
Gear box HW 10-speed with over drive
Electric system 24V
Tyres 12.00R20
Dumper body Description
Van dimensions(mm)9400*2300*1500 /1800
Van descriptionEquipped with material of carbon steel, side 6mm thickness; bottom 8mm thickness
Van door: one back door,Left and right sides of all four doors. Altogether Nine doors
Equipped with 4 Hydraulic cylinder.
Optional EquipmentTires,Dumper body thickness,middle hydraulic ram,
side door,etc

Dump Truck 32cbm 50t 60t HOWO 8X4 Heavy Side

Dump Truck 32cbm 50t 60t HOWO 8X4 Heavy Side

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Q:What procedures do I need for the truck license?
A vehicle license plate is a plate with both sides suspended from front to rear. The material used is aluminum, plastic or stickers. The registration number, registration area, or other basic information about the car will be displayed on the board. License plate is the number of each vehicle, its main role is through the license plate, you can know that the car belongs to the province, city, county, vehicle administration, according to the license plate, you can find the owner of the car.
Q:Why is the hydraulic slow down of the dump truck fast? Is it short of oil?
Jacks for tensioning steel beams or steel beams, which is mainly composed of Zhang Lagang, the top pressure cylinder, top pressure piston and spring etc.. It is characterized by: a machine axis along the stretch through the pore, steel (or steel wire) penetrated by the tool after anchor tail.Stretching, open before and after the nozzle, pulling oil supplied from nozzle to the interior after Zhang, Zhang cylinder cylinder moves backward. Because the cylinder cable is anchored on the tool anchor at the jack layer, the jack extends the cable through the tool. When the cable tension to the required length, after closing the nozzle, nozzle inlet pressure before top cylinder, the top pressure cylinder piston forward shift to anchor and anchor plug, plug is pressed into the anchor ring, so that the cable anchor. After opening the nozzle and continue once nozzle into the oil, then a cylinder moving oil cylinder return. Finally, the front nozzle is opened so that the oil in the cylinder is returned, and the top pressure piston is replaced by the restoring spring.
Q:How much money Nanjun dump truck 4100 without booster car, how much is the length and width of the freight car? Thank you
You choose the Nanjun brand 4100 dump truck is a very wise, the Nanjun company very mature technology products are pointed and some flat and flat models, mainly concentrated in the power section: 490 to 4108 of the series and a series of products xiangkang.
Q:How many square feet can the 20 ton dump truck hold?
Sand packing density is generally around 1.6, but also is a sand about 1.6 tons, your car load of 20 tons, 20/1.6=12.5, so in the case of overweight, can hold about 12.5 cubic meters of sand, earth would be almost this number.
Q:What's the best type of dump truck?! Used on the job site!
Individual or suggest you consider red crag King Kong mainly, this car quality is very good, red crag's strong point is dump truck do well! Heavy truck car is not recommended, although you can also, but not heavy Weichai engine but heavy truck Hangfa, so small defects and failure rates are relatively high! Or the red stone king, cost-effective, used the car people are aware of.
Q:How to operate the truck Auman
Note: when unloading the dump truck, pay attention to the height of the space (after jacking up to 5M or more)Pay attention to the reliability of parking and unloading the ground (the vehicle must not be tilted)
Q:Nissan f3000 tipper top step
When the large box reaches the limit position, the oil cylinder deflection will touch the limit valve, automatically stop lifting, and finally move the handle to the drop station to realize the falling of the big box; the repeated lifting can stop the force taking device and stop the gear pump.
Q:How to operate dump truck?
Lift halfway stop, lift on the way to stop lifting the cargo compartment does not move, you can step down the clutch pedal or move the valve handle to the "middle stop" position, the cargo compartment can stop.
Q:What are the specifications for the rear axle of the dump truck?
The dump truck rear axle can be roughly considered after the shaft, according to the pitch diameter of the reducer, the market is mainly 145151153AS, 1094153N3457145 bridge, commonly known as the 8 ton bridge, commonly known as the 153N3 10 ton bridge, 457 bridge bridge 151153AS, commonly known as the 13 tons, the carrying capacity of 1094 is basically the same as the three, between 8~10 tons.
Q:My age 608 days before the truck from the diamond Lassa to half sand discharge hydraulic gear pump shell rupture, with a few days and similar problems for a new pump
Mine is the King Kong 716 gear pump that keeps shaking...... Add three pads to the decibel gas and it explodes...... You can't get up without padding.

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