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Medium Pressure,PN10/PN16/PN25





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Normal Temperature



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China (Mainland)

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ductile iron

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Packaging Detail:gate valve packed in plywood cast
Delivery Detail:within 30 days after received the first payment



ductile iron valve ,gate valve,air valve
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Ductile iron valve ,gate valve


As the traditional valve products is easy to leak and rust, our enterprise has introduced advanced technology 

and producted resilient sealing gate valve which can overcome the disadvantages including poor sealing 

property, elastic fatigue, easy to rust etc. The resilient gate valve is the updating product, it can reach 

favourable sealing effect by using of the compensation effect of micro-transformation, this valve can be 

widely used in tap water, sewage, construction, food industryelectric power, pharmacymetallurgy, light textile,energy system and so on.



Flat bottom design

The traditional valve can not be tightly closed if there exists sediment in the valve bottom grooves, our seat 

sealing valve owns the flat bottom design which is the same as water pipe line, so there will be no sediment and 

no leak any more.


Overall packaged with glue

The valve adopts high-quality rubber coating with inside and outside of the valve, using the domestic first-class rubber vulcanization technology to ensure the accurate size of the vulcanized valve disc, the solid

 connection of rubber and ductile iron valve disc provide a good elastic memory.


Corrosion resistant 

The valve body is coated with epoxy power to prevent corrosion and rusting of the body, and can be used for

 the sewage system.


Ductile cast iron material

All the valve body and valve cover are made of ductile cast iron which improve its strength and hardness 




Three O-ring sealing

The three O-ring sealing washer (as the shaft sealing)greatly reduced the resistance and leaking.


The precision casting body

The body uses the precision casting which can guarantee the sealing of the valve.


Embedded copper nuts

The nuts and resilient valve are combined closely by embedded connection, so the valve may not be loose or

 damaged by vibration caused by water flow.


Suitable for drinking

The inside and outside of the valve is electrostatic sprayed with epoxy which can stop the corrosion and rust, so 

the valve can be used in both sewage system and drinking water pipe line.


Light weight 

The ductile iron reduce the body weight by 20% to 30%, as itlighter than traditional gate valve, iteasier for

 installation and maintenance.


Ductile iron valve ,gate valve

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Q:Pump, valve, these belong to the material?
The pump belongs to the equipment (electromechanical equipment), and the valve belongs to the pipeline material.
Q:What does valve DN50/80 mean?
DN50/80 refers to the size of the valve. That is, the circulation diameter is 50mm/80mm.
Q:What's the advantage of using three way valves?
A valve can be used to turn on and off and change the flow direction of the medium.
Q:What is the choice of pneumatic valve or electric valve for ultrafiltration inlet control valve?
Pneumatic valve compared to the electric valve, the valve can be the same, rubber lined butterfly valve or other valves, pneumatic valve opening speed (Basic 1 second can be fully open), the price is lower than the electric valve. But there must be process air (4-6bar compressed air). According to my experience, if the scene has compressed air, it is recommended to use pneumatic valve, if there is no compressed air, it is recommended to use electric (electric valve expensive, open valve slow).
Q:What does the "Z45T-16" valve mean?
Z - gate valve4 - flange connection5 - Dark pole, stem non lifting (gate valve structure)T - copper alloy, valve sealing face code16 - pressure code, 1.6MPaMaterial code for grey cast iron valves of nominal pressure less than or equal to PN16 shall be omitted in model preparation.May refer to JB/T 308 valve model compilation method
Q:What valve is the YQZ45X-16Q?
Specifically, YQ usually is the enterprise code, Z valve, 4 representative flange, 5 representatives of the dark bar, X (soft) rubber seal (gate coated with rubber material), nominal pressure 16 representative (PN) 1.6Mpa, Q on behalf of the valve body is made of ductile cast iron. If you add the valve bore (DN), it will be more detailed.
Q:Dalian hi Max Valve Co., Ltd.
I have to do the technical sales colleagues is high inside out now before the inside sales revenue is also good about one hundred thousand a year as sales of a great degree of luck the.I do not know what the specific circumstances, what age, in this line for several years, there is the opportunity to communicate with the landlord and make progress together.
Q:What does 1/2 mean in valve specification?
1/2 is American Standard, said 1/2. Equivalent to GB DN15, nominal diameter 15mm, indicating that the diameter of the pipe is 15mm. In the plumbing industry, it's called 4 points.Valve specifications in common use:Say: American Standard - GB4 points - 1/2 - DN156 points - 3/4 - DN201 inches - 1 - DN251 inches 2 - 1 and 1/4 - DN321 and a half - 1 and 1/2 - DN402 inches - 2 - DN50
Q:The valve has a clear opening and closing sign. What does this sentence mean?
Simply speaking, a gate valve, hand wheel will be above the arrow and open and close the text, indicating that you are clockwise valve open or counterclockwise valve open, so as not to make mistakes, accidents. Other valves are similar in sense and sign.
Q:What does 3/4''mean in the name of the valve?
Valve diameter, that is, we often say 6 points valve, used in English units, with metric units should be DN20.2 points DN84 points DN156 points DN20 (3/4'')1 inches DN251.2 'DN321.5 'DN402 'DN502.5 'DN653 'DN804 'DN1005 'DN1256 'DN1508 'DN20010 'DN25012 'DN300Nominal diameter (nominal, diameter), also known as the average diameter (mean, outside, diameter).The tube is thin from the metal tube, and the outer diameter of the tube is almost the same as the inner diameter of the tube, so the average value of the outer diameter of the tube and the inner diameter of the pipe is called the diameter.Because the units have metric (mm) and British (inch) distinction, there are the following methods of address.1., based on the metric system (mm), called DN (metric unit)2., on the basis of the British system (inch), called NB (inch unit)DN (nominal, diameter)NB (nominal, bore)OD (outside, diameter)

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