DIY household new type yogurt maker

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green/color is optional

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Packaging:color box ,1PCS per 1color box, 12PCS per 1carton
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New design
Stainless steel bowl
Exact temperature 42 degree control
Clear lid allows for viewing
Removable plug


2).Capacity:1.0L,for 2-4 people.
3). Elegant design and fineness of appearance
4).Unique structure for equal heat transmission, maintaining the activation of lactobacillus
, strong resistance to 360 degrees of heating
5).Transparent top cover and container lid, making the state observable
6).PTC adopted for constant temperature and safe operation, and low power of 15W for cost saving
7).Container design of freshness box-like, preventing the yogurt from pollution before drinking


Yoghurt Maker SNJ-534
Item size 200*200*145mm
Capacity 1L
Color Orange/ Green/ Pinkcolor is optional.
Lid removable
Container Stainless steel  bowl
Material Plastic
Power15W, 220-240V~50HZ
Featuredisconnect - plug
easy operating and cleaning

Normal packing standard

Carton Size:645*437*470mm

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Q:Common problems of yoghurt machine
Can yogurt be heated to drink?Due to the activity of lactic acid bacteria in yogurt will be killed under high temperature, so if you do not want to drink too much ice yogurt, yogurt is best placed at room temperature next time, then finish in 30 minutes, the heating can also use water heating mode, but the temperature can not exceed 40 degrees, avoid the activity of bacteria were killed.Homemade yogurt "off the water phenomenon" can still drink it?When the fermentation time is too long, the yogurt will become more acid, and transparent water running out, this is normal "off water" phenomenon, not bad deterioration. This water contains whey protein and can be eaten with yogurt.
Q:How to use yogurt machine brewing brewing machine how to use yogurt
Do not directly fermented yogurt machine, because the temperature is too high the starter was burnt to death, almost all the online answer is plagiarism. Yogurt machine must be modified for brewing, circuit temperature control, so as to keep the temperature at 30 degrees. I have changed the yogurt machine, yogurt, fermented glutinous rice can do is change after the appearance of figure.
Q:The ratio of yogurt to yogurt
Room temperature fresh milk and yogurt, according to the ratio of 10:1 or 1 liters of fresh milk, plus a pack of lactic acid bacteriaMaking method1 to the market to buy fresh milk and yogurt at room temperature according to the ratio of 10:1 or 1 liters of milk and a pack of lactic acid bacteria in yogurt barrel, stir well and then put the lid back cover of yogurt, yogurt barrels into the yogurt machine infrared thermostat, cover the yogurt machine cover, plug in the power supply;2 boot, power indicator light, press the power button once, enter the time settings, set production time according to the method described in the panel, the length of time required to set up according to personal taste and room temperature is different, if the production of some thick, long time can be set, such as room temperature high also, will speed up the yogurt made speed, generally set up 4-7 hours;
Q:Do you need hot water every time?
Yes, disinfection must be done to prevent harmful bacteria from mixing
Q:Yogurt machine, how to do yogurt, to be detailed
Step:1. a box of 250 ml pure milk, a small packet of yogurt starter.2., first of all, yogurt machine washed, glass bottles open water, pot disinfection.3. when sterilizing bottles, deal with the milk. Pour 250 ml of milk into 0.3g starter.4. add 1 spoons of sugar and mix. Stir until the sugar melts and wrap it in 3 small glass bottles.
Q:Does the yogurt machine buy automatic or regular?
No technical content. What about microcomputers?.Yogurt machine is nothing more than a thermostat, 36-40 degrees, generally fermented 8-12 hours into a tofu like on the line, and try their own fermentation time, taste is not the same.
Q:Is homemade yogurt safe in the end? Does it contain primers?
Also, in the process of making yogurt, lactic acid bacteria are at work, and if the sterilization is not in place, too many bacteria, yogurt can not be successful. So don't worry, huh?.I usually do it, first with a fungus powder bag (do not use yogurt as primer, add too many things, lactic acid bacteria survival rate is too low or even dead), and then leave the yoghurt to make introduction, then do a three or four introduction. This cost is relatively low, the taste can also be guaranteed ha. However, the introduction can not be used more, and the four is basically the limit, and then no good fermentation success.
Q:What is a yogurt machine?
Use common sensePrepare before useA, yogurt machine preparation:Clean the yogurt machine, the sealing reaction cylinder on the table, and then the two hands in the sealed reaction cylinder head, two hands near the front part of the sealed reaction cylinder, hands down on the outside edge of the cylinder sealing reaction, with fingers to move the front edge, you can open the reaction cylinderClean the machine with a soft damp cloth. If it is stain, wash it with a mild detergentCaution: do not immerse the yogurt machine in any liquid
Q:Yogurt machine yogurt as long as possible?
First, the fermentation process should not frequent open, a lot of people doing yogurt is open to see love making, or stirring, in fact this is not correct, yogurt fermentation in the open too much, it will affect its effect.Second, yogurt machine can only use boiling water disinfection, a lot of people when it comes to disinfection, immediately went to get some chemical disinfectants for disinfection, but yogurt machine is not disinfection with chemical disinfectants, or will cause great influence on yogurt, only with boiling water.Third, the milk is not yogurt containing antibiotics as raw material, so when choosing milk, must pay attention to what is antibiotic.Fourth, fermentation success identification, usually, fermented yogurt is semi solidified, the surface is white and smooth, and there is milk flavor.
Q:How do you make rice wine with yogurt machine?
1, glutinous rice soaked for more than 3 hours;2, the rice cooker in the steamed rice, probably spent half an hour, smell the smell of glutinous rice, and then steamed a ten minutes on it.3, steamed glutinous rice mixing, cool down. It was also in this step to get cold water, wash the glutinous rice, glutinous rice will not be so sticky, I this is the first attempt to do, I want to retain the original flavor of rice, afraid of being washed, weak, and did not use cold water again.

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