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Medium Pressure,PN10/PN16/PN25





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Normal Temperature



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China (Mainland)

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ductile iron

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Packaging Detail:gate valve packed in plywood cast
Delivery Detail:within 30 days after received the first payment



ductile iron valve ,gate valve,air valve
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Ductile iron valve ,gate valve


As the traditional valve products is easy to leak and rust, our enterprise has introduced advanced technology 

and producted resilient sealing gate valve which can overcome the disadvantages including poor sealing 

property, elastic fatigue, easy to rust etc. The resilient gate valve is the updating product, it can reach 

favourable sealing effect by using of the compensation effect of micro-transformation, this valve can be 

widely used in tap water, sewage, construction, food industryelectric power, pharmacymetallurgy, light textile,energy system and so on.



Flat bottom design

The traditional valve can not be tightly closed if there exists sediment in the valve bottom grooves, our seat 

sealing valve owns the flat bottom design which is the same as water pipe line, so there will be no sediment and 

no leak any more.


Overall packaged with glue

The valve adopts high-quality rubber coating with inside and outside of the valve, using the domestic first-class rubber vulcanization technology to ensure the accurate size of the vulcanized valve disc, the solid

 connection of rubber and ductile iron valve disc provide a good elastic memory.


Corrosion resistant 

The valve body is coated with epoxy power to prevent corrosion and rusting of the body, and can be used for

 the sewage system.


Ductile cast iron material

All the valve body and valve cover are made of ductile cast iron which improve its strength and hardness 




Three O-ring sealing

The three O-ring sealing washer (as the shaft sealing)greatly reduced the resistance and leaking.


The precision casting body

The body uses the precision casting which can guarantee the sealing of the valve.


Embedded copper nuts

The nuts and resilient valve are combined closely by embedded connection, so the valve may not be loose or

 damaged by vibration caused by water flow.


Suitable for drinking

The inside and outside of the valve is electrostatic sprayed with epoxy which can stop the corrosion and rust, so 

the valve can be used in both sewage system and drinking water pipe line.


Light weight 

The ductile iron reduce the body weight by 20% to 30%, as itlighter than traditional gate valve, iteasier for

 installation and maintenance.


Ductile iron valve ,gate valve

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Q:Valve pressure grade division
Valve (Famen) is a control component in the fluid delivery system. It has the functions of closing, adjusting, guiding, preventing reverse flow, stabilizing voltage, shunting or overflow and releasing pressure.Valves can be used to control air, water, steam, a variety of corrosive media, mud, oil, liquid metal and radioactive media and other types of fluid flow.The valve according to the material is divided into cast iron valves, cast steel valves, stainless steel valves, chrome molybdenum steel, chromium molybdenum vanadium steel valves, valve, dual phase steel valves, plastic valves, non-standard customized valve material etc..
Q:Standard and specification for pressure test of valves
Welcome to Beijing Shan'er pipeline control components Co. Ltd. consulting
Q:Representation of several types of valves
Valve type:Z gate valveJ stop valveL throttling valveQ ball valveD butterfly valveH check valve and bottom valveG diaphragm valveA safety valveT regulating valveX plug valveY pressure reducing valveS trapDZ solenoid valveO electromagnetic motionDrive mode:1. electromagnetic and hydraulic action2., electricity, a liquid3. worm gear4. the spur gear rotates5. bevel gear rotation6. pneumatic7. fluid movement8. air and one liquid movement9. electricOther hand wheel, handle, board hand, no performanceSide mode;1. internal thread2. external thread3. flanges (for double spring relief valves)4. flanges5. flanges (for lever type, safety door, single spring safety door)6. welding7. pairs of clips8. clamps9. card sleeveIllustrated cover or lining:T copper alloyH alloy steelB tin based shaft (bearing alloy)Y cemented carbideX rubberJ hard rubberSA PTFESB poly three fluoro ethyleneSC polyvinyl fluorideSD phenolic plasticsSN nylonValve body material:Z grey castings (usually not shown)X malleable ironQ nodular cast ironT copper alloyB lead alloyII chromium molybdenum alloy steelL chrome alloyP chromium nickel steelV (II) chromium molybdenum vanadium alloy steelR cr.ni.mo.ti steelF fluoroplasticP leather (Shen Penggang)S plasticD nitrided steelCJ lining adhesiveTC magnetic boringCS lined plasticCQ lined with leadW sealing ring is machined from valve body, C carbon steel (generally not shown)G ferrosilicon
Q:What does 3/4''mean in the name of the valve?
3/4''is the valve diameter, said 20MM, inches, equivalent to DN20 of the valve, is also said to be the 6 interface we say old foreman
Q:What do O and S mean on the valve?
Generally used in process valves, operating conditions required to open and close, especially in the case of pneumatic actuators installed, the loss of power and gas supply valve when the state
Q:How does the valve close?
Rotate it, turn it clockwise. Spherical valve, then hit a cross shaped on the line.Valve (Famen) is a control component in the fluid delivery system. It has the functions of closing, adjusting, guiding, preventing reverse flow, stabilizing voltage, shunting or overflow and releasing pressure.Valves used in fluid control systems, from the simplest stop valve to a very complex automatic control system used in a variety of valves, a wide range of varieties and specifications. Valves can be used to control air, water, steam, a variety of corrosive media, mud, oil, liquid metal and radioactive media and other types of fluid flow.
Q:Is there any difference between the valve and the water valve?
There is no difference between the low pressure lubricating oil pump, as long as the excuse right on the line, not to pressure, design pressure ball valve common does not exceed 3MP, the maximum pressure of only small gear pump vane pump is 2.5MP, the other piston pump, gear pump, the pressure is above 6.3MP. Certainly not. Unless using high pressure water pipe valve.
Q:What items and detailed procedures should be inspected for valve size inspection?
The American Standard (American Society of mechanical engineers ASME B 16.10-2000). Internet access can be downloaded, such as free standards to share and download sites. If you need any other valve standard, send me the mailbox.
Q:What is a heavy body valve?
You should be asking what a heavy-duty valve is.This is only in the ordinary gate valve and cut-off valve on the distinction. Nowadays, ordinary gate valves and cut-off valves are divided into heavy-duty ones. Medium and light three kinds ~!
Q:What does valve A335P22 mean?
1. What does valve 13Cr&FHF mean? 2, valve WC6 (F1113Cr&FHF WC6 body material

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