Double Wall Drawer Slide (Lower Drawer) 660H

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Q:How to install wardrobe telescopic mirror slide rail?
First determine what install drawer slide slide, is generally used in section three hidden slide, please according to certain data, determine your drawer length, and the depth of the counter, to select the appropriate size installed in the drawer.
Q:How about the oil on the drawer of the furniture drawer?
Don't let slide into contact with more salty environment, regular cleaning to prevent dust on the rails, rail, rail can avoid weight exceed the standard, some Vaseline or butter.
Q:Cabinet corner press basket press mounting method
The installation method of drawer slide Qiao (only 720 cabinet): door plate, vertical cabinet on the upper side, slide bottom directly on the nail;5) drawer core slide: by drawer bottom installation, front leave 2MM gap;6) if there is a pipe on the inside of the cabinet, you need to dig holes, you can not install the back plate, you can directly withdraw the back plate, not installed;7) if each cabinet needs to dig the hole according to the pipeline condition, the six piece moves forward according to the situation;
Q:What's the reason that the drawer with a slide always slides out?
Your slide is what kind of, and now the double section slide rail has been solved this problem, ah, estimated that you are a single section of the slide rail, you see if you can change.
Q:Excuse me, solid wood desk, drawer is also solid wood, that solid wood is suitable to use the guide rail? Usually not
If you put something light, make sure you use a bit of the guide rail, for example, the three stage type, the drawer can not pull directly, free of time derailed long
Q:What are the specifications for drawer slides
The most high-end is damping rail and damping horse riding, these two track specifications are, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, the most commonly used is 450mm.
Q:The drawer of the computer desk has been taken down by my hand, and I can't get it
You put the two wheels of the drawer in the fitting place into the wheel of the slideway, then push it inside. Attention, both sides of the tire should be on the ah, both sides of the 4 tires should be placed on the slide rail behind the tires, and if the work is meticulous and compact, it may not be good to go inside. Hey Jin, if you are a man, you can try it; if you are female, a little effort, you can find male colleagues try to help.
Q:What drawer can I do with the depth of cabinet 200mm?
Can the drawer slide freely and smoothly? How about the weight bearing? It's all supported by the slide rail. From the present technology, the bottom rail is better than the side rail, and the whole one is better connected with the drawer than the three point connection. The material, principle, structure and technology of drawer slide rail are different from each other. The quality rail has small resistance and long service life.
Q:300 what's the size of the deep cabinet drawer slide rail?
Drawer slide dimensions are on the market commonly: 10 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches, 22 inches, 24 inches. Different sizes of drawers can be installed according to the sizes of their drawers.
Q:Method for mounting slide rail of stainless steel drawer!
Slides can be separated from you to make a mark and slide on a nail in the eye position then slide the length of the cabinet in the same size to find the inner rail lateral peg as long as the drawer and the outside of the devil has been on it in the drawer

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