Double color flower pots Planting pots

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Round Pot Carry Trays, Round Carry Pots , Carry tray,

Using the high-speed injection molding machine,our thin pots are light and beautiful,Smart and easy to fill designs for growers that accommodate automated equipment.

Our sturdy pots to fit grower needs, including a dark inner lining to protect plant roots.

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Q:What is the role of a porcelain pot?
Inside and outside glazed pottery basin, poor ventilation, equivalent to a layer of glass inside and outside
Q:What are the buying methods of flowerpots?
After watering, keep moist Pentu long time, and breathing difficulties, easily lead to root rot V
Q:Plastic flower pots or ceramic pots?
The most commonly used flowerpot, this kind of flowerpot is made of rough workmanship, cheap price, good drainage and breathability
Q:Features of full automatic irrigation flowerpot
Automatic irrigation: water for 12 weeks as long as the water and nutrients, so that your plant in the best environment for growth, simple care
Q:Why would you put an egg shell in a flowerpot?
Like Shibie fat, more will "burn", less and not enough nutrition
Q:Is Finland suitable for a big pot or a small bowl?
The proportion of land allocation (such as the ratio of leaves, larch and sand) is more than that of winter two
Q:What is the glazed pottery basin
There are no water holes in the pelvic floor, and various forms are used to cultivate water flowers, such as narcissus.
Q:Can you put a flowerpot on the top of the refrigerator?
If the refrigerator can not withstand this weight for a long time, it will deform the refrigerator
Q:How to remove the ants in the flowerpots?
Found to have ants in soil in the flowerpot, and nest nest around the animal with moderate buried in trichlorifon tablet
Q:Does the fruit peel throw into the flower pot and will provide food for the flowers and plants?
The lampblack machine oil in the oil, along the flowerpot basin side down into the earth, for hibiscus, jasmine Eclipta as fertilizers etc.

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