Disel Generator Set Cummind Engine

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Product Description:

1.Brand new Cummins and engine

2. AC brushless alternator

3.Ratings: 380V to 415V, 3Ph, 50Hz, 1500Rpm, 0.8PF, IP23.

4.Radiator 40º C. ambient temperature mounted on skid.

5.AC/DC control panel consisting of:

Emegency Stop button,Voltmeter and selector switch,Ammeter and selector switch,Frequency meter

6.Circuit breaker

7.Rubber isolator for engine, alternator and control panel

8.24V Battery (maintenance free) with battery cables and rack

9.Industrial silencer

10.With 8 hours Fuel tank with fuel gauge integrated in the base frame of generating set

Disel Generator Set Widely use in shopping mall, ware house, factory, school, hospital for emergency power supply. Our generator use world famous engine cummins with stable running.

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Q:micro hydro system using diesel generator?
When you connect the battery, to the automotive alternator, you are making it operational, by activating the rotating magnetic field. It is slowing down, because it is now supplying power to its own field, as well as charging the battery. As the automotive alternator charges the battery, it may pickup speed over time. However, considering the drastic RPM drop when you connected the battery, I believe the power provided by the turbine is inadequate. It may be to small for the application, or the head provided by your water source is too low. Switching to a generator, designed to provide domestic power, i.e., 120/240 VAC 50/60 Hz, will greatly complicate your power-plant. Such devices must be rotated at their design speed, in order to produce power at the correct voltage and frequency. In contrast, automotive type alternators, along with their voltage regulators, whether they are internal or external, are designed to provide constant DC voltage over a wide range of shaft speed. Frequency is not an issue, because these three phase, alternating current generators, output direct current, via full-wave, solid state, internal rectification. Furthermore, any generator requires field current, unless it is a small generator, with exceptionally powerful permanent magnets. I recommend you stay with the automotive generator, along with a large deep cycle battery, and use an inverter to get alternating current. The battery, will be helpful in handling surges, or temporary loads, exceeding the automotive alternator's capacity.
Q:Can I run my entire home with a diesel generator hooked into a battery bank?
It will work if you can do without a few major items. Air conditioning is the main culprit. It uses a huge amount of electricity and amperage. An electric cloths dryer is also a major electricity user, as is an electric stove. Both of the latter can be eliminated if you have natural gas or propane. If your building the house, you can wire the lighting for DC and eliminate some of the inverter task. Inverters are expensive. If you decide to go battery, get industrial forklift batteries. They will hold power longer and give a cleaner flow of electricity than a bank of car batteries. Be sure to used distilled water. It will extend the life of the batteries.
Q:What form of power source should I use?
Get a diesel powered generator.
Q:Can one covert a 7.2 liter diesel motor into a backup generator? And does it make sense to do?
By the time you pay for all the parts and get it engineered you'd be money ahead to just buy a ready made genset. Besides the actual generator you need to attach to the engine a good genset has a lot of electronics in it to maintain a steady 120V 60Hz signal.
Q:what is the difference between the Diesel and PJ-8 fuel?
Q:how can i test a generator?
GO TO Radio Shack and get a multi-testor and learn how to set the little machine (( you got one - good --- do not have one,,,, then you will learn other uses )) the multi-T will tell you what voltage output and the amperes that the power ge
Q:What is the ideal economical maintenance staff required in Lubricants Maufacturing Plant?
If approached and done wisely, the screwing procedure (tightly or otherwise) might want to no longer require extra lubricant! If extra lubricant is needed some step replaced into both skipped or done at a below sufficient factor .
Q:How do you take a generator head off of a generator motor?
Generator Power Head
Q:Solar powered or diesel CoGen turbines?
You can use a diesel generator set to generate power and the exhaust to heat or boil water. You could also use an air craft derivative gas turbine converted to diesel or jet fuel and make steam or hot water with the exhaust.
Q:Heavy diesel mechanic vs smaller diesel mechanic?
They are bigger.

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