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The products mainly include: layer stranded optical cable, central-tubed optical cable, ribbon optical cable, special optical cable, indoor optical cable, power optical cable.
It is mainly used for equipment connection between short distance in buildings, communication devices connection in bad environment, and mobile communication base station signals introduction.
The structure of the lead-in optical cable is: put the optical fiber unit into the middle of two non-metallic strengthening devices, then squeeze and lay a layer of LSZH out of it. The structure of self-supporting drop optical cable is: add the metal hanging line.

Cross-linking cables is a new type power cable. XLPE insulation are solid,

it is formed by polyethylene extrusion processing, cross-linked through chemical or physical methods. XLPE insulation has

excellent electrical properties, high insulation resistance, dielectric

constant and low dielectric loss tangent tangent value and high breakdown strength.
However, polyethylene is thermoplastic materials, which are hot plasticity,

when the cable pass high current at fault, the insulation will be deformities;

this is due to the molecular structure of polyethylene. The molecular

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Q:Need help finding a firewall/hole to run power cable for the amp?
Drill you a hole in the firewall where you know nothing will be in the way on either side, then install a rubber grommet in the hole so the wire wont rub through on the metal.
Q:Do different LCD monitors need different power cables?
That one uses a standard plug to the wall. Same type that computers use. Some LCDs need ac adaptors though so they have a special external box then usually the normal power cable with the ground.
Q:What is the difference between a shielded cable and a control cable?
If there is a number of casing is the number of lines marked, if the line before the iron circle is a small nose, line nose in addition to a small circle and fork, and fork almost look.
Q:our power went out and our cable came back on but we lost our surround sound through the receiver. Any ideas?
How is your Onkyo receiver hooked up? Chances are your Onkyo was reset to factory and you have to choose the input from your TV/Uverse. box. Or your TV got reset and is not sending audio out the optical cable to your receiver. Same problem but with the UVerse box.
Q:Why does my laptop sleep/power off when I plug in the power cable?
Go into the Power Settings in the control panel. Check the settings there, specifically the advanced options when power is connected.
Q:what phone works when you have no power and cable?
You need either 1. A conventional land-line WITH a CORDED phone. If it's not corded, you need a wireless phone with a battery-powered base 2. If you use VOIP (internet-based phone) you should look into a service provider that gives you a modem with a battery. But really, unless you use a regular land-line with a corded phone, you are relying on batteries which need replacing (even the rechargeable ones) plus it's difficult (not impossible) for 911 calls to automatically be traced to your location.
Q:Power cable for amp(Car audio)?
Hi . 8 gauge is fine for now . Just some advise its better to invest a little more and get a 4 gauge cos with sound u always want more if later u want to upgrade then you have already got your 4 gauge cable installed .
Q:Is it ok to leave laptops charging with power cable?
yes it will make the life of your battery shorter plug it in when it needs to be otherwise unplug it
Q:Cable modem issues--help please?
Turn off the power to your modem and uplug it for a while. This will both allow it to reset and cool down, and will fix some minor problems. Check all of your cable connections, starting from the modem and working your way back to all other junctions. With todays digital cable systems you may want to ensure that all of your coaxial lines are magnetically shielded. If you have multiple TVs and other devices hooked up to the cable, you may need a bi-directional amplifier. The cable TV system at my apartment complex hadn't been upgraded in 25 years. By installing an amplifier I was able to overcome the signal degradation and got a notable increase in reliabilty of my internet services. If these actions don't take care of the problem, ask the cable company if they are having any issues with the cable in your area. I've had some problems with my internet and tv inthe past when the cable company was testing bandwidth prior to adding new channels and services. It seems to happen a lot with all the HD upgrades in progress.
Q:My power supply cables won't disconnect from the hard drive, cd drive, ect? HELP!?
Just pull on the cables. There are no clips. Just got to pull. Those things get really stuck with time. It's a really stupid connection system.

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