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Made from 100% recyclable materials, CMAX epoxy cast iron pipe systems are not only environmental friendly, but also satisfy many properties necessary to withstand the aggressive conditions both internal and external of the pipes and fittings: these properties include its excellent resistance to abrasion, corrosion, impact and fire. CMAX also has low noise transmission compared to common UPVC drainage pipe systems. CMAX is designed as long lasting building materials.


CMAX epoxy cast iron pipe systems with nominal size between 40-300mm comply with BS EN 877.BS EN 877 guarantees the quality of the materials, dimensions and tolerances, mechanical properties(like water pressure, tensile strength and brinell hardness) appearance, and the standard coating for the epoxy cast iron pipes, fittings and couplings.


Iron is well known for its strength and abrasion resistance. The shape and impact strength of CMAX products are unchanged under exposure of sunlight and weathering, while UPVC and PVC pipes would soften, deform and become brittle under intense temperature change.


CMAX’s sturdy and dense properties reduce pipe vibration a silent drainage system.Studies had proven iron is the quietest material out of all other common drainage system.

Non-Toxic and Non-Combustile:

No toxic gas will be emitted from CMAX in the event of fire. Iron is also non-combustile,so epoxy cast iron pipes and fittings are recoverable after fire.


All CMAX epoxy cast iron pipes and fittings are internally and externally finished with corrosive resistant epoxy coating to prevent fouling and corrosion. The epoxy on CMAX epoxy cast iron pipes and fittings provides an excellent exterior under humid and tropical conditions.


Lightweight couplings are specially engineered to guarantee a strong, quick and easy connection between CMAX pipes and fittings. Made from stainless steel with rubber gaskets, the coupling match pipe and fittings non-corrosive properties.

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