Double Nail Flat Cable Clips

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1.Material: PP, Steel nail.

2.How to use: Put the cable under the clip and hammer the nail into the wall to secure the cable.

3.Application: Securing of calbes for general indoor wiring.

4.Main Products: Stainless steel cable ties,Plastic coated stainless steel cable ties,Releasable coated steel ties,Ladder steel ties,Nylon cable ties, Nail cable clips, Cable tie mounts, Heat-shrinkable tubing, Nylon cable glands, Terminal blocks, Car goods .

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Q:What is the difference between a YJLV cable and a VLV cable?
To separate the need for casing: high and low pressure separation; power signal separation; industrial communication separation, turn corner to increase. The And so the actual tender will be required! The
Q:Where are the car connectors in the car?
General elevator cable laying is pre-built by the early structure of steel casing to achieve. The laying of the wall along the bridge is also very common. And will not be directly to the bridge to achieve. So the elevator cable laying must be embedded steel casing. Hope it helps you.
Q:How to choose the cable diameter according to the motor size
Bv at the beginning of the general wire, with YJV or vv is generally a cable, but not limited to these, because the cable and cable models are more
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PVC pipe is not cold bending Why should elbow you yellow wax pipe threading a dead line you can think good
Q:1.5 square copper wire can load much current and wattage
5 amps per square, 1.5 square 7.5 am, with 220V voltage, 1650 watts or so. 380V voltage of about 2.8 kilowatts.
Q:Cable fixing fixture is customized according to what size.
Should be considered buried buried laying, not wear pipe laying. Steel pipe can only be used for three-core cable, not for single-core cable
Q:Harvard h6 control lock in the motor line in what position
. the calculation of the square of the multi-stranded wire, the wire as a cylinder, all the single-stranded cable cross-section of the cross-sectional area of the multi-strand is the cross-sectional area of the unit in square mm. . single-stranded cross-sectional area of the formula: S = πR ². If the number of strands of shares is n, then the cross-sectional area of multiple strands is: S = nπR². . for example, 24 shares diameter 0.2mm wire cross-sectional area: S = 24 * 3.14 * 0.1 * 0.1 = 0.75 square millimeters.
Q:Can the battery column be damaged? How to repair
The problem itself is not clear, what plant? Direct laying the concept? So qualitatively reply as follows: . usually, the factory cable laying can be cable bridge, bracket, cable trench, casing buried, etc. implementation. . to power engineering, for example, please see GB-2007 "power engineering cable design specifications" fifth part.
Q:What equipment and precautions are required for the relocation of the network room?
"Forgotten the Gulf," said the right, "Pteris Long eyes" in vain for the eight lip service, do not know how mixed.
Q:Is the mountain car's brake line and the variable speed line the same?
A beautiful ride on the wire - castor (forced by electric hemp) A beautiful ride on the wire - sesame (self-seeking electric hemp) a beautiful ride on the wire - oleander (bamboo = live) a beautiful ride On the wire - sorghum (pretty)
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Main Markets Global
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000 ;QS-9000 ;ISO 14001:2004

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