Door Handle For PVC Casement Door

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Door Handle For PVC Casement Door


Item No.Options
DescriptionBisect handle with lock and safe knob
ApplicationPVC casement door
MaterialAluminium alloy
ColourRAL colour system,all colours are available
Surface treatmentPowder coating
Ctn quantity




*Easy to install

*Long life performance

*OEM service is available.

*Durable, applied and secure

*First-class, competitive price and punctual delivery

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Q:Battery car throttle handle for how much money a new one
According to the difference between each region, I used to change a 25 not expensive
Q:Is the car door handle very bright, the handle is plastic or metal material? Is the surface chrome or what is called electrolytic film?
Is the chrome, hexavalent chromium hazards are produced in the production process, mainly on the water pollution (chrome has excellent decorative and functional. However, the harm of hexavalent chromium is huge. The World Health Organization, Europe and the United States and so on To pay more attention to the harm of hexavalent chromium, and continuously reduce the emission standards of hexavalent chromium wastewater from 1997 onwards, Europe and North America provides hexavalent chromium in the air the maximum content of 0.001mg / m3, electroplating wastewater hexavalent chromium The average daily daily content of less than 1.71mg / L. National researchers have also pointed out that the research and development of hexavalent chromium plating process or coating heat is necessary.) View the original title & gt;
Q:Hand on the mouth of the whistle there are several, how to blow? The The
1, mouthwash, wash your hands; 2, with both hands fingers any two fingertips (according to personal habits to choose their own convenient two) close, leaving about a centimeter distance (by people only); 3; mouth slightly open, 5, the air flow directly from the abdominal cavity to the throat, blowing from the gap between the two fingers, put the tongue into the mouth, You can speak out. The above steps are not necessarily done, because of people only, as long as the sound can be made, the success of the half
Q:Would you like to ask the wooden door in the store to do the door handle also use their shop to buy it?
It is best to use the store lock, because each set of doors need to open another keyhole, the store will have a dedicated hole mold and professional hole tool.
Q:Nissan sun inside the door can not open the door which parts are broken
New sunshine old sun [car problems, ask the car master. 4S shop professional technician, 10 minutes to solve. To
Q:Cabinet handle hole pitch is how much
Usually 32 times, such as 32mm, 64mm, 96mm, 128mm ... ... 480mm ... ... how much have.
Q:Do you want to get your hands when you run a treadmill?
When running on a treadmill can help hand, but it is best not to help. In the use of treadmill, if not used, you can help a little bit. Gradually used, it is recommended not to help. Treadmill is a machine to replace the natural running. This can reduce the running on the site, the environment requirements, but also reduce the external weather on the run or runners influence and restrictions. Running on the treadmill as much as possible to do and run on the natural site, arms swing on both sides of the body naturally. For some elderly people, or the body is extremely weak, need to use the running to gradually restore the physical fitness of the people, can help treadmill handle. When you start using a treadmill, if you are not used to you, you can hold your hand for a short period of time, but do not develop your habit. At the beginning, you can adjust the speed of the treadmill slower. The use of speed can refer to the 2014 Spring Festival Evening Huang Bo in singing "my request is not high" when walking and running speed. I hope my answer will help you. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ● The above content is based on "stupid do not know" personal experience to write, only on behalf of personal views and opinions, no one shall arbitrarily modify, It is forbidden to plagiarize. Please refer to the source.
Q:How to remove the ball door handle ah, to be completely removed
There is a hole in the ball, looking for something into the top of the ball at the same time.
Q:The little tongue of the room door can not be returned to the door, and now from the inside outside the door handle the door are not open.
One; the best solution is to find the local unlock the king to solve the general area of ​​the basic price of unlocking less than 80 yuan, if it is a bustling city unlock the price relative to the higher. If you do not want to spend money to solve that you can also try to solve their own; but must have one of the most important conditions, this condition is your room door must have a gap, the gap is basically 2-3 mm. Looking for a thinner scrap card or a better elastic piece of steel from the side of the slope of the tongue with the momentum or the momentum of the palm of your hand can be washed open, if there is no hard plastic card with steel, then you need to prevent the steel scratch your Palms, need to be careful. Three; the above two conditions you do not have the way to use the demolition lock to solve. Your door lock if the pressure or round the head of the lock you find the flat mouth or cross flower screwdriver, press the lock, with a screwdriver directly remove the lock on the shield up and down the two screw, and then remove Lock the core, and then you can see the connection of the mouth of the mouth, with the appropriate tools can be locked on the door to open the door to open the door. If the round head of the screw lock, you find a two-inch long nail in the round twist to the heel (lock neck) below a small hole, find the hole after the hand around the twist can see the hole There is a flat card spring, and then insert the nail into the hole will be that the reed and then pull out the round reel, and then in the opposite direction to unlock the lock on the cover can pull out the lock cylinder, the tongue In the above way to pull back to solve friends
Q:Is the window locked and locked?
With the broom stick can be slanting the window, the next day Jiaoren repair.

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