DN200MM HDPE Pipes for Water Supply on Sale

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100 m.t.
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2000 m.t./month

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  duplex stainless steel pipe price






 Outer Diameter

 19-3000 mm


 1-100 mm


 6m 12m and other size that could be  

 tailored to customer


 200 Series (Cr - Ni - Mn austenitic stainless steel) mainly: 201,202

 300 Series (Cr - Ni austenitic stainless steel) mainly: 301,302,303,303 CU,  

                  304,304 L, 304F, 304H, 310,310 S, 314,314 L, 316,316 L/321  


 400 Series( Cr martensitic/ ferritic stainless steel ):410,420,430,409L etc.

Raw Material




 Bao Steel


 Nippon Steel

 Shanghai Krupp

 Huzhou Yongxing



 chemical industry  



 military industry  

 sea water desalination


 mechanical equipment   

 fluid transportation

Production Line

  φ273 * 10~ φ630 * 16mm automatic continuous production line

  φ89~φ219*11mm automatic continuous production line

  ZG50 ZG60 small diameter automatic continuous production line

  UOE production line 


 nondestructive testing 

 hydrostatic test

 intergranular corrosion 

 x-ray detector

 eddy current testing

 the surface quality

 other related testing


 Plastic bag for each piece then packed in standard seaworthy woven  

 bags .Wooden or steel crates could be tailored to customer when requested.

 Material Composition (%)

 TP304 (S30400)

TP304 Chemical

Composition of 
















Q: What the Raw material ?

A: We use 100% Korea material. 

Q: What is your MOQ?

A: As customer's request.  

Q: What is the production ability ? or delivery time ?

A: Our production ability support 40HQ order finish in one week.


Q: What is the regular shipping port ?

A: Shanghai or Yangzhou

Q: What is your payment ?

A: TT or LC

Q: Can we have sample ?

A: Sample free,  freight cost you.

Q: For urgently doubuts, who online ?

A: Sales and marketing Manager 24 hours online service.


DN200MM HDPE Pipes for Water Supply on Sale

DN200MM HDPE Pipes for Water Supply on Sale

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Q:What are the commonly used indoor plastic drainage pipes in the market, as well as the advantages and disadvantages?
(1) the coefficient of thermal expansion is large, and the telescopic compensator is needed to solve it.(2) small stiffness, straight poor, need to encrypt the control card stand hanger to solve.(3) poor heat resistance, softening temperature is low, the need to limit drainage temperature, limiting the use of the place and control the distance from the heat source to solve.(4) flame retardance is poor, and the fire ring and fireproof sleeve need to be set up to cross the floor, the roof of the roof, the firewall and the lining of the pipe well.(5) resistance to mechanical impact is bad, so it is necessary to strengthen construction technology and solve it by careful construction.(6) the sound insulation is bad, the noise of the plastic pipe is larger than that of the cast iron pipe, the pipe is bright and the pipe position is close to the bedroom, the problem is particularly prominent. Noise reduction methods to improve the sound insulation effect of pipe material, core hollow wall pipe is developed based on this idea of the foaming tube; another way is to change the noise flow condition, spiral pipe is developed based on this idea. The idea of combining the two methods is the development of core layer foamed spiral tube and hollow wall spiral tube.
Q:how many plastic tubes could i 3D print, with one spool?
Siempre muy contenta con las cosas que los he comprado de OKorder así que cuando me decidí comprar una impresora profesional para sacar las fotos de mi hija estaba segura que voy a encontrar lo que busco en OKorder, y así ha sido, la impresora cumple todas mis expectativas y mas, la calidad de los fotos es estupenda y además lo puedo conectarla directamente a mi Smartphone, una excelente compra.
Q:The temperature in the plastic pipe is several times as bad as that of the plastic pipe
In fact, the two diodes are connected together by head and head, using the resistance increasing principle of the PN junction as the temperature increases.
Q:Vinyl/Plastic tubing idea's?
A really long CRAZY STRAW! LOL
Q:Plastic tubes conducting heat/cool to second floor?
Vertical duct work. In general, if forced air, heated, cooled or even unconditioned, goes through it it is called duct work, unless it is an accessory / fitting such as a grille, diffuser, register etc. It's called duct work or vertical duct work if you would like.
Q:What is a Paintball Power Tube used for?
The power tube is the part that holds the valve in the marker and helps direct air flow. Getting a new power tube will do NOTHING to performance. It has no performance valve what so ever. The front bolt is the part that helps push the ball out or the chamber. And getting a new one will help very very lil. So lil that it doesn't really matter. THis is because the stock front bolt on the tippmann markers is made so well that changing it doesn't make it any better because they will perform just about the same. Replacing the stock power tube to a full aluminum power tube is a good idea because after a while the stock plastic power tube does tend to break and when that happens it will cause air or co2 to leak. The aluminum one wont do that and lasts a lot longer.
Q:can water colors come in tubes?
Yes, okorder.com/... I hope I've been of some help. Artist and Designer, U.S.
Q:My wife flushed a plastic tube of lotion down the toilet. Is this bad?
It could be stuck in the trap and is potentially a problem. You might want to tell the maintenance people or go out and buy a plumbing snake. There's nothing worse than a backed up toilet!!
Q:03 Hyundai Elantra - Windshield Washer Ejector Tubing??
Just take off a piece of the tubing and take it to your local auto parts store. I'm sure most stores will have something there that they can match it up to. Most of the time these guys are very help full especially to the females, if you tell them your predicament and show them what you have I am sure you will find that most are more than willing to help out. It wouldn't hurt to wear something low cut either, wink wink...
Q:Why aren't all plastics recycled, such as the plastic tubes that many skin care products come in?
All plastics can be recycled - as long as there is a recycling facility capable of recycling them. Plastics do degrade each time they are recycled, but they can serve many uses. We need to purchase those items that can be recycled where we live, this forces the companies making the items to use recyclable materials. Certain facilities can only recycle certain types of plastics, usually the ones they can make a profit from. For example, it is not cost effective to fill a semi with styrofoam from Michigan for processing in Florida or California, one of the few places where it is recycled. To find out how you can recycle plastics in your area and learn more about recycling go here:

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