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"oxygen", is actually a highpressure cylinders. Scuba diving filling gas is usually not oxygen, but high pressure air. If you directly take charge of pure oxygen cylinders to scuba diving, easy to cause oxygen toxicity.

Regulations in our country more than 20 meters diving forbids the use of pure oxygen.

So not the bottle problem, but the inside of the bottle gas problem. You don't need modification, replacement of the gas inside. Generally use 12 to 16 l l bottle, basically see you can back up.. Physical nature can carry a larger.

If the bottle capacity is small, can hold two cylinders. Large capacity of the bottle or a diving time short enough.

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Q:How do you learn to swim and dive faster?
3. surfaced pre trainingTry to keep your body in the water when the air float.Method:1) hold dive in his body forward, don't be afraid. Because you have to believe in yourself. The standard of the front is to allow your body to lie prone in the water.A) in the water you can hold your breath for more than 20 seconds and 20 seconds, so it is very safe for you. Even if you're on the 5000 meter sea.
Q:Does swimming widen the shoulders? Do you still have muscles?
This position can also play the role of chest expansion, summer cool little vest out, the most sexy is you!I want to back muscle, suggest that you learn the butterfly, but is really tired, master the right way and do what. Butterfly exercises take more parts. They have arms, shoulders, waist, legs.
Q:I want to go scuba diving in Phuket, but I can't swim. Is that ok?
Snorkeling is also possible with Snorkeling Gear in the swimming pool. Phuket Mandarin Chinese store there, personally recommend pink shark
Q:How can you dive deeper in swimming?
It is only the physical latent consumption foot pedal backwards on the line soon there is the best dive is the first breath, breathe out you can also dive for a long time
Q:How long can you keep your eyes open in the water without diving glasses when you dive?
It's only modern to use a swimming mirror when diving, and for a long time scuba diving is naked.Therefore, diving does not wear swimming goggles, in the water can persist for a long time, and now some people have never worn a swimming mirror diving
Q:The swimming pool on the face after a lot of hair tip size rash
Yes, if there is no discomfort, there is no need to interfere, it should be a few days will be good.Wish you happy ~!
Q:What's wrong with buzzing ears after swimming?
Experts said that according to the symptoms described by patients, may be caused by ear disease ear buzzing, it is best to the professional ear nose throat hospital for examination, clear the condition. Ringing in the ear is ringing in the earsThere are many kinds of tinnitus, some are unilateral, while others are bilateral; some occur intermittently, and some continue; when light is quiet, they feel tinnitus, and when they are heavy, they feel noisy and noisy at work. The cause of tinnitus is as follows:A: ear disease: ear disease mainly refers to the outer ear, otitis externa, acute and chronic otitis media, periosteum perforation, the patients did not timely cure this kind of disease caused by clinical tinnitus patients mostly by ear diseases caused by.
Q:Is it cold to wear a diving suit in the swimming pool?
If you are scuba dive, is scuba diving, you said that the diving lint percentage two, dry and wet clothes, wet clothes are generally more common, the principle of wet clothes is the fabric layer can store a layer of moisture loss, so as to achieve the effect of heat preservation.
Q:Do you have to swim in diving?
So if you answer your question from a professional point of view, the diver will certainly swim!
Q:How many kinds of swimming do you have?
2. breaststrokeThe breaststroke is a swimming pose that mimics the frog's swimming and is one of the oldest swimming strokes. In breaststroke, swimmers can watch for obstacles in front of them and avoid hitting obstacles. In the mid eighteenth Century, breaststroke was called "frog swimming" in europe". Because the breaststroke is slower, in the early twentieth Century freestyle competition (free swimming with a free position), the breaststroke is not as fast as other postures, which makes the breaststroke technique out of play. Then the provisions of the fina swimming breaststroke technology was able to develop.

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