Disposable Coveralls Type 5&6 with Reflective Tape and Hood

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5000 pc
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300000 pc/month

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Product Description:

Product Description

Material:High density polyethylene (microporous)

Feature: ventilate, breathable, light, tenacious, antistatic, dust proof, silicone free

                 type 5 ISO 13982 particle tight suit

                 type 6 EN 13034 limited splash tight suit


Usage: could be used in personal protective area, such as microbiological lab; public health emergency response; veterinarian; shipbuliding; pharmacy; insecticide; farming; painting; fiberglass producing; low concentration of liquid chemicals spraying and so on.

Certifications: CE/Type 5&6

Size: M~XXL, or customized


Packaging and shipping

  •  Regular packaging: 1pc/bag, 10pcs/ctn

  •  elastic bag could be printed with logo

  •  Delivery: 15~20 days after your deposit 

  • Started since 1997, with more then 18 years disposable products manufacturing experience, we are confident to satisify you with high quality at low price nonwoven products.

  • Over 300 employees working in the factory, we have considerable supplying ability, and could also afford to various products, including headwear, bodywear and footwear and so on.

Disposable Coveralls Type 5&6 with Reflective Tape and Hood



Disposable Coveralls Type 5&6 with Reflective Tape and Hood

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Q:Are there any reliable radiation protection suits?
Gamma ray penetration is the strongest of all rays. At present, the best protection material is lead, which is the best. That is to say, the same intensity ray needs lead thinner than any material
Q:Is the sun shirt helpful?
The clothes with darker color are better for sun protection. Because dark clothing can better absorb ultraviolet light, and light, translucent clothes can not play too much sun protection role.
Q:What material should be taken for protection?
Types of protective clothing include fire protective clothing, industrial protective clothing, medical protective clothing, military protective clothing and protective clothing for special populations. Protective clothing is mainly used in fire, military, ship, oil, chemical, spray painting, cleaning, disinfection, laboratory and other industries and departments.
Q:Does ESD suit belong to personal protective equipment?
Belong, belong to the special insurance products, in accordance with the international standard, need to obtain a permit safe production of construction industry and manufacturers of LA certification are eligible for production, but currently on the market of anti-static clothing are more than 95% have qualified small workshop production
Q:Why do firemen have to wear fire suits
It is not only an indispensable part of the fire rescue site, but also a fire protection device to protect the firefighter's body from injury. Therefore, it is very important to adapt to the fire scene rescue clothing (combat clothes / fire fighting fire protection clothing).
Q:Where is the 3M protective clothing material produced?
3M protective clothing materials are generally high performance non-woven materials, it is recommended to find some 3M protective clothing agent processing plant, there is no special manufacturers to do on the market.
Q:What are the requirements for fire protection and protective clothing?
Fire escape clothing is a kind of protective clothing worn by firemen when they enter the fire and rescue malignant fire and rescue. It is one of the special protective equipment for firemen. Fire escape clothing, has good flame resistance, heat insulation performance, and has the advantages of light material, good flexibility and so on. The clothing is not only applicable to the fire in the fire area fire fighting and rescue, repair in high temperature can also be applied to glass, cement, ceramics and other industries, its wide range of uses, has significant social benefits.
Q:What kind of protective clothing is used for welding purposes? Is the effect good?
According to your inquiry, the focus is on the protection of the body's internal organs, welding in the burning of the species will produce toxic smoke and dust, if there is no respiratory protection measures, inhalation of these harmful smoke and dust will cause chronic poisoning occupational diseases. The main protection is wearing a dust mask (which is specially welded)
Q:Do foreign trade hardware kitchenware or protective clothing do well?
Hardware kitchenware industry in China has been more mature, more mature abroad. But protective clothing is very immature, but abroad is more fiery, because foreign people's personal protection consciousness is stronger than chinese. You can go to the friends of resistance GE's website to see, they are professional protective clothing, but not to do foreign trade, some of them the article confirms what I say!
Q:What material is made of fire retardant
But the protective clothing is still unable to withstand 4000 degrees, the material said above, in the 1400 degree is barely kept stable in nature, to 1600 degrees basically started structural changes, will soon lose his insulation properties.

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