DPK18 narrow-gauge rail layer

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DP18 narrow-gauge rail layer is composed by host machine (Cart No.1),Cart No.2 and flip gantry. The parallel operation order is: host machine laysthe track, Cart No.2 transports, and the flip gantry lifts and loads. Thismeans: the track panel train enters, the flip gantry lifts the track panel, andloads them to cart No.2, the cart No.2 transports the track panel to the rearend of host machine, the dragging winch drags track panel to the host machineand returns the guiding-rail to cart No.2. The cart No.2 returns to the flipgantry with no load, meanwhile, the host machine starts laying track.

1.Host machine:

Max lifting capacity       laying track of 18t (including spreader)

Track panel capacity                  6 layers

Operation line conditions       max longitudinal gradient 20‰;min curve radius 150m

Gauge                         1067mm

Traveling          010km/h variable speedmotor power 4X24kWDC),

                   Min curve radius 150mJZ-7-type braking system

Power                          120kW

Operation load                      70t

Technical speed                    3.0min/row

Weight                           123t

Dimensions             49050×6065×3380mmhighest working status

                       28938×4365×3380mmtransporting status

Segments of structure    two parts:17200+10800mm
Segments of arm
  threeparts: 14790+12000+12800mm

2Cart No.2

Operation load                       70t

Load                             2×22t

Dimensions    composedby two small carts with the same dimensions of 13938×2400mm


Quantity                            2

Lifting capacity                         60t/gantry

Power                         20kWeachone

Weight                            10.8t

Dimensions                     4520×3200×6135mmoperating

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