Drop Forged Joint Pin Coupler with Stable and Durable

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Product Description:


1. Main Description about Drop Forged Joint Pin Coupler:



  • Size:48.3mm 

  • Weight:1.15kg 

  • Material: Q235/225/345

  • Surface :self-color,zinc plate,electro galvanized,HDG or painted 

  • Standard: EN74 ,BS1139 

  • Anti-rust ,skidproof ,high breaking strength 

  • Durable finish, reliability, low maintenance, corrosion resistance, robust construction and high tensile strength  

  • OEM serice is available

2. Specifications for Drop Forged Joint Pin Coupler:


  • Material: Q235 

  • Swivel and Double Right Angle Coupler 

  • Drop Forged and Pressed 


  • BS1139 and EN74 Standard 

  • Size:48.3*48.3MM 

  • Pressed and Drop Forged Swivel and Fixed Coupler/Putlog Coupler/Sleeve Coupler/Inner Connector/Beam Coupler etc. 



3. Pictures for Drop Forged Joint Pin Coupler:



Drop Forged Joint Pin Coupler with Stable and Durable


Drop Forged Joint Pin Coupler with Stable and Durable



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According to JGJ130-2011 "construction of fastener type steel pipe scaffold safety technical specifications" is just that should not exceed 50 meters. Did not explain the restrictions on workers to shelve construction. May be specific to a more specific program scaffolding calculation book to calculate. Should be and step, span, even wall pieces, scissors, and other specific size settings associated.
Q:How should the scaffolding be used in the project with a height of 21m?
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My industrial is also about a month old, and it looks perfectly fine. I soak it once a day in a sea salt solution (1/4 teaspoon of SEA salt (no iodine) for 1 cup of warm water) for 5-10 minutes at night. And every morning and night I lather it up with gold dial soap and let it sit there while I brush my teeth, then rinse it clean, and dab it dry with a paper towel - not a cloth towel!! You're also not suppose to move the bar. It can cause an infection and irritation - like the swelling on one bit. Leave the bar alone. Touching it with clean or dirty hands can transfer bad bacterial and really screw up a piercing. Don't sleep on it, keep your hair away from it, and try to keep it out of the sun. It sounds like the scar tissue is the starting of a keloid, which can be from an infection. Clean it as I am, mine has only flared up once in 100+ heat, but it's perfectly fine now. Good luck, don't touch it!
how long have you had your scaffold piercing? if it is still healing you will want to avoid acrylic (plastic) jewelry. go by a piercing shop and tell them that you want to get a PTFE (tygon) bar. Alternately, you can get two separate pieces of jewelry (as long as they are the same mm as what you currently have) and wear them. if you can shop online, you may have luck with checking out american sites. 1.6mm=14 gauge.
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Is there a HS code, if any more convenient to check.

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