Dot-matrix Display

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Dot-matrix Display can be used in many aspects,like:

Display in subway station;

display in bank,supermarket,school;

information board in hospital;

automotive advertising screen;

electric gate information screen and so on.

Products in photo album are part of main products in my company.And we also can

manufacture other model according to the requirements from customers.

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Q:Can C51 chips not drive too large LED dot matrix?
In practical applications, you can control more LED dot matrix by means of port expansion, for example, you can plug in and out chips through 74HC164, so that more I/O ports can be expanded to control more LED dot matrix.
Q:51 single-chip microcomputer control of 64 * 16LED dot matrix screen power options?
One can be used, but direct power is not recommended. You're all on the A scale. The output of the switching power supply is not very stable. Build a regulator chip.Switching power supplies do not allow him to work at full capacity. You don't have much chance to shine all the time, but it's better to keep the wattage off the threshold.
Q:What's the difference between the LED module and the LED dot matrix?
LED dot matrix refers to the encapsulation of 8*8 modules, and then into a unit board, such panels are called dot matrix board, generally used for indoor monochrome, two-color display screen.
Q:8*8 dot matrix LED display: the use of dynamic scanning to achieve a ASCII character display
The A and B are serial data inputs that control the data. When the A, B, any one is low, the data is forbidden, and the Q0 is low under the action of the rising edge of the clock (CLK) pulse.
Q:LED dot matrix display screen LED
The specific module LED dot matrix screen limits the driving methods of LED dot matrix screen, will directly affect its brightness is not high, and each LED in the LED display is separated from the control, in the design of driving method and circuit can have multiple choice, brightness is relatively high can be designed many.
Q:LED dot matrix display problem
Is a procedural problem, this phenomenon is commonly known as ghosting,
Q:51 singlechip LED dot matrix to achieve text breathing lamp should be how to do?
Because LED is the 8 line, using 3:8 decoder, I am also worried about frequency problems, so I put the duty cycle to 8 multiples to solve, although somewhat eased, but there will still be a part of the blink. So I suspect that the time spent running the program leads to a little bit of time warp, but I can't figure out the bias.
Q:How to realize the left scrolling display of LED dot matrix
If there is a program that displays a "static" screen, you can write a program called "left" scrolling.
Q:What is the difference between LED entry and LED array?
Thanks to the light projection more accurate, IPS hard screen as the representative of the direct type backlight can be adjusted through the dynamic light regional, based on enhancing dark gray scale expression, enhance the overall image layering and details; and edge LED backlight backlight can use compressed space, achieve to effectively reduce the thickness of the screen. But the simple measure of LCD TV consumer's core interests - quality, direct type LED backlight to IPS hard screen represented more advantages, coupled with the thickness of only LGD launched straight type LED backlight system 2.4cm in September 2009. The dilemma between the quality and appearance of the ultra-thin has also been effectively resolved. Therefore, from the current level of technical application, the direct LED backlight screen represented by LGD is more competitive in the market.
Q:LED dot matrix moves left to show that there is ghosting (right and left ghosting). How can I solve this problem?
Ghosting problem in the program, but it does not seem to give the whole program, not good judgment.

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