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Product Description:

  • Aluminium Folding door Materials:

Product description of aluminium doors and windows designs

Product details
Aluminium ProfilesAluminium AlloyALU Wall ThicknessSurface Finishing and Color
6063-T51.2mm--2.0mm, Normally 1.4mm for window, 2.0mm for doorAnodized, Sliver & Bronze
Powder Coating,  colore should be confirm with buyer
Electrophoresis, Sliver& Champagne
With thermal break aluminium system design for more energy saving function
Glass TypeThicknessColor
Float glassSingle: 4mm -12mm,    Double Glazing (With 6A/9A/12A/27A space) clear/super clear/ tinted blue/green/coffee brown/grey
Insulated double glass
Insulated triple glass
Reflective glass
Low-E glass
Tempered glass
Laminated glass
Customized art glass
HardwareHigh quality, made in China of well-know brand (Kinlong )/ made in Germany (Siegenia /Roto )
AccessoriesUse EPDM  sealant rubber  
Stainless steel 304# accessories.                                          
Production standardBasis on the shop drawings which approved by the buyer

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Q:Car remote control keys can not lock the door can not open the lock is what the situation caused
Hello there! May be a remote control! It is recommended to replace the battery ... [car problems, ask the car master. 4S shop professional technician, 10 minutes to solve. To
Q:what gets permanent marker off metal door?
Try a Magic Eraser. Follow the instructions that come with it.
Q:Shielding is not an external layer of metal mesh, there is practical significance?
The shielding is mainly to prevent the crosstalk and the electromagnetic interference in the external environment, so as to ensure the stability of the transmission performance.In addition, there will be 6 types of cable center cross, word, frame and so on, in order to ensure the stability of the structure of the line, thereby ensuring the stability of the transmission line
Q:How to install a lock on a metal door?
Your local hardware store or home improvement center will have self drilling screws made specifically for drilling into metal. Be careful not to run the screw in too fast and strip the hole. The one drawback is they don't come in colors. If you need a specific color you can always paint the heads.
Q:Shanghai nonferrous metals network how to check the previous copper
In the middle of the page in the "basic metal" in the selection of "copper" and the need to query the time period, click the query, you can query the previous copper.
Q:What is the height of the building windowsill?
Open to the public walkway of the sash, the bottom of the ground from the floor of the height should not be less than 2m. When less than 2m should not interfere with traffic, and to avoid sight interference.
Q:Briefly on the Design Essentials of Residential Building Windows
To ensure that the privacy of the room, taking into account the parallel with the adjacent windows, especially oblique above the top view and other line of sight interference.        East to the window must be considered when the corresponding shading measures, bedroom, living room should try to open the south to the window.       Properly handle the location of the window and air conditioning outside the machine, it is necessary to consider the appearance of the facade, the external machine and its connection to block, but also consider the height of the air conditioning outdoor unit to avoid in the room can be seen directly, resulting in visual congestion In addition, in addition to the outdoor unit ventilation fans should be set to open the sash, so as not to blow the hot air into the room.
Q:Aluminum doors and windows how to identify the thickness of the door?
There is no way to identify, it is impossible to remove the amount of the general are not enough!
Q:While staying with friends, you break the automatic garage door opener.....?
Yes, because if I broke it then I would feel obligated to pay for it, although you can blame it on the dog. Hee hee. =)
Q:I have sales of woven bags, I want to run a factory
Would you like drawing machine equipment ten circular loom come upstairs now prices 30 universal why you buy a transformer are ten you should not plant nearly twenty-one thousand Taiwan you a drawing machine at least three sets of circular loom drawing master pull wire machine weaving cloth sewing master printing bag bag packing number

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