double colors coil design pvc mat

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  • Material




    Regular size of piece

    40x60cm, 40x70cm, 45x75cm, 60x90cm, 90x120cm, 120x180cm.
    size of roll: 1.22x12m, 1.22x18m,etc


    10mm,12mm, 15mm,etc




    various colors and logos are available


    easy to clean, comfortable to step on,durable, economical

    Environmental standards

    no lead ,no poison,low cadmium


    600pcs/color(normal color:black,grey,red,blue,etc)

    Payment terms

    T/T or L/C at sight




    30% deposit, the rest by T/T or L/C at sight


    Within 30 days after received T/T advance or open the L/C

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:PP bags for pvc coil mat or customized. 20GP capacity is between 80-122 rolls. 40GP capacity is between 200-300 rolls
Delivery Detail:PVC coil mat: 30 days after the confirmation of the order


Multi colors PVC coil mat
1.Incredible tensile strength
2.Water proof
3.Non toxic, Eco friendly

4.Durable, anti slip backed.

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Q:Does the floor cushion under the composite floor affect the geothermal temperature?
Mainly depends on what you choose, and solid wood flooring and solid wood flooring will be much worse.I think the world is still more cost-effective friends of the floor Oh, cost-effective, good quality and long service life.
Q:PVC plastic flooring, anti-skid snow surface in the ground how to deal with?
The above four steps for general cleaning method, if the floor is used for a period of time, many times after waxing the floor surface yellowing and re waxing, to wax removing agent processing methods are as follows:1) wax removing agent according to the proportion, to uniform the spill on the wax, wax removing agent for about 10-30 minutes after the water will seep into the floor, the floor brush as (no wax case), wax completely removed, or re waxing not bright.2) remove the wax after cleaning, and then clean it in accordance with step 1-4.Matters needing attention:1. Place mats at the entrance of the building to avoid entering sand and dust through shoelaces.2, in carrying goods, especially at the bottom of sharp metal objects, do not drag on the floor, so as not to scratch the floor.3, although the PVC floor fire rating is B1, but never represents the floor will not be burned by fireworks. Therefore, when using PVC flooring, do not put burning cigarette butts, mosquito coils, live irons, hot metal objects directly on the floor, in case of floor damage.4, clean floors can not use steel ball, wire brush cleaning. Should not use conventional methods of cleaning of dirt, should consult professionals, not indiscriminate use of acetone, toluene, strong acid and other chemicals.5. Avoid large amounts of water standing on the floor for a long time, especially sheets, floors, and floors. The floor is often soaked in water and may be soaked under the floor, allowing the floor to melt and lose cohesion. It may also make the floor surface wax water layered, causing floor pollution, or sewage infiltration into the interior of the floor (transparent floor), resulting in discoloration of the floor.6., avoid direct illumination, prevent ultraviolet radiation, to prevent discoloration and discoloration of the floor.
Q:Strengthen compound floor to put moistureproof mat next, good or ground mat treasure is good?
If the floor mat treasure, there is a drawback, that is, some places down there will be creaking sound, feeling particularly soft!
Q:Is that kind of slippery hollow mat that toilet uses?
Skid resistance of antiskid pad. The non slip mat of the bathroom should not only skid, but also waterproof, and because of its contact with the foot more, it is hygienic, antibacterial and bacteriostatic,. Non slip mat has a role, generally used in bathtubs or shower room. To choose the softer kind of glue to do
Q:What kind of car mat brand is there?
Leather mat, also called microfiber leather, surrounds the foot padThis kind of material, high-end atmosphere, comfortable and soft pads wear non slip, is a relatively high cost of the foot, is generally the best choice in the high-end models, like the BMW three series, five series, Audi A4, Audi A6, Mercedes Benz E, Volkswagen MAGOTAN, Volkswagen Passat, Volkswagen CC, Honda, Honda accord, geshitu Ford MengDiOu, at present this material do a good brand of Xin and Jin Daofu.
Q:How to remove the new pad flavor?
Great acidity, indicating that the process of making mats did not completely clean after bleaching, it should be smoked with sulfur, a good scrub, rinse with water after the bubble, and then washed clean, dry on the line. The first floor of the toilet clean, then put the wet mat, sprinkle washing powder, brush end side, turn over the brush, then rinse with clean water, until now, finally put on the balcony to dry, not drying, drying the bamboo pieces of mahjong seats will break.
Q:What kind of ground mat is good?
Mats should be carefully chosen. At present, some manufacturers use paper mats or aluminium foil mats as geothermal heating mats. These two ground mats have obvious defects in the geothermal field, which directly lead to damage to the floor quality. The paper mat will decay gradually during the prolonged evaporation of geothermal moisture, and will cause the floor to be damaged. The use of foil pads will seriously affect the thermal efficiency. Geothermal heating does not involve convection, then the geothermal system heat is to achieve heating effect by conduction and radiation in two ways, but the aluminum foil mats aluminum foil heat reflected back to the surface, resulting in heat radiation can not reach the room, not only affect the heating effect, and a waste of energy.
Q:Foam pad and climbing pad which is better?
Papa pad: OPP color film surface. Special use of interior printing technology, the ink is located in the inner surface of the film, do not have to worry about the baby's contact, while the surface of the pit using anti-skid design, more secure and reliable.
Q:Warm ground with what mats, plastic is not environmentally friendly?
South Korea is the world's highest penetration to warm countries, they are warm with the most ground material is plastic floor, especially coil plastic floor has the advantages of fast heat conduction, after bonding, good care health, comfortable seamless, and its environmental protection is no doubt
Q:What do you use for kitchen mats? Do you have anything to recommend?
The kitchen mat, you go directly to the small commodity city to buy it, and this does not need any brand, can not be too much, buy a good look on the line. In a few years. Supermarkets also have, but generally more expensive than small commodity city! Remember, you only buy the right one, not the expensive one. When buying, pay attention to ask whether the gum will fall behind the merchant, this is critical. Because that glue doesn't clean up after it's gone. Hope to help you.

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