Dot-matrix Display

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Dot-matrix Display can be used in many aspects,like:

Display in subway station;

display in bank,supermarket,school;

information board in hospital;

automotive advertising screen;

electric gate information screen and so on.

Products in photo album are part of main products in my company.And we also can

manufacture other model according to the requirements from customers.

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Q:Dot matrix LED brightness is different, how to solve?
You try to put a brown glass outside the screen to see if it's better. If not, you can only change the LED dot matrix module or the unit board.
Q:LED dot matrix how to use it, what is the principle?
Here the 8X8 dot matrix is used to illustrate. 8X8 needs a total of 64 dot matrix of light emitting diodes, light emitting diodes and each intersection is placed in rows and column lines, when corresponding to a column of the 1 level, a row of 0 level, the corresponding diode lights; to display graphics or fonts, only need to consider the display mode. The brightness of each display point can be effectively controlled by programming to control each display point corresponding to the level of LED anode and negative pole.
Q:What drive board does the LED dot matrix screen use?
From the story of this screen, you should guess is the interior of the screen, usually can use the adapter plate HUB08, the controller can choose the high market share of the Shanghai spirit, onbon letter, equal etc.. You can also choose some other brands. As long as the parameters meet the requirements.
Q:LED dot matrix display screen LED
LED dot matrix screen and LED screen is different: LED dot matrix screen brightness is relatively low. LED dot matrix screen in LED (or light) are encapsulated into one module, generally 8*8 lamp as a module, and the LED display module is a minimum in the display unit, comprising a circuit board, LED, pan, mask.
Q:What are the uses of the LED lattice?
It can be used not only in the indoor environment, but also in the outdoor environment. It has the incomparable advantages of projectors, TV wall and LCD screen
Q:LED dot matrix screen cathode can not switch triode, okay? What effect will it have?
The control chip will burn out and the chip doesn't have enough current. Or not light, depending on whether he is working at high or low level.
Q:Two 74HC595 cascade drive 16*16LED dot matrix, driven by 51 single-chip microcomputer
Four pieces for 74HC595Row scanConnect the latch pulses of two sets (one group, two pieces) together.Then put the first piece of 'Q7' into the second piece SDA. Also, put each group of SCK together.The sixteen bit movement is onlyYou send data to 595 miles. Then 595 will throw out the data that was first sent in. Then move the whole forward.In addition, pay attention to. OE to ground. And when output is needed, latch to produce an increase.
Q:What's the difference between the LED module and the LED dot matrix?
LED dot matrix refers to the encapsulation of 8*8 modules, and then into a unit board, such panels are called dot matrix board, generally used for indoor monochrome, two-color display screen.
Q:8x8LED dot matrix display is how to distinguish between yin and Yang? I don't know much about the trouble. Thank you
There were divided into Yin yang.The Proteus doesn't see. You just put 8x8 on it. If it doesn't work, adjust it in all directions.
Q:Advantages and disadvantages of LED dot matrix display screen?
Advantages: long life, high brightness, long distance effectDisadvantages: huge size, high calorific value, low resolution, not suitable for close viewing

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