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Video service market is stepping into a new area. Premium content is now the main attraction, content is delivered via various methods, new types of services, such as network video services, OTT, spring up at an increasing rate. In the bi-directional interconnection environment, it became so crucial to business unit, that how to acquire quality content, and delivery it to terminal via secure channel and consumption should be done safely.



With experienced industry experience and R&D strength of digital media security product, Sumavision has delivered StreamGuard DRM, all-service system oriented security platform. In the various application of OTT, VOD, IPTV, network TV, mobile TV, StreamGuard DRM system can provide flexible and efficient unified identity authentication and content protective measures for variety types of service, like real-time, time-shift, VOD download, etc.. StreamGuard DRM helps to build a secure broadcast platform with sophisticated digital rights protect mechanism, realize controlling of audition content, promoting operators’ business growth.

l Content encryption: support live program, VOD, time-shift program, download content
l Authentication management: support online order, off-line order, authentication per view, per certain time period every day, per date period, support domain mode
l Authentication: support flexible terminal authentication mode (software module, USBKey, security chipset), support finer-grained authentication management.

Premium content is now the main attraction, content is delivered via various methods, new types of services, such as network video services, OTT, spring up at an increasing rate. In the bi-directional interconnection environment, it became so crucial to business unit, that how to acquire quality content, and delivery it to terminal via secure channel and consumption should be done safely.


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Q:What TV set can use a set-top box?
This is what the output with the set-top box, what is the relationship between motor input, if only the AV TV set-top box output, you will need to have the AV input interface, can use what TV set-top boxes, set-top box is what depends on the output, not sure what can be used, what can not be used.Black and white, color and no direct contact, but black and white television because of the old, most do not have AV input port.If the set-top box has a radio frequency output port, it can match any TV set, because any TV must have a radio frequency input port.
Q:Who will use the TV set top box for TV playback? What about a step?
According to the remote center of the green button, enter the menu, select the horizontal TV recording, after entering the first TV, Beijing TV sports channel, select the date, according to the page+ page buttons on the remote control right under the 100 program to find the football press OK, can play (in - Home - arrow - TV see - - determine the up and down arrow - program - Determination of play)More questions may focus on WeChat's "enjoyment of home appliances" further questions
Q:Millet set-top boxes there is no TV broadcast software, how to install?
3, and then download 360 mobile TV assistant mobile phone version and install completed.4, after the installation is complete, open the mobile phone on the 360 TV assistant software, the software will automatically search with Android network equipment, find millet box, click on the link in the millet box of my application will appear 360 TV assistant, intelligent mobile phone will prompt a successful connection, also showed that the name "millet millet box box".
Q:What is a set-top box for?
The basic function of digital set top box is to receive digital TV(1) electronic program guide (EPG). To provide users with an easy to use, user-friendly, quick access to programs that want to watch programs, television programs(2) high speed data broadcasting. Can provide users with the stock market, ticketing information, electronic newspapers, hot websites and other news(3) software upgrade on line. Software online upgrade can be regarded as one of the applications of data broadcasting. According to the data broadcasting server DVB data broadcast standard will upgrade the software radio, the set-top box can identify the version of the software, the version is not received at the same time the software, and saved in the memory of the software update(4) Internet access and e-mail. The digital set top box can conveniently realize the Internet access function through the built-in cable modem. Users can send e-mail via the set-top box built-in browser. At the same time, set-top boxes also provide a variety of interfaces, connected to the PC, using PC and Internet connection(5) conditional acceptance. The core of conditional access is set-top box scrambling and encryption, and digital set top box should have the function of descrambling and decryption.
Q:TV set, audio amplifier, network set-top box, three how to answer, beg?!
Audio output socket TV or set-top box (red and white) connected to a set of audio power amplifier for audio input socket on the line, but the power amplifier must be adjusted when playing audio input rotation key (or knob), until the sound of the television program broadcast.No sound is either connected incorrectly, or the power amplifier is out of tune. Because the power amplifier audio input has many groups, such as CD, VCD/DVD and so on, must select the corresponding audio input, power amplifier to play properly.
Q:Why are set-top boxes noisy?
It's not a set-top box problem,Cable TV is the line, there are problems, you can repair.Cut the wire mesh in the cable connection and leave only a single copper wire in the center, so there is no noise.
Q:Telecom 2016 HUAWEI set-top boxes how to install app?
3, after the corresponding line is properly connected, you need to check the signal line and audio and video cable is loose;4, after the installation, turn on the TV and set-top box power, and then use the TV remote control to convert the signal source to the set-top box input video signal source;5, wait until the automatic search after the program, you will be able to watch TV programs.
Q:What is a set-top box OTT?
"OTT TV" is a "OTT" service, the intention that all through the public Internet users to transmit video business, equivalent to the current commonly used words "online video (Online Video)", the "OTT TV" early on better known as "Internet TV". "OTT TV" service providers do not need to have their own private network, and their video services run on the Internet service provider (ISP) network.With the continuous improvement of Internet bandwidth and the emergence of streaming media technology, it is possible to transmit high-quality video. Computer - based "OTT TV" business began to focus on the TV screen, opened the "Internet TV" violations of the traditional television territory of the big screen. From about 2005, the term "OTT TV" began to translate into "Internet TV", a business specific term for transmitting video to television terminals. The typical OTT TV service provider is the Netflix that starts the video streaming service from the DVD rental store.The word "OTT TV" can be a simple corresponding domestic Internet TV, whether it is a video site, cable network operators and telecom operators, as long as it is through the public Internet video to the TV screen business can be called "OTT TV", the Internet TV is the official language of the government.IResearch consulting group think: "OTT TV" concept earlier, is the traditional television people consider using IP flow as a new form of television technology, and using the IP flow is not necessarily with the Internet, it may be like IPTV closed network. And "Interent TV" is entirely defined on the Internet's point of view, is based on the Internet to the TV terminal transmission program content.Personally think that the "OTT TV" understanding of "DTV" is to be discussed, "OTT TV" is not made by traditional television people, digital TV is the traditional TV set out. Using IP stream and private network to transmit TV programs is the IPTV of telecom operators.
Q:Telecom set-top boxes overdue, you can recharge in Taobao?
Hello, first of all thank you for your support to the China Telecom. Yes, but suggest you log in online business - - Alipay prepaid recharge payment bank card recharge account and the amount of input - payment - according to the page prompts to recharge, recharge arrive in real time, convenient, also calls gift and other preferential activities.If you need to check the bill and pay the bill, please visit the Anhui Telecom online business hall. I wish you a pleasant life!I hope my answer will help you and can be accepted by you!
Q:How do I install two set top boxes (two TVs, two set-top boxes)?
In addition to say some things, at present Telecom television has no meaning, is a live channel image and almost VCD, second broadband expansion, and money, money here on TV, you can see a lot of, and at the same time the Internet and watch TV, Internet TV climb slowly, mosaic. Because of the current telecommunications technology, the transmission of radio and television standard image needs a stable 4 megabytes of bandwidth, high-definition transmission needs 20 megabytes of bandwidth. And now the monopoly badly, but also did not produce monopoly profits, cheaper broadband radio and television, but now Telecom control everything, is a reality television operators on the Internet should be handed over to the 1/3 Telecom and Telecom Revenue, access to the Internet into broadcasting without equal pay. Black is not black!!

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