Door Closer 8014

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Product Description:

1) Suit for door weight 15~85kgs


2) Commercial & residential use, multi-size door closer, adjustable closing force.


3) Universal application, standard, top jamb, parallel arm installation


4) Closing speed valve 180°-15°and latching speed valve 15°-0°,speed controlled by two separated regulating valves.


5) High quality anti-free hydraulic fluid,normal operating between -30°C and 40°C


6) Standard adjustable back-check (between 65°to 180°)& delay action function(stop at 75°)


7) Precision heavy duty rack(piston) & Pinion gear.


8) Factory tested to meet or exceed ANSI standard 156.4


9) Finish color optional as request:silver,black,duro,gold etc

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Q:Closer prices
This model, style, each manufacturer, brand has a different parameter.
Q:Do not close the door closer?
There is a small mouth on the right side of the door closer, there are screws, that is, tight tone. There are two valves next to the door closer to the speed but can not adjust the weight. The choice of the door closers is too heavy.
Q:How to choose the door closers
Select the door closers should consider the factors are: the weight of the door, the width of the door, the door frequency and the use of requirements and the use of the environment. The weight of the door and the width of the door is the most important factor in choosing the door closer model, common doors are fire doors, wooden doors, aluminum doors, glass doors, steel doors and so on. Usually the weight of the door is small, select the smaller model, and vice versa.
Q:Closed door installation method and size
600 series of door closers, with its small size, reasonable structure design, good performance and become a cost-effective door closers, with significant economic. 600 series of door closers are widely used in fire doors, security doors and a variety of decorative doors, as the domestic door closers one of the largest varieties of sales.
Q:What is the main function of the door closers of fire doors?
To ensure that the door in a normally closed state, to avoid instantaneous fire through.
Q:How closed the door closers
Adjust the tightening of the door closer is to adjust the closing speed, the strength of the fast when the speed is small, the door is close to the door close to the slow speed. Door closers to adjust the closing speed is through the two hydraulic valve independent control of two door closers closing speed for full hydraulic control. Adjustment method and precautions: (1) generally in the side of the door closer to the side of the adjustment valve is marked 1.2, speed 1 block is to adjust the door opening angle from 90 degrees to 20 degrees between the closing speed, speed 2 is to adjust the door opening angle from 20 Degrees to 0 degrees is the door completely closed the speed of the trip. (2) When adjusting the valve screw tightening (clockwise adjustment) is to slow down the speed, that is, the door closer to the door to adjust the power. (3) If the valve screw loose (counter-clockwise adjustment) is the speed becomes faster, that is, increase the closing door closing force. Adjust the amplitude must be controlled in a small range, and each adjustment are tested door fan strength is appropriate, if the amplitude is too large may screw off, resulting in door closers oil spill.
Q:How does the door closer work?
Is to rely on the hydraulic buffer to form a damping, in the open door when the hydraulic oil compression, the door after the opening of the hydraulic oil to release energy to close the door energy, and then through the above two screws to adjust the first paragraph and the second paragraph of the closed door speed, to achieve satisfaction The closing speed.
Q:What do you need to install a door closer?
Standard installation: the door closet is mounted on the door, the stand is mounted on the door frame, and the door closet is mounted on the sliding door side. This installation is suitable for the door frame is narrow, there is not enough space to install the door closer. Applicable to the direction of the door without obstacles, the door open to a large enough angle, the door closers will not hit the foreign objects.
Q:Do the door closers have automatic stop function?
Door closers are generally selected without positioning function of the product, the use of closed doors are generally to automatically close the door, and with positioning or stop function of the door closer price is generally about 30%, closed door function door open Angle can not be greater than 116 degrees, or easy to damage the door closer.
Q:How closed the door closer
There are two control valve, 1 is to adjust the closing speed, 2 is to adjust the lock door speed, to spin (clockwise) is slow. With a small screwdriver can be adjusted, adjust the time do not spin too much, this is very sensitive, just adjust a little on the line.
Our business is related to Home & Garden industry and we specifically deal in door closer. Please find our product details below: Door Closer (8000 Series) Easy to adjust the speed, all speed screws on the front side of door closer. Adjustable closing force(EN1-4 & EN 2-6), closing & latching speed are adjustable to meet the high standard demand.

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