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Dot-matrix Display can be used in many aspects,like:

Display in subway station;

display in bank,supermarket,school;

information board in hospital;

automotive advertising screen;

electric gate information screen and so on.

Products in photo album are part of main products in my company.And we also can

manufacture other model according to the requirements from customers.

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Q:How does the LED dot matrix card connect to a computer?
The function of the upper PC computer is to receive input information from the user and send it to the wireless transmitter module through the RS-232 serial port. The PC management module and the system user direct communication platform, users in the LED dot matrix display text input through the PC machine, you can choose from the static, to move up, from right to left shift, flashing display mode, can also change the font, speed etc..
Q:Can a LED8*8 dot matrix display Chinese characters?
Can a LED8 * 8 dot matrix display Chinese characters?Can.Shows the local character of Chinese characters, and also shows Chinese characters.
Q:How do I display characters that move around on the LED dot matrix?
Very simple, and now there are many finished product control cards sold, the program is paid to send, as long as the card with the screen with a cable connection can be, of course, the power box power supply,
Q:Want to buy a 8*8LED dot matrix screen, do you want 64 resistors? Single chip microcomputer!
See what kind of work, and use the drive IC do not have to use. It takes 8 to scan, and 64 to light alone.
Q:How are the multiple 16 *16led dots connected?
The connection between the two does not need it, and then connect the driver circuit with the microcontroller, after receiving the LED to see how you control the program...
Q:LED dot matrix display screen LED
The specific module LED dot matrix screen limits the driving methods of LED dot matrix screen, will directly affect its brightness is not high, and each LED in the LED display is separated from the control, in the design of driving method and circuit can have multiple choice, brightness is relatively high can be designed many.
Q:51 singlechip LED dot matrix to achieve text breathing lamp should be how to do?
Because LED is the 8 line, using 3:8 decoder, I am also worried about frequency problems, so I put the duty cycle to 8 multiples to solve, although somewhat eased, but there will still be a part of the blink. So I suspect that the time spent running the program leads to a little bit of time warp, but I can't figure out the bias.
Q:On the current distribution of LED dot matrix screen
There is no complete circuit, it is difficult to answer, we do not know how your screen is done.
Q:Dot matrix LED brightness is different, how to solve?
This is the color difference problem, perhaps because you change the unit board, or the control system problems, you can find manufacturers to change the control method, it should be no problem.
Q:8x8LED dot matrix display is how to distinguish between yin and Yang? I don't know much about the trouble. Thank you
There were divided into Yin yang.The Proteus doesn't see. You just put 8x8 on it. If it doesn't work, adjust it in all directions.

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