DIN Standard End Suction Water Pump for Water Circulation

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                        End Suction Centrifugal Pump

1.Structure of End Suction Centrifugal Pump Description

End Suction Centrifugal Pump complies fully to the European Standard BS EN733 / DIN24255 of performance and dimensions. They are used for pumping clean water or liquids similar to water, achieving wide application on plants, mines, city water supplies, air-conditioning coolers, firefighting system and irrigation. Pumps of the same model have different performance levels basing on different diameter after impeller trimming. Overall the whole series, there are only four sizes of shaft and five of bearing housing. As long as their bearing housings are of the same size, different pumps can interchange chief parts such as shaft, shaft sleeve, shaft seal, impeller nut, etc.

End Suction Centrifugal Pump is also very easy to be installed and maintained. Back pull-out design, driven through flexible coupling, so that pump casing and motor can remain in position while other spare parts are removed.

2.Main Features of the End Suction Water Pump

very easy to be installed and maintained

Back pull-out design

•Driven through flexible coupling

Customized design is available, OEM and ODM are welcomed.

•Horizontally and vertically installation as different pipeline system

3.End Suction Water Pump Specification

DIN Standard End Suction  Water Pump for Water Circulation

4.Picture of End Suction Pump

DIN Standard End Suction  Water Pump for Water Circulation 


What is your product range?

Centrifugal pump, slurry pump, gravel pump, clean water pump, sewage pump, chemical pump, single stage

pump, double suction pump, industry pump, oil pump, paper pulp pump, mud pump, self-priming pump, pipe

water pump, boiler water pump, etc.

Are you a manufacturer?

Yes, we have been in manufacturing and marketing industry centrifugal pump over 20 years.

What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?

Pump capacity, pump head, medium, medium temperature, pump material, quantity, if possible, please also provide the pump model you are using now, price will be calculated as per the pump model, if not, we will recommend relevant product for reference.


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Q:where is the water pump on my 94 civic?
On your car the timing belt drives the water pump. At the same time check the tension er. and replace the belt. its a big job. you drop the front engine mount on most models.
Q:How to install a water pump?
The surface on the engine block is not cleaned properly and is not allowing the new gasket to seal correctly. The other possibility is you have a defective replacement pump. This does sometime occure with parts from the national chains. inspect it closely to make sure the casing is not cracked if it is you need to take it back and get another one.
Q:Water pump on 98 dodge caravan....??
get a book on you car from autozone and he can fix it. and would give him step by step directions on what to do.
Q:1400 dollars to replace timing belt and water pump?
Your water pump is shot, it's not pumping water through out your engine to cool it off. Usually timing belt has to be taken off or loosed to get to the water pump. In that case why not replace the belt along with the water pump. Let's discuss the break down of the labor and parts. 2000 neon timing belt - $50 2000 neon water pump - $80 2000 neon timing bolt package and misc gasket seals - $20 3 hour job to replace the timing belt $50 per hour x 3 = $150 for labor. So you should actually end up paying $300 at most for the job and that's what I usually pay a Joe mechanic down the street at his back yard garage. The $1150 is the profit cut so your getting screwed. Cheer up, when I was little older than you I paid $4000 for timing belt and water pump for my NSX at the dealer.
Q:Water Pump Questions?
the water pump has a small weep hollow on the backside the place it incredibly is going to leak small strains of coolant/water. it incredibly is a hallmark that the seal interior the pump is going undesirable. it may pass from a small leak to leaking like a cow pissing on a flat rock at every time. if this occurs the motor will overheat and you're able to finally end up caught on the edge of the line. the estimate sound genuine looking and does it incorporate the tax and each thing?
Q:How to change the frequency of a water pump with a pump?
The water pump with frequency conversion is set correctly and will not burn the motor. If there is a problem, the frequency converter will automatically stop running. The frequency converter can change the positive and negative (frequency changer without this function, change the phase sequence)
Q:radiator problems.....or a broken water pump?
All water pumps have what is called a weep hole and when the water pump seal goes out antifreeze will come out of the weep hole and stain the surrounding area. If your radiator was leaking its probably best to replace it and never use any of those stop leak products. They are more of an emergency repair to get you home until you can get the leak fixed properly. Have you changed the thermostat. When you put in antifreeze do you mix it with tap water or distilled. Distilled is always the best as tap water will leave mineral deposits inside your cooling system. Also on the thermostat they make what is called a fail open thermostat that allows for coolant flow even if the thermostat fails where as a regular thermostat fails in the closed position and will cause overheating. Always run at least a 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and distilled water because it not only protects from freezing but raises the boiling temperature as well. Good luck.
Q:Is a 3000 watt generator sufficient to power a 3/4 horsepower water pump?
1 hp is 746 watts; however start up and power factors need to be considered. A 0.75 hp motor at steady state draws 560 watts at steady state; to overcome start up assume you will need about 1,100 watts (1.1 KW). Your generator is 3 KW so it should do well.
Q:Water pump housing is NOT available at any parts store.?
Q:What is the aprox. GPM of a 1HP water pump?
www.okorder.com/... You have a lot of choices depending on depth to water, output pressure, etc.

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