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Dough divider




Oven Dim(mm)



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Dough Divider








Features of Dough Divider

1. Semi-Automatic design

2. divided the dough to 36 equal pieces once

3. Improve working efficiency and save labor.

4. Dividing disc can be tipped to the front for cleaning

5. Head can tilted to the left side for easy cleaning

6.Setting with volume bar depending on dough type and weight.

Shape of Dough Divider

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Food machinery according to its nature can generally be divided into general food machinery, food machinery, food packaging machinery, food testing machinery
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Domestic specializing in the production of food machinery manufacturing enterprises, the company has passed ISO9000:2000 quality management system certification, with self import and export rights.
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I just know that the food industry is not good enough to tell you explicitly: no good. My school is the food nutrition and detection should be similar out only to the food industry do QC inspector or inspection center like upstairs said you can go is good but it is hard to think of testing center can have a few ah test every year profession was born to many people if you can do it for civil servants what no problem but it is difficult to give you the pros and cons.
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1. salted bacon productsEquipment or facilities such as material selection, dressing, batching, pickling and packing shall be provided. The production of meat class should also have the drying and baking equipment or facilities; production of raw sausage should also have filling equipment or production facilities; Chinese class should also have the sausage filling, drying and baking equipment or production facilities; China ham should also have the fermentation and drying equipment or facilities.2. cooked meat productsEquipment or facilities such as material selection, dressing, batching, cooking and packaging shall be provided. The production of dried meat floss class should also have frying equipment or facilities; production class should also have jerky baking equipment or facilities; production of cake, jellied meat should also have class molding equipment or facilities; the production of fried meat should also have fried equipment or facilities.
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Production license "national industrial products production license application form" (hereinafter referred to as the "application form") for the enterprise certification, renewal, relocation, increase the production license application. Group companies and their respective units to obtain evidence, the group company and their respective units to fill out the application. Additional items include increasing product units, increasing specifications, models, product upgrades, and increasing the ownership of group companies.
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Automatic control (needless to say)Flexible (easy to improve)Fine differentiation (increased food variety)Branding (brand is the soul of an enterprise)Advance
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Yes, of course. Only the manufacturer is required to comply with the FDA certification.
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There are many kinds of food ingredients, but each raw material needs to be crushed and screened again if it is not treated before purchase.
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