Drop Forged Joint Pin Coupler with Stable and Durable

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Product Description:


1. Main Description about Drop Forged Joint Pin Coupler:



  • Size:48.3mm 

  • Weight:1.15kg 

  • Material: Q235/225/345

  • Surface :self-color,zinc plate,electro galvanized,HDG or painted 

  • Standard: EN74 ,BS1139 

  • Anti-rust ,skidproof ,high breaking strength 

  • Durable finish, reliability, low maintenance, corrosion resistance, robust construction and high tensile strength  

  • OEM serice is available

2. Specifications for Drop Forged Joint Pin Coupler:


  • Material: Q235 

  • Swivel and Double Right Angle Coupler 

  • Drop Forged and Pressed 


  • BS1139 and EN74 Standard 

  • Size:48.3*48.3MM 

  • Pressed and Drop Forged Swivel and Fixed Coupler/Putlog Coupler/Sleeve Coupler/Inner Connector/Beam Coupler etc. 



3. Pictures for Drop Forged Joint Pin Coupler:



Drop Forged Joint Pin Coupler with Stable and Durable


Drop Forged Joint Pin Coupler with Stable and Durable



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