Drill Pipe Advanced heat treatment process,

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Drill Pipe Specification

 Norminal   Weight
Calculated Plain-end Weight
 Outside Dia
 Wall Thickness
 GradeUpset Ends for weld-on tool joints
lb/ft   kg/m in   mmin   mm
2 3/86.656.27   9.332.375  60.30.280   7.11E.X.G.SE.U
2 7/810.409.72   14.472.875  73.00.362   9.19E.X.G.SE.U. or I.U.
3 1/29.508.81   13.123.500  88.90.254   6.45EE.U. or I.U.
3 1/213.3012.32  18.343.500  88.90.368   9.35E.X.G.SE.U. or I.U.
3 1/215.5014.64  21.793.500  88.90.449   11.40EE.U. or I.U.
3 1/215.5014.64  21.793.500  88.90.449   11.40X.G.SE.U. or I.E.U.
414.0012.95  19.274.000  101.60.330   8.38E.X.G.SE.U. or I.U.
4 1/213.7512.25  18.234.500  114.30.271   6.88EE.U. or I.U.
4 1/216.6015.00  22.324.500  114.30.337   8.56E.X.G.SE.U. or I.U.
4 1/220.0018.71  27.844.500  114.30.430   10.92E.X.G.SE.U. or I.U.
516.2514.88  22.165.000  127.00.296   7.52X.G.SI.U.
519.5017.95  26.705.000  127.00.362   9.19EI.E.U
519.5017.95  26.705.000  127.00.362   9.19X.G.SE.U. or I.U.
525.6024.05  35.805.000  127.00.500   12.70EI.U.
525.6024.05  35.805.000  127.00.500   12.70X.G.SE.U. or I.U.
5 1/221.9019.83  29.525.500  139.70.361   9.17E.X.G.SI.E.U
5 1/224.7022.56  33.575.500  139.70.415   10.54E.X.G.SI.E.U
6 5/825.2022.21  33.046.625  168.30.330    8.38E.X.G.SI.E.U
6 5/827.7224.24  36.066.625  168.30.362    9.19E.X.G.SI.E.U
Product Features
.Superior-quality pipe& advanced heat treatment process, high strength &high toughness(especially under low temperature)
.Smooth and long upset transition area & strong hard banding-extended product life
.To meet or exceed requirements of the API 5D,API 7G, API Q1 & ISO9001
.Equipment with advanced inspection instruments and a strictly quality controlling system, the final products are guaranteed to be of superior and stable quality
.Due to our professional technicians & product flexibility, we are capable of meeting some customers’ specific requirement.

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Q:Mechanical drawings, stiffeners, cutaway, right?
The profile is assumed to cut the object in a cut plane, remove the part between the observer and the tangent plane, and make a projection of the remainder to the projected surface.
Q:The development trend of mechanical specialty
Mechanical engineering and automation graduates employment counterparts rate of 30.43%, construction machinery post salary increase
Q:In urgent need of blasting drilling team, only drilling, blasting, drilling machines come with, and other what the site
1, subcontracting units before entering the process, the unit's safety production license, qualification certificate, qualification certificate, business license and other materials must be stamped with the official seal, reported to the contractor. 2, the special construction organization design (program) reported to the general contractor, safety technical measures approval records. 3. One of the full-time security personnel of the subcontractor and hold a valid certificate.
Q:Does the construction forklift need to be on the card?
Different auxiliary working equipment can be changed, and the lifting, lifting and other materials such as wood handling can also be carried out. In the road, especially in the construction of high-grade highways, loaders are used for filling and excavating of subgrade engineering, aggregate and loading of asphalt mixture and cement concrete field
Q:Machinery manufacturing industry can be subdivided into those sectors
The mechanical manufacturing industry can "segment": the special equipment industry, plastic machinery, injection molding machine | @, | | plastic film blowing machine calender | hollow blow molding machine, plastic molding machine | | plastic granulator | plastic extruder | auxiliary machine | other plastic machinery | feeding equipment | regeneration crusher | foam film drawing machine
Q:What is defined in construction engineering as large machinery?
The specific check check, there are Jixietaiban size division principle in great detail. Construction machinery should be unified in the following twelve categories
Q:What are the total cost of the project?
Indirect costs (including fees and charges. Engineering engineering scale of fees. The social security fee. The housing provident fund. The dangerous work accident insurance) and enterprise management fees (management personnel wages. Office expenses. Travel and transportation fees. Fixed asset use fee. Instrument use fee labor insurance premium. The employee education expenses. Union funds. Property insurance. Financial expenses. Other taxes.)
Q:What are the standards in the machinery industry?
API STD- American Petroleum Institute standards, AREA STD-, American Rail Engineering Association standards, ASME STD-, ASME standards, AWS STD-, United States Welding Association standards
Q:Urgent! Is mechanical engineering major or special?
The main research directions of mechanical engineering are: the design and development of mechanical equipment, the manufacture and management of mechanical equipment, the quality control of mechanical equipment, the performance test, the production equipment management, the use of nurturing and maintenance.
Q:What is the difference between the equipment manufacturing industry and the machine building industry?
Equipment manufacturing, also known as equipment industry, mainly refers to the capital goods manufacturing industry, is to meet the needs of the development of the national economy departments and national security needs and manufacture all kinds of technical equipment industry collectively. According to the national economy sector, its range of products including investment manufactured goods machinery electronics and ordnance industry, belonging to the metal products industry, general equipment manufacturing industry, special equipment manufacturing, transportation equipment manufacturing, electrical equipment and equipment manufacturing industry, electronics and communications equipment manufacturing, instrumentation and cultural office the equipment manufacturing industry in the 7 major categories of 185 kinds.

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