Dlc Ul Etl Ce Rohs Saa Tuv Vde 600Mm 900Mm 1200Mm 1500Mm 1800Mm 2400Mm T8 Led Tube

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Base information
1.lamp holder: G13 FA8 R17D
3:LM79-80 tested
4:No need to remove the Starter and Ballast 
6. 3-5 years warranty




1.  product size: 600mm 900mm 1200mm 1500mm 1800mm 2400mm

2.  POWER: 10W 13W 15W 18W 20W 22W 25W 30W 36W 45W

3.  Votage:AC100V-277V


4.  Luminous:1000-4200LM


5.  Beam Angle:120 degree


6.  Lifespan (hours):50,000hours


7.  Color:Temperature:2700-6500K

8.  Material:PC+Aluminum


9. Working Temperature: -40~+50°C




11.Certification: DLC UL ETL CE ROHS TUV VDE SAA



Other size Specification


Part No.SMD Q'TYTube CoverOperatingWattsLuminous
(pcs)Voltage(W)Flux (LM)
H-T8-3S-060-08W     Size:600*26mm120ClearAC110-277V8W800LM
H-T8-3S-060-10W   Size:600*26mm144ClearAC110-277V10W900LM
H-T8-3S-090-12W   Size:900*26mm180ClearAC110-277V12W1100LM
H-T8-3S-120-15W   Size:1200*26mm240ClearAC110-277V15W1500LM
H-T8-3S-120-18W   Size:1200*26mm288ClearAC110-277V18W1800LM
H-T8-3S-120-20W   Size:1200*26mm312ClearAC110-277V20W1900LM
H-T8-3S-150-24W   Size:1500*26mm360ClearAC110-277V24W2180LM
H-T8-3S-180-26W   Size:1800*26mm384ClearAC110-277V26W2300LM
H-T8-3S-180-30W   Size:1800*26mm432ClearAC110-277V30W2500LM
H-T8-3S-240-36W   Size:2400*30mm576ClearAC110-277V36W3400LM




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Q:Sales LED T5 T8 daylight lamp tube ask how to seek customer on the net
I'm also feeling the market is uncertain.What brand or company do you do.
Q:The notice of LED daylight lamp tube
The difference between the LED fluorescent tube and common fluorescent lamp, LED fluorescent lamp with the traditional fluorescent lamp in installation dimensions are the same caliber, length 60 cm and 120 cm, 120 cm, three kinds of the power of 16 w and 10 w, 20 w respectively, and the traditional 18 w fluorescent lamp (ballast) the actual power consumption of about 26 w, 36 w fluorescent lamp traditional (ballast) the actual power consumption of about 45 w; Energy saving effect: 10 wled 40 w fluorescent lamp brightness than conventional fluorescent light, even 16 w LED fluorescent lamp than traditional 64 w fluorescent lamp light, LED fluorescent lamp brightness is especially more soft makes it easy to connect. Life in the power supply voltage of 50000-50000 hours for AC85V - 260 v (ac), no need for electric fluorescent starter and ballast, start quickly, small power, no stroboscopic, not easy to visual fatigue. It is not only super efficient but also environmentally friendly. It is one of the products of the national green energy-saving lighting project, which is the main product which replaces the traditional fluorescent lamp. Installation method: LED fluorescent lamp installation is very simple, when the original of the fluorescent lamp to remove the LED fluorescent lamp, ballast and electric fluorescent starter, let 220 v ac mains on both ends of the LED fluorescent lamp directly.
Q:If the body is accidentally broken, will it be electrocuted?
You don't touch the electrodes without touching the two electrodes. But be careful when you break
Q:The life of LED fluorescent lamp tube
LED fluorescent lamp power saving more than 80%, life expectancy of more than 10 times of ordinary lamp, is almost free maintenance, often there is no want to change the lamp, ballast, the problem of electric fluorescent starter, about half a year down can switch back to the cost of cost savings
Q:How does the LED fluorescent lamp tube be fixed with the aluminum plate in the tube?
The person thinks still silicon fat + screw, but the screw is not easy to install, do not know the big man has the gao zhao4?
Q:What is the reason for the movement of light in the tube
Individual new lamp tube is lighted when this phenomenon, say to roll, can be used normally, multiswitch after a few times to observe, general will disappear. Brightness is related to voltage, ballast power.
Q:What is the idea of an LED daylight lamp called T5 or T8?
Integration tube: currently, mainly appears in the LED industry, design reason mainly lies in the fact that the LED itself is not easy to damage, but the LED heat emitted by itself is very big, if the cooling area is too small, easy to cause the droop is bigger, so will the lamp and stents design together at the same time can reduce the cost, and can ensure the LED light attenuation!
Q:What material is LED fluorescent lamp fittings, such as shell, block?
It is mainly PC + aluminum, the PC cover is not easy to break, aluminum does heat dissipation, the light heat is good
Q:Fluorescent lamp double lamp tube wiring method
Leds that do not normally require special orders are mostly built with built-in power, which is directly available. Most can only need to remove the starter on the traditional stent line (is a cylinder bracket highlighted below) mount tubes can be used, if not yet so could you use the stent is a relatively new "electronic" will be a little trouble need you open the stents to get inside the ballast also take off to the inside of the line directly connected to the utility, LED bulb is directly at the mains. Of course, if you understand the circuit and you're not afraid of trouble, it's advisable to remove the "regenerator", because the "ballast" is a power drain.
Q:Does daylight bulbs damage electronic lamp heads?
Will you get the power wrong? Maybe there's some protection on the lamp that the developer has lost, if you're the new one, you're going to go to the dealership.

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