DL Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pump

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1) Applies to municipal water supply and pressurization

2) Water supply of factory

3) Water supply of refrigerating system and cooling system of heating system of air conditioner

4) Supply of firefighting sprinkler system

5) Applies to divisional firefighting water supply of high rise building


1). DL multi-stage pipeline centrifugal pump is a new generation product designed and made by our company on the basis of the excellent pump types both domestic and overseas;

2) The pump conforms to standard of " Technical Specificaton for Centrifugal Pumps-ClassIII" GB/T5657;


3) The multistage centrifugal pump adopts the motor with IP55 protection class and F Insulation class, the motor with the features of low noise, high torque and better starting performance;

3). The vertical multi-stage pump has less land area, high efficiency, nice appearance, light weight and small noise at running;

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Q:Overheating problems... radiator? thermostat? water pump? head gasket?
Hi so your issue is most likely the radiator cap as well over time the spring in the lid of the cap which retains pressure becomes weak over time.
Q:how to make a mini water pump?
I doubt that your motor is waterproof. You would do better to just purchase one of the many fountain pumps all ready available at many home improvement centers or online. They are water proof and have the pump and motor all in one enclosure.
Q:Radiator hose or Water pump?
Firstly follow the water to find the leak. The two problems may not be related. Assuming the radiator you bought was new, here are you possible problems/solutions. Radiator cap is a possibility. This will be apparent if you chase the leak. If you waterpump is begining to fail, you will generally have water coming from a small hole at the base of the snout where the drive pulley is (on most cars). The only way a hose can affect the ability of the cooling system to function is if the lower hose collapses when running. Check to see that this is not happening. If it is, replace the hose and make sure that the new hose has the wire coil inside to prevent this from happening. You may also have a thermostat problem. If the thermostat does not open, you will definately overheat. You cannot always check it with this method, but a good indicator is to feel the upper radiator hose before and after starting the engine (when warmed up). Before starting the engine, the hose should be fairly flexible and easy to squeeze. After starting, and being warmed up, it should get fairly stiff due to the flow going through the hose. Don't forget that the hose will be over 200 degrees, so be careful.
7 hp motor 8 IMPERIAL head pump( will through about 400 ft up ) with 50 mm piping will work for you.
Q:What is the difference between electrical/mechacal driven water pump?
It is not always an either or as to choice of prime mover. I have seen small town water well pumps where availability was critical. They had the pump fitted with an electric motor for normal operation and a gas engine with a clutch to use if the motor failed.
Q:problem with calpump pw1200 water pump?
CLR soak. Remove the calcium and lime from the tap water use. I would use a 50/50 solution in the inlet and give it 30 min then plug it back in with the in and out in a bucket with the 50/50 mix until it runs like new.
Q:Why is my new water pump clicking and losing water pressure?
Its either faulty, or was installed wrong.
Q:wheel came off..serpentine belt came off...new water pump?
Price about right around $200.00 for all parts including new coolant.Plus labor. But a suggestion Honda had a recall on bad water pump pulleys in 06 maybe yours is covered under recall. Get vin number and call them, may get done for free, wouldn't hurt to ask. They'll need vin number and production date. If not a free job get estimate on repair from them to see if close to other one. Mileage doesn't matter if on recall list.
Q:how does a water feature pump work?
Hi. Most pumps work by squeezing the water through a nozzle. A water feature pump is usually hidden from view but still works the same way as any other pump. A motor turns the device that pushed the water.
Q:Does anyone make a solar powered water pump?
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