Disposable Coveralls Type 5&6 with Reflective Tape and Hood

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Product Description:

Product Description

Material:High density polyethylene (microporous)

Feature: ventilate, breathable, light, tenacious, antistatic, dust proof, silicone free

                 type 5 ISO 13982 particle tight suit

                 type 6 EN 13034 limited splash tight suit


Usage: could be used in personal protective area, such as microbiological lab; public health emergency response; veterinarian; shipbuliding; pharmacy; insecticide; farming; painting; fiberglass producing; low concentration of liquid chemicals spraying and so on.

Certifications: CE/Type 5&6

Size: M~XXL, or customized


Packaging and shipping

  •  Regular packaging: 1pc/bag, 10pcs/ctn

  •  elastic bag could be printed with logo

  •  Delivery: 15~20 days after your deposit 

  • Started since 1997, with more then 18 years disposable products manufacturing experience, we are confident to satisify you with high quality at low price nonwoven products.

  • Over 300 employees working in the factory, we have considerable supplying ability, and could also afford to various products, including headwear, bodywear and footwear and so on.

Disposable Coveralls Type 5&6 with Reflective Tape and Hood



Disposable Coveralls Type 5&6 with Reflective Tape and Hood

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Q:Does ESD suit belong to personal protective equipment?
Belong, belong to the special insurance products, in accordance with the international standard, need to obtain a permit safe production of construction industry and manufacturers of LA certification are eligible for production, but currently on the market of anti-static clothing are more than 95% have qualified small workshop production
Q:What are the advantages of labor insurance clothing?
The elements that cause bodily harm in the process of producing labor. The elements that cause bodily harm in the course of labor are mainly high temperature work, electromagnetic radiation, chemicals, static damage and low temperature work.High temperature can make the workers feel hot, dizzy, chest tightness, irritability, thirst, weakness, syncope and other discomfort, accompanied by a series of physiological changes, severe, will damage people's lives.
Q:What does "0.5" equivalent of lead coat?
X - ray protective clothing required to lead equivalent calculation for X ray protection, some of our national standards (such as GBZ130 - 2002 "medical X - ray diagnosis of health protection standards" and so on) clearly states: each X ray machine should be equipped with appropriate protective equipment with various auxiliary protection requirements, such as lead, lead rubber gloves rubber aprons. We know that all occasions requiring the use of personal protective equipment are hazardous to human health and threatening the safety of life. So, there are occasions in which X rays harm, X ray protection can select how much lead equivalent does not exceed the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) staff Publication No. 103rd provisions of the occupation exposure dose limit, namely the occupation dose staff for 5 years the average annual 20mSv, any of them within a year shall not exceed the limit value of 50mSv.
Q:Why wear a metal suit when repairing a high tension wire?
According to the position of human body, live work can be divided into equipotential work, ground potential operation and intermediate potential operation. When the equipotential work, the human body directly contact the high voltage live parts. In high voltage electric field in the human body, there will be dangerous current flows, endanger the personal safety, thus all entered the high electric field staff should wear a full shield clothing.
Q:What kind of protective clothing is used for welding purposes? Is the effect good?
In order to avoid the welding arc, electric heating of the eye, skin and other injuries, fire-retardant clothing, welding gloves, welding mask, safety shoes are also necessary.Hazardous factors and labor protection measures of electric welding
Q:Is computer radiation big? Is it necessary to wear protective clothing?
Some specialized research institutions tested the intensity of electromagnetic field, the results of computer, close to screen electromagnetic field strength at 0.9, but leave the screen about 5 cm, the intensity is less than 0.1, a little further to 30 cm (which is between the body and the screen computer operator in the habit of distance), its strength is almost impossible to measure.
Q:How to wear protective clothing?
Step 2: wear a hat and a hat, be careful not to touch your face with your hands. Step 3: wear protective clothing. Step 4: put on your eyes and keep your hands off your face. Step 5: put on shoes or shoes. Step 6: put on gloves and put gloves on the cuffs of protective clothing. 2. take off the protective equipment in sequence. Step 1: take off the protective mirror and put it in the disinfectant. Step 2: take off the protective clothing and turn the outside face into the yellow plastic bag. Step 3: remove gloves, disposable gloves should be turned outside, put into the yellow plastic bag, rubber gloves into disinfectant. Step 4: dig your fingers into the hat, gently pick the hat, turn the outside and place it in the yellow plastic bag
Q:What's the use of welding protective clothing?
Welding protective clothing can adapt to the performance and living performance of the wearer, adapt to the working environment and suit the limb activities, and bring comfort and safety for the wearer.
Q:When chlorine leaks, emergency personnel must wear gas masks and protective clothing
It is forbidden to contact or cross the leakage of liquid ammonia, to prevent leakage into the sewer and drainage, and to enhance ventilation. Smoking and naked fire are prohibited in the premises. In order to avoid leakage of liquid ammonia, it is necessary to seal or turn over the leaking containers to ensure safety. Spray water to suppress steam or change the direction of the vapor cloud, but prohibit the direct use of water to spill the liquid ammonia or the source of leakage. Prevent leakage into the water, sewer, basement, or confined space. Restricted space where ammonia may be pooled is prohibited. After cleaning, remove all protective clothing and equipment before storage and reuse.
Q:What material is made of fire retardant
Usually asbestos, some of which are made of zirconium and zirconium and silicon mixtures, and some are made directly from natural objects.Usually it can withstand 1400 degrees over 30 seconds, while no obvious internal temperature changes, more than 5 minutes, the internal temperature is not more than 5 degrees.

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