Door Floor Hinge/ Floor Spring

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Loading Port:
China Main Port
Payment Terms:
TT or L/C
Min Order Qty:
10 Piece/ Pieces pc
Supply Capability:
50000 piece / pieces per month pc/month

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Product Description:

1)Specifications of Door Floor Hinge/ Floor Spring

Product name

Door Floor Hinge / Floor Spring


Stainless Steel 304 Cover  Plate and Iron Body


Satin / Mirror Polished   ( For Cover Plate Only)



Min order

10 Piece/ Pieces


2)Features of Door Floor Hinge / Floor Spring



Maximum Door weight

250 KGs

Maximum Door width

2000 mm

Located Angle

90 degree

Max. Open Angle

180 degree

Life Cycle

1,000,000 cycles

Speed  Adjustment

Speed 1:    90°-15°, Closing Section;

Speed 2:    15°-0° ,  Locking Section.

Supply capacity

50000 Piece/ Pieces per Month


Flexible Package + Wooden Crate

Delivery time

10~35 Days After Deposit

Export market

Asia, America, Europe, Africa, markets.


3)  Usage of  Door Floor Hinge/ Floor Spring

Match with

Glass Door Patch Ditting,  Pivot Hinge  or  Bracket

Using Position

Shopping Mall,  Commercial office,  Residential Building on

Glass door,  Wooden door


4) Terms of purchasing  Door Floor Hinge/ Floor Spring

Trade Term

       EXW, FOB, CIF, CFR

Payment Terms 

       T/T or L/C.


5) Pictures  of  Door Floor Hinge/ Floor Spring

We could also help to choose suitable products for per customer; or manufacture as per customer's requirement.


Floor Hinge 


   Picture One:  Door Floor Hinge/ Floor SpringFloor Hinge







   Picture Two:   Installed for Framesless Glass Door















     Picture Three: 

    Installation Instruction on Frameless and Frame Door.    



























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Q:Do not close the door closer?
Another model of small points, according to the width of the door with the weight of the choice of door closers. As well as domestic imports with the intensity of the difference are a lot, if the closure of the time when the tone is not smooth is poor door closers. Good closet is closed very soft.
Q:How closed the door closer
There are two control valve, 1 is to adjust the closing speed, 2 is to adjust the lock door speed, to spin (clockwise) is slow. With a small screwdriver can be adjusted, adjust the time do not spin too much, this is very sensitive, just adjust a little on the line.
Q:What do you need to install a door closer?
Closed door installation method 1, usually with the door closer to provide instructions for the installation of the model, so first read the instructions, according to the direction of the door, the size of the closing force and the door closer, the connection between the seat and the door hinge to determine the installation location. 2, according to the requirements of the size of the closing force, by reversing the connecting seat 180 ° or change the connection between the connecting rod and the connection between the seat position, can change the closing force. Adjust the distance between the connecting rod and the hinge centerline of the door, the smaller the closing force of the door closer, the greater the strength. 3, according to the installation model on the location of the instructions to determine the location of the installation screw, and then drilling, tapping. 4, with a screw to install the door closer. 5, the installation of fixed connector. 6. Install the drive plate with screws. 7, adjust the adjustment lever to the door frame into 90 °, and then connect the connecting rod and drive board connected together. 8, do not forget to install a plastic cover, it can be used to catch the closed door leakage of hydraulic oil. 9, after installation, check the fixed screw is fastened, no loose or not strong phenomenon. Open the door to the maximum door position, check whether the hinge arm of the door closer is rubbed or rubbed against the door or door frame.
Q:How much is the cheapest door closer?
Well-known domestic brands - Branch guide, her a small door closet KE-151 is relatively cheap, and ¥ 40. Branch guide the door closer, good quality, stable performance, sold overseas, so the cheapest door closet is certainly less than ¥ 40. Hope to help some.
Q:Do the door closers have automatic stop function?
1, the door closers are not automatically shut the door function. With the positioning or stop function of the door closer prices generally higher than the usual price of about 30%. 2, the door closer is a spring similar to the spring, when the door can be opened after the release of compression, the door automatically shut, like the role of the spring door, you can ensure that the door is opened, accurate and timely closed to initial position. 3, behind closed doors are mainly used in commercial and public buildings, but there are also used in the home situation. They have many uses, the most important of which is to make the door closed by itself, to limit the spread of fire and ventilation within the building.
Q:What is the difference between concealed door closers and closures?
Closed door closers refers to the main part of the door closet installed in the door or door frame, with a set of transmission rod drive action. Concealed vertical closers should be understood that the whole body of the door closet must be hidden in the door, from the outside can not see the screws and any parts. Semi-concealed type refers to the main body of the door closer, the slide is mounted on the long slot in the door frame or the door, and the transmission rod is still outside.
Q:How closed the door closers
Adjust the tightening of the door closer is to adjust the closing speed, the strength of the fast when the speed is small, the door is close to the door close to the slow speed. Door closers to adjust the closing speed is through the two hydraulic valve independent control of two door closers closing speed for full hydraulic control. Adjustment method and precautions: (1) generally in the side of the door closer to the side of the adjustment valve is marked 1.2, speed 1 block is to adjust the door opening angle from 90 degrees to 20 degrees between the closing speed, speed 2 is to adjust the door opening angle from 20 Degrees to 0 degrees is the door completely closed the speed of the trip. (2) When adjusting the valve screw tightening (clockwise adjustment) is to slow down the speed, that is, the door closer to the door to adjust the power. (3) If the valve screw loose (counter-clockwise adjustment) is the speed becomes faster, that is, increase the closing door closing force. Adjust the amplitude must be controlled in a small range, and each adjustment are tested door fan strength is appropriate, if the amplitude is too large may screw off, resulting in door closers oil spill.
Q:How to adjust the door closing force
Door closers to adjust the closing speed is through the two hydraulic valve independent control of two door closers closing speed for full hydraulic control.
Q:How to choose the door closers
Select the door closers should consider the factors are: the weight of the door, the width of the door, the door frequency and the use of requirements and the use of the environment. The weight of the door and the width of the door is the most important factor in choosing the door closer model, common doors are fire doors, wooden doors, aluminum doors, glass doors, steel doors and so on. Usually the weight of the door is small, select the smaller model, and vice versa.
Q:Would like to ask what kind of door closers, suitable for hotel works with what?
Door closers hidden in the door frame, collectively known as the day hinge.
Researching, designing, manufacturing and marketing construction hardare for 18 years. Professional technician service, with 300 domestic patents, and 50 oversea patents. Envolved in famous projects around the world, such as Beijing National Stadium,Burj Khalifa; High quality with competitive price.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Dongguan City, China
Year Established 1995
Annual Output Value Above CNY ¥1.7 billion
Company Certifications Certificate of Registration; ISO9001:2008; China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessent- Laboratory Accreditation Certificate

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3. Manufacturer Capability

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Nearest Port Yantian Port; Chiwan Port; Shekou Port; SunGang Port
Export Percentage 0.4
No.of Employees in Trade Department 1000
Language Spoken: English; Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 200,000 ㎡
No. of Production Lines 9 manufactural departments
Contract Manufacturing Technician service; pre-sales service; after sales service
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