Door Lock and Door Handle

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tube handle




2.surface finish:pss,ss,etc


3.good quality and service


4.various design


Made by high quality stainless steel-Tube with high technology, the productions are guaranteed for quality. You can choose the rosette & escutcheon you need as well as the finish and the handle. We also can meet any your request about the products' structure and finish.

By focusing on producing high quality and security products,We keep up with fashion trends in Europe and America. On the surface treatment, we adopt American plating technology and appearance design using European concept. This makes our products very popular in American and European market.



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Q:Kitchen cabinet hanging cabinet with a dark handle or a good handle?
Look like you like the style, stealth handle and handle are never outdated, stealth handle suitable for light European style, bright handle for most of the style. Stealth handle has a problem, if the door is too wide, do not look good, the door is too narrow, open the door when the direction of the hinge of the handle will be rubbing each other, if the handle side grinding oblique look, can only continue to use its natural running Just look good, probably to six months to a year or so. Aluminum alloy edge to 3MM thick pull groove angle wrapping edge fashion, requires the hand tick no qualified and can not use glue, with chrome angle connector does not look good, but some color and style is not suitable for metal edge, For example: wine red, pure European style, ancient Roman style, Balotte style, the United States Edwardian style (pastoral style) and so on. In recent years because of poor woodworking technology and the use of poor quality aluminum alloy edge of the aluminum alloy edge is not popular, the use of the handle and the same color PVC edge is now on the market mainstream.
Q:Whether the lock outside the door can be twisted
There are three kinds of: 1. The outside handle is dead, the door closed as long as the key to open the door. 2. Outside the handle and the inside of the same, you can press down but can not put up, this lock must go out with the key lock, otherwise there is no door with no door difference 3. Just like your home, outside The handle on the mention but can not under pressure, on the mention of your home when you look at the lock body is not a lot of pillars pop up, this situation is called on the lock door, do not have the key to lock the door of the situation,
Q:Why some of the door handle stickers
Hello, according to your situation, the door handle stickers are mainly to prevent the car door scratches, because often need to open and close the door, the door handle will have a lot of scratches, paste the stickers, you can avoid scratches. Hope that my answer you can be happy to wish you a happy car. [Car problem, ask the car master. 4S shop professional technician, 10 minutes to solve. To
Q:I would like to know the door handle exports to Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Africa, need to do what certification? ME!
Do the chemical test, the European ROHS, REACH, the United States FCC and so on
Q:How to remove the spherical door handle
After the handle has a hole, with the tip of the top of the middle of the prominent point, while unplug the handle
Q:Battery car throttle handle for how much money a new one
I changed a 15 useless two months on a little bad contact, and a good point of the bar about twenty
Q:Supor electric pressure cooker on the handle of the handle does not move, resulting in the lid off is not up.
Not a matter of quality, nor a foreign matter. But after the last use of cleaning, the lid connected to the lid on the anti-installed, and then come over it! I have encountered a similar problem, the two hours to find the reasons for it ^ _ ^ willing to more people on this reply to help. Smart little fish replied ^ _ ^
Q:My mother today hit the door handle static, plastic things will be electricity, touch my hand also have electricity, which is why ??
In the daily life of the friction is essentially a constant contact with the separation process. In some cases can not produce static friction, such as induction static electricity and so on. Any two different materials after the object contact and then separated, you can produce static electricity, and the common method of generating static electricity is friction and electricity. The better the insulation of the material, the more prone to static electricity. Because the air is also made up of atoms, and the electrons are not easy to flow on plastic, the metal is easy to flow and neutralize. So plastic things are more prone to static electricity than metal.
Q:What is the handle inside the wok?
Can not spare, some fried dishes when the big amount, end up exhausted, that handle is very important. The
Q:Bedroom door handle bad can not open the door. The
Find a hand drill drill on the handle, the next pin on it
We focus on offering a wide range of hardware products. Our high quality products with competitive prices always meet the demands of the global market. We are proud of our successful export markets in Europe, South Africa and other regions. Furthermore, we are confident in our capacity as we have professional technicians in our factory. Based on superior quality and timely delivery, we maintain a stable production capacity of stainless steel casting lever handles and tubular lever handles.

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