DLT900type Rubber-tyred Gantry Crane

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DLT900type Rubber-tyred Gantry Crane is our reliable and effective product used to lift,shitf and load 32m ,24m,and 20m box beams as well as that ofreinforcement framework and integrated inner mold.

It can conduct straight, oblique and transverse running as well as self-slewing.And suit to move on concrete,asphalt pavement. or graded compactivegraveled road.

Working Class: A3

Use Level:M4

Rated Hoisting Capacity:900t

Span:40.5m-44.5m(clear span:36m-40m)

Lifting Height: 10m-13m

Lifting speed:   0 — 0.5m/min (heavy load)

                       0 — 1.5 m/min (no load)

Running speed of cart         0 — 17m/min (heavy load)

                                           0 — 35 m/min (no load)

Gradeability: 2.0%

Tyre Specification / Quatity: 26.5R /25

Driving axle/ moving axle   8/ 24

Support Cylinder Secification:200t, with 400mm stroke

Axle Load:48000Kg

Unit Pressure of Ground:<0.7Mpa

Machineself Elevating Stroke:±150mm

Allowable Wind Pressure: ≤250N/ m2 (working),

                                        ≤800N/ m2(non-working)

Engine Power: 532Kw

Overall Weight:450t – 560t

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Q:Gantry crane track is installed in the concrete structure, how to adjust the level?
reduce the uneven spear increase pad Iron use, to be solidified to complete the final use of horn leveling on the OK, this is the most simple
Q:Gantry crane installation to inform the required procedures and documents is what?
Is the start of the report, the end of 2009 began to simplify, the landlord can search online, the various local quality supervision bureau for different methods.
Q:Gantry crane when the load when the crane parked in what position?
When the gantry crane stops, first put the controller in the space, disconnect the power, lock the door of the cab, to the door
Q:What are the technical parameters of the gantry crane?
Lifting height refers to the vertical distance of the top position (or ground) of the crane running track to the limit position in the take-up device, in m, usually when the hook is used, to the center of the hook and hook; with grab and other containers
Q:What are the precautions for oil spill
In order to effectively prevent the oil spill in the reducer, manufacturers should improve the level of technology and optimize the design: you can take the hole in the hole on the ventilation device to ensure that the internal and external pressure balance smooth.
Q:Homemade use of gantry crane need to handle?
Whether it is not autonomous, as long as it belongs to the lifting equipment (jack and the like), the new installation, shift installation or overhaul of the bridge crane must be qualified, and check the formalities before they can be officially put into work.
Q:What is the ordinary gantry crane?
Can carry a variety of items and bulk materials, from the weight of 100 tons, the span of 4 to 39 meters.
Q:Gantry hanging touch line break how to connect the outdoor by the overhead empty?
Vintage installation method: 25 meters to establish a pole, then, select a track and the same length of I-beam, overhead in the upper pole, and wire with a fixed live.
Q:What is the procedure for reviewing the gantry?
And then look at each place of the technical supervision bureau is not the same, he asked you to issue what information you submit on the line, usually your company's qualifications, as well as some random traffic information.
Q:Container track gantry crane how to change the crane hanging steel?
Can be stacked 3 to 4 layers, 6 rows of containers of the yard, the general use of tires, but also useful track.

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