Digital Optical Audio Toslink Cable For Pro Audio Cards

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PS4 Digital Optical Audio TosLink Cable



Optical Fiber Cable


Outer Jacket with protective nylon sleeve.(color optional)


24K---Gold Plated


Metal shell or PVC Molding type ( Toslink )

Available Lengths

0.5m ~ 50m

Available Terminations

MU, Toslink

Available Gauge





1) Toslink Digital Audio Cable provides you the cleanest possible signal, even at extreme volume levels

2) There cables use 1mm low-loss core, low-jitter synthetic fiber and heavy metal connectors to dampen vibration

3) Optical cables transfer the signal using light; thus completely eliminating and chance for RFI,EMI or ground loop interference

4) The stylish PVC HEAVY 5.0mm JACKET helps prevent cable damage and adds flexibility and durability for years of listening pleaseure

5) MOULDED STRAIN RELIEFD reduce stress where cable and connectors meet

6) GOLD-PLATED FERRULE prevents corrosion and provides for maximum protection of the fiber tip

7) PRECISION POLISHED FIBER TIPS for maximum signal transfer(includes tip protectors)

8) Connect to your DVD,CD,MINI Disc,DAT other digital audio equipment for clear, full and richly detailed sound

9) Connectors: TOSLINK Male To TOSLINK Male

10) Designed for CD,D/A Converters, Dolby Digital DTS Surround Sound receivers,DVD,Min Disk players and recorders, Pro Audio cards, etc


Quality Control

Operation according to regulations & rules in ISO9001:2008

Mating Durability (500C)

DC300V 5M ohm/10ms

Temperature Stability


Working Temperature


Working Temperature



1) Bubble blister packing - higher price but more attractive

2) Premium slide blister packing - reasonable price

3) Gift box packing - eco - friendly

4) Polybag packing - low - cost, with card header and barcode number

Devices compatible with optical fiber cable

Sony play station 2, Xbox, XBOX360,ALESIS

DVD player, CD player, SACD player, Divx player, DAT player/recorder, MINI Disc player/recorder,

Hard disk driver/recorder,Outboard AD/DA converter, SAT top boxes, cable boxes,

Audio receivers, Dolly Digital DTS Surround sound receiver, Digital receiver, satellite dish receiver,

Digital signal processor, Digital mixers,video game consoles,MP3 application


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There is no standard requirements, according to your site conditions can be, but to safety on
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Now the TV signal is through the fool of the carved melon melon feng sleep celestick after the top box to receive, and then in the form of video signals and audio signals through the audio and video cable output to the TV-related interface, only the sound without the image of this situation The following may be, set-top box failure, the video signal line is not connected, the TV video interface and line failure. You can try to pick up the disc player on the TV, you can determine whether the TV problem or other problems.
Q:How should the pipe remove the debris and water before passing the wire?
The power cable itself has protection, armor, protective cover and so on. As for the cable protection tube is only in the direct burial, pipe jacking pipe used, as in the cable trench laying and cable tunnel is not an extra cable protection tube. Thank you
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The automotive connector is a component that is frequently accessed by an electronic engineering technician
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Data line Is it a three-color line or a high-definition line? Three-color line corresponds to a good TV red and yellow interface Note that the avin high-definition line directly connected to the TV after the hdmi pay attention to switch TV after the video mode. If you are talking about cable TV signal lines, it is generally connected to the wall of the cable interface and set-top box
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Green plug av2. The The other two do not insert Red and white plug audio. TV channel selection av2MP4 mode election to meet the output I have just succeeded, we must add points Ha!
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The so-called "shield" on the cable structure is essentially a measure to improve the distribution of the electric field. Cable conductor from the multi-strand wire twisted together, it is easy to form an air gap between the insulation layer, the conductor surface is not smooth, will cause the electric field concentration. A layer of semiconductive material is coated on the surface of the conductor, which is in good contact with the shielded conductor and is in good contact with the insulating layer, thereby preventing partial discharge between the conductor and the insulating layer. This layer of shielding, also known as the inner shield. In the insulation surface and sheath contact, there may be gaps, cable bending, oil-paper cable insulation surface is easy to cause cracks, which are caused by partial discharge factors. A layer of semi-conductive material is applied to the surface of the insulating layer, which is in good contact with the shielded insulating layer and isotonic with the metal sheath so as to avoid partial discharge between the insulating layer and the sheath.
Q:The computer press the boot button did not respond but the detection power is no problem
It is because the USB output voltage is low, coupled with the extension line resistance is large, resulting in the camera that voltage is too low, the camera can not work properly. You can then pick up the USB cable in the power line to find out the cut, in which a series of diodes, is connected to the computer USB port side, and then the external 5V power supply (must be the regulator after the 5V) positive connected to the diode negative And with the USB cable in the other end of the power cord connected to the negative USB cable connected to the negative, so OK
Q:Power cable in the cable tray is a single layer of laying, or can be stacked together with multi-layer laying?
1.5 square wire is generally used for lamps and switches, the circuit is generally used in the ground, more color lines, in order to distinguish between color. 2.5 square copper wire is generally used for the socket line and part of the feeder, 4 square copper wire for the main circuit and air conditioning, electric water heaters and other special lines. Laying should be seen as the number of wires within the tube to wear the number of changes, the same tube, not more than four, to prohibit the wire will be filled all the space inside the tube. Air conditioning, lighting, socket should be divided control, generally at least four. Lighting go all the way, air conditioning to go all the way, the outlet to go three to four. The advantage of doing so is that once a line of short circuit or other problems, the scope of power outages, will not affect the other few normal work. Welcome to Choi Choi Z-HOME comfortable home pipe integrated system, is committed to improving the quality of living life.

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