Door Handle For PVC Casement Door

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Door Handle For PVC Casement Door


Item No.Options
DescriptionBisect handle with lock and safe knob
ApplicationPVC casement door
MaterialAluminium alloy
ColourRAL colour system,all colours are available
Surface treatmentPowder coating
Ctn quantity




*Easy to install

*Long life performance

*OEM service is available.

*Durable, applied and secure

*First-class, competitive price and punctual delivery

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Q:Solution feng shui! Anti-theft door handle and the door inside the direction of the handle is not the same, will not bad?
The problem is not, the key is the direction of the door must be right. All the doors should be opened by the left, the so-called left Qinglong right white tiger, dragon in the left should move, white tiger in the right to quiet, so all the doors should be from the left open for Kyrgyzstan, that is, from the inside out, On the left side. Open the door if left and right easily lead to family disputes.
Q:Electric car speed handle handle structure
Inside is a linear Hall of the original, the magnetic field changes when the Hall will output the corresponding voltage, the Hall is 3 feet original, electric car 5v power supply, output, ground, turn the stick on a small magnet turn the handle when the magnet with the Hall Position changes, the output pin corresponding to the output 1-4v voltage, the controller according to the received handle to the motor power supply, to achieve the speed control purposes, which is the principle, the structure part see porters
Q:Nissan Qiao customer how to dismantle the door handle
Remove the interior trim plate .. you can remove the handle screw
Q:Plastic window handle badly open the window how to repair?
Looking for an experienced plastic window to install the master, he can easily find the fault, you repair. (It is estimated that the lock part of the problem)
Q:How did the hair dye handle black?
Hair dye contains coloring chemicals, a dip on the skin is not easy to remove, it is to rely on the hair to the hair. The ash can remove the hair dye on the skin. The more common thing in life that contains the ash is the soot that can be mixed with the soot in the ashtray on the dyed skin, especially effective. You can try this method I introduced to a lot of friends.
Q:The handle of the car hand window so removed ah?
In the handle of the shaft has a card spring, you put the decorative plate (door skin) should be pressed to see the force, the buckle can be picked out to shake the handle down.
Q:Do you want to get your hands when you run a treadmill?
Do not need to start the speed of a little smaller, after the habit of their own exercise and then increase the speed.
Q:How can the handle become better, more slender, more beautiful
Apply skin care products carefully massage hands, can accelerate the growth of nails, make your fingers thinner, delicate skin. Massage method is to use one hand fingers massage the other hand, start from the back of the hand, gently draw the spiral until the fingers, activities, every finger, especially the joints, painting a spiral massage until the fingertips, and then massage the finger, massage More than 10 times; with one hand thumb massage the other hand of the palm, from the palm to the elbow to draw a spiral massage. With hot water handle soft, and then rub the amount of massage cream, two hands rubbing each other fingers joints, although very simple and effective Oh
Q:How does the mountain bike turn the handle from the other?
On the demolition, you have to do two things: 1. Loosen the handle: turn the left and right ends, near the end of the stand (that is, inside), usually a circle, around the circle to find, there is a hex The screw, usually 3 mm to 4 mm between. Can not find, put the handle of the handle a little lift up, certainly have .2. To solve the turn to pull out the horizontal, the speed line is not long enough: Off, put the vertical and the bike is connected to the pole .----------- demolition time, do not pull hard, to comply with the pull. The speed line and the brake line as far as possible not to fold This is negligible .------- Installation order: 1. If you put the vertical and the installation is not covered, is set into the need to put the first set into the horizontal 2 . Install the handle 3 Install the brake lever 4 Hold the stand to the bicycle 5 Keep the vertical and the horizontal between the fixed .-------- Adjust the angle of thinking: According to ergonomics, the angle of the brake handle is: sitting Riding on the bike, holding the handlebar, the hand and arm is a line.Therefore, usually the brake to the front 20 to 30 degrees below (according to personal height, front, cushion different, no standard, as long as a Line can be)
Q:The prime minister is in my hand
From the level of the ranks, the first president of the National People's Congress, the second of the Prime Minister; from the actual power, the total Secretary first, prime minister second, chairman of the Central Military Commission third; if you want to ask is the number of hands, should be asked right? That is the second hand.

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