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Product Description:


1. Item

Storage Racking System

2. Regular Size/Unit

(L)2300*(W)1000*(H)5025mm, 4   levels, Loading Weight:2000kg/level

3. Adjustable


4. Standard Color

blue, orange, green, red,   grey

5. MOQ

10 units

6. Standard Packings

metal strip, film, paper   board and master carton

7. Certification


8. Customized size accepted, Special color available

Storage pallet rack specification:


1) Each system is mainly made up of upright   frames and beams

2) Each frame consists of 2   uprights(posts), 2 footplates and bracings

3) Each storage level consists of 2   socketed beams

4) Each beam level usually supports 2 or 3   pallets

5) Supports and non-standard pallet sizes

6) Different beam sizes are available for   different load requirements

7) Beam levels are adjustable in   50.8mm/75mm/76.2mm pitch interval

8) All compnents are epoxy power coated   except the galvanized footplates

9) Accessories include shim, upright   protector, row spacer, pallet support, half-pallet etc.


light duty rack

 medium duty rack

 heavy duty rack

 heavy duty rack

heavy duty rack 







size of upright






size of beam


 50*30mm or 60*40mm




beam style

 angle iron

 step beam

 box beam

 box beam

 box beam

thickness of upright

 1.25mm or 2.0mm

 1.5mm, 1.8mm or 2.0mm




thickness of beam

 1.25mm or 2.0mm





capacity per layer













 1.Pallets can be located, accessed and moved individually.

 2.Rapid handling almost all types of palletized goods. 


 3. Fully utilize vertical space. 

 4. The loading capacity per level of such rack may reach 5000kg. Strength and rigidity prevents compression damage to goods.

 5. Bottom level of pallets can be stored on the floor, lowering structure costs. 

Please inform us of the following information for quick quotation:


drawing(if   available)


size   of your warehouse


size   of rack(height*width*depth)


how   many levels of the rack


loading   capacity of each level


(RAL)color   you want

  1. Q: What is the raw material of your products?

    A: The raw material of steel code is Q235b. Other type of steel is also available per clients’ requirements.

  1. Q: What is delivery times?

  A: Normally the order can finish within 15 days. Time varies upon the order quantity and racking types.

  1. Q: How could you guarantee the products quality?

   A: Our professional engineer will check what size should be used to guarantee your load weight request.

 Before shipping, our quality control also would carefully examine whether the quality is approved.

  1. Q: May I know the status of my order? 

 A: Yes .We will send you information and photos at different production stage of your order. You will get the latest information in time. 



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- Self introduction

- Required specifications

- Inquire about price/MOQ

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