Drill Pipe Advanced heat treatment process,

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Drill Pipe Specification

 Norminal   Weight
Calculated Plain-end Weight
 Outside Dia
 Wall Thickness
 GradeUpset Ends for weld-on tool joints
lb/ft   kg/m in   mmin   mm
2 3/86.656.27   9.332.375  60.30.280   7.11E.X.G.SE.U
2 7/810.409.72   14.472.875  73.00.362   9.19E.X.G.SE.U. or I.U.
3 1/29.508.81   13.123.500  88.90.254   6.45EE.U. or I.U.
3 1/213.3012.32  18.343.500  88.90.368   9.35E.X.G.SE.U. or I.U.
3 1/215.5014.64  21.793.500  88.90.449   11.40EE.U. or I.U.
3 1/215.5014.64  21.793.500  88.90.449   11.40X.G.SE.U. or I.E.U.
414.0012.95  19.274.000  101.60.330   8.38E.X.G.SE.U. or I.U.
4 1/213.7512.25  18.234.500  114.30.271   6.88EE.U. or I.U.
4 1/216.6015.00  22.324.500  114.30.337   8.56E.X.G.SE.U. or I.U.
4 1/220.0018.71  27.844.500  114.30.430   10.92E.X.G.SE.U. or I.U.
516.2514.88  22.165.000  127.00.296   7.52X.G.SI.U.
519.5017.95  26.705.000  127.00.362   9.19EI.E.U
519.5017.95  26.705.000  127.00.362   9.19X.G.SE.U. or I.U.
525.6024.05  35.805.000  127.00.500   12.70EI.U.
525.6024.05  35.805.000  127.00.500   12.70X.G.SE.U. or I.U.
5 1/221.9019.83  29.525.500  139.70.361   9.17E.X.G.SI.E.U
5 1/224.7022.56  33.575.500  139.70.415   10.54E.X.G.SI.E.U
6 5/825.2022.21  33.046.625  168.30.330    8.38E.X.G.SI.E.U
6 5/827.7224.24  36.066.625  168.30.362    9.19E.X.G.SI.E.U
Product Features
.Superior-quality pipe& advanced heat treatment process, high strength &high toughness(especially under low temperature)
.Smooth and long upset transition area & strong hard banding-extended product life
.To meet or exceed requirements of the API 5D,API 7G, API Q1 & ISO9001
.Equipment with advanced inspection instruments and a strictly quality controlling system, the final products are guaranteed to be of superior and stable quality
.Due to our professional technicians & product flexibility, we are capable of meeting some customers’ specific requirement.

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