Double Row Bearing Deep Groove Ball Bearing

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4312 ZZ double row bearing deep groove ball bearing

Deep groove ball bearings are particularly versatile. They are simple in design, non-separable, suitable for high and very high speeds and are robust in operation, requiring little maintenance. Because deep groove ball bearings are the most widely used bearing type, they are available from TIANHE in many designs, variants and sizes.

In addition to the bearings presented in this section, deep groove ball bearings for special applications are shown under Engineered products.



1.PTFE with fibre 0.01~0.03mm 

2.Porous bronze 0.2~0.3mm 

3.Steel backing 0.7~2.3mm 

4.Tin-plating 0.005mm or copper plating 0.008mm 



Load capacity               140N/mm2 

Temperature                 -195°C ~ +280°C 

Speed limit                    5m/s 

Friction coef(u)              0.04~0.20 

PV Limit(Dry)                 3.6N/mm2 .m/s 



1.PTFE and fibre can protect the shaft while in operation. 

2.It is suitable for the machine required harmless to people because 

of Lead-free. 

3.Goodload capacity and anti-wear. 

4.Bronze and steel have good thermal conductivity. 

5.Anti-corrosion because of surface plating. 

6.It is widely used in general machines,and suitable for food machine,pharmaceutical 

machine,tobacco machine etc.It will subsitute SF-1 series bushings in future because of environment protection. 



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Q:Maintenance method of plain bearing
The repair method is wrong and the installation is wrong. Use improper maintenance, quality control is not strict, 1, cleaning the shaft neck, oil circuit, oil filter, and replace the clean quality requirements of the lubricating oil2, with the repair after scraping the bush or new bush3, if found wrong installation, should be timely find4, pay attention to maintenance qualityBecause of the unreasonable structure of cavitation bearing (bearing on the oil is not reasonable, the shaft vibration), steam bubble formation of oil film bearing, steam bubble rupture, local surface creates a vacuum caused by small spalling cave erosion damage 1, increase the supply pressure2, improve the shape of the oil groove and groove, modify the edge or shape of the groove to improve the shape of the oil film streamline3, reduce the bearing clearance, reduce axle sway4, change the more suitable bush materialElectric erosion due to insulation is not good or bad ground, or static electricity, a certain voltage is formed between the shaft and bearing, penetrating the oil film between the shaft and bearing the spark, the insulation of the bearing into Pit 1, check the machine, special attention should be paid to some protective devices (such as heat resistance thermocouple wires are well insulated)2. Check the grounding of the machine3, if the damage after electrical erosion is not too serious, you can scrape the bearing4, check the journal, if the shaft on the electric erosion pit, should be polished shaft neck, remove the pit
Q:Why can not the surface roughness of plain bearing surface be too high?
Because the process of start and stop, because of low speed shaft neck and sliding bearing contact friction generated, if the axis roughness is too large, it will increase the friction, easy to wear and sliding shaft bearing, so the shaft neck surface roughness is not too high.
Q:Why is the new sliding bearing of the motor heating?
The quality of modern bearing bearingModern Behring (Tianjin) Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. specializing in the sale of SKF bearings. Our strict and unified quality is based on the universal global quality management system. We pursue a systematic, standardized approach. Fundamentally improve all business processes. And customer satisfaction as standard.The way we improve our quality is an important factor that distinguishes us from our competitors. The way to do this is to do the same in everything we do.SKF's promise is the promise of the modern Behring, a promise that can be fulfilled.
Q:What are the types of plain bearings?
There are many kinds of sliding bearings. According to the direction that can bear load, can be divided into radial (Xiang Xin) sliding bearings and thrust (axial) sliding bearings two categories.
Q:Why does the sliding bearing use clearance fit?
This is different from the rolling bearings, the shaft and rolling bearings of the inner ring is interference fit, because the shaft should be rolling bearing with the inner ring together to rotate.
Q:On what occasions are plain bearings used?
3, heavy load occasions;4, under the condition of tremendous impact and vibration;5, need to be made into split bearing occasions;
Q:What is the sliding bearing grease cup
The threaded hole is a cylinder in a sliding bearing on the side, and then installed on threaded holes like a one-way valve the same thing (that is, in the process of using the oil cup) can reach to the bearing oil lubrication through the one-way valve purpose is actually a very simple thing.
Q:What's the difference between rolling and plain bearings?
The difference between sliding and rolling bearings is that the former journal and bearing surface work to form sliding friction, while the latter mainly form rolling friction.
Q:Which one is good for sliding bearings?
ZQFYT series radial thrust bearing, VZB series vertical thrust bearing manufacturers; is the production base of professional production of large gas turbine bearing, turbine, blower, compressor, oxygen making machine, rolling machine, ball mill, rotary kiln and so on.
Q:What are the criteria for calculating the failure modes of non liquid lubricated journal bearings?
Bonding: friction heating causes the oil temperature to rise, the viscosity of the oil drops, and the lubricating conditions deteriorate, resulting in scuffing.

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