Drop Lock Series Frame Scaffolding with Steel Q235 Q345 CNBM

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20 m.t.
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3000 m.t./month

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Drop Lock Series Frame Scaffolding with Steel Q235 Q345


Drop Lock Series Frame Scaffolding with Steel Q235 Q345

Place of Origin


Brand name



Ø48.3*3.25*or as your request

Main Material

Q345 ,Q235

Surface Treatment

High Protected Painted, Powder Coating, Electric Gavenized, Hot Dip Gavenized.


Silver, Orange




Automatic Welding


OEM Service available




T/T or L/C in sight

Delivery Time

About 20-30 days after confirmation


in bulk or steel pallet or as your request

production capability

100 tons per day


Drop Lock Series Frame Scaffolding with Steel Q235 Q345 CNBM

Drop Lock Series Frame Scaffolding with Steel Q235 Q345 CNBM

Drop Lock Series Frame
DL.WT.5645'x6'4" Walk Thru Frame Drop Lock22.2048.95
DL.WT.4644'x6'4" Walk Thru Frame Drop Lock20.4245.03
DL.WT.3643'x6'4" Walk Thru Frame Drop Lock19.2142.36
DL.WT.2642'x6'4" Walk Thru Frame Drop Lock17.8639.38
DL.WT.555'x5' Walk Thru Frame Drop Lock18.2340.20
DL.WT.454'x5' Walk Thru Frame Drop Lock16.6236.65
DL.WT.353'x5' Walk Thru Frame Drop Lock15.4133.98
DL.SBX.5645'x6'4" Single Box Frame Drop Lock21.1846.70
DL.DBX.5645'x6'4" Double Box Frame Drop Lock22.6850.01
DL.SBX.555'x5' Single Box Frame Drop Lock17.8039.25
DL.SBX.545'x4' Single Box Frame Drop Lock15.9935.26
DL.SBX.454'x5' Single Box Frame Drop Lock16.1535.61
DL.SBX.444'x4' Single Box Frame Drop Lock14.3931.73
DL.DBX.555'x5' Double Box Frame Drop Lock18.5540.90
DL.DBX.545'x4' Double Box Frame Drop Lock16.7336.89
DL.DBX.454'x5' Double Box Frame Drop Lock16.7436.91
DL.DBX.444'x4' Double Box Frame Drop Lock14.9933.05
DL.BX.434'x3' Box Frame Drop Lock11.9226.28
DL.BX.535'x3' Box Frame Drop Lock13.4529.66



1. What is considerations of Scaffolding installation?

There must be a fire protection measures and specialist care, safety personnel patrol inspection when electricity, gas welding work on the scaffold,

(1) scaffold frontage hurtful to prevent falling objects protection is required.

(2) During take down the scaffolding, fencing and warning signs should be set up on the ground, prohibit others person besides the operator

2.What are the certifications of your products?

Certified by SGS, BS1139, EN74, Local Test Report.

3. How long is the warranty period for your product?

Our products warranty is 2 years.

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Q:i want to get a scaffold/industrial piercing, but how long does it take to heal?
2weeks and even about 1 month sorry hope it helps! x33
Q:A window washer is standing on a scaffold supported by a vertical rope at each end. The scaffold weighs 210 N?
assuming the scaffold is uniform weight, take moments around 1 end to get the tension in the rope of the other the ∑M = 0, take the rope tension direction as positive 690 x 2.3 + 210 x (3.3 / 2) = T1 x 3.3 T1 = 586N Now moments around the other end 690 x (3.3-2.3) + 210 x (3.3/2) = T2 x 3.3 T2 = 314N You can check your answers as ∑F = 0, so 586 + 314 - 210 - 690 = 0
Q:What kind body jewlery would match a scaffold piercing?
Anything as long as you match silver with silver and not with gold
Q:Scaffolding step span, span, the vertical rod spacing is how much
The span is the distance between two adjacent poles. The width of the scaffold is the width of the scaffold, which is the distance between two poles.
Q:Whats a scaffold piercing?
upper ear...duhhhh
Q:Why is there so much unnecessary scaffolding in NYC?
Must belong to someone's cousin. Buildings need cleaning too.
Q:Should I get a Scaffolding Piercing?
You can get one and to prevent it you have to clean the piercing with listerine a girl i know named myra she got a cauliflower because she cleaned it with alcholo and it looks so nastyyou need to clean it with listerine.
Q:how to know if the scaffolding piercing would suit me?
These days piercings are so common they'll suit anyone. Not everyone has enough room in their ear for a scaffolding or industrial piercing, so check with a piercer first. It's better to have two separate bars in while it's healing, because if you think about it, the long bar will make sleeping so uncomfortable and will put pressure on the piercings which will not allow it to heal to the best of your body's ability.
Q:hat is the safest height for static internal scaffolding towers?
i think 0.00 mm would be safer
Q:Pankou scaffolding and fastener type steel tube scaffold which is better?
Pankou scaffolding is attracting more and more attention. The construction field has formed a round bowl buckle as the main body, steel fasteners for auxiliary "situation.

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