Digital communication uses 5 kinds, 6 kinds of cables

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The cable longs run , the highest working temperature can't exceed 70 , does not exceed 160 while holding up in 5 seconds, The cable is not limited by the drop when being laid, environmental temperature is not lower than 0 when laying. Minimum crooked radius of the cable while laying: It is in single core cables 20( D + d), mm, multicore cable( D + d), because mm,( d respectively from cable and actual external diameter of conductor in D of 15, If the leading body is not a round, then d =1.13 √S.S take as the leading factor body marked and claims the section, unit mm2)


Lay and require insulating and regularly with the performance of the electric wire:
1 Allow working temperature for a long time:
BV-90, RV-90 type are at the time of using normally, high temperature the most of conductor is 90
. Use as right to use of the cable environment can prevent from hot to mould and flow and permit and reduce insulating situation of resistance, The PVC mixture that can be used in 90 in succession , base on the premise of always shorten working timing, Its working temperature can be improved to 105 . Other types should not exceed 70
(2)The temperature of laying of the electric wire is not lower than O , allow the crooked radius: The person who smallers than 25mm should not be smaller than 4D for the external diameter of the electric wire( D), the external diameter of the electric wire( D) is not smaller than 6D for 25mm and the above person.

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Q:connect sata hard drive to power?
Just connect the power supplies sata power connector to the hard drive. By the way those 4-pin(molex) to sata power connectors are only used if your power supply doesn't have sata power connectors but only molex and your hard drives are sata power. They allow you to connect a 4pin molex to the connector and power sata hard drives with it. If you want to connect a sata power connector to it and get molex power you can't the connector is not designed for that. Also if your hard drive uses sata to connect to the motherboard and has a 4pin power connector just connect a 4pin power cable from the power supply to the hard drive. I hope that answers your question.
Q:Can you use a graphics card w/o power cables?
You can but the system will be very unstable, that's even if it boots at all.
Q:Can I use a power extension cable overseas?
An extension cord is just more wire. Wire doesn't care about voltage. (The insulation does care about voltage, but they're all rated to handle up to at least 300v). Same with terminal strips (multiple sockets). In either case, you're problem is not handling the voltage, but handling the different plug styles from one country to the next. In the UK, the prong are round, where in Japan, the prongs are bladed.
Q:Computer Power Supply?
between the answerers above claimed a computing gadget in use is like having on a 40watt bulb. properly, in case your 40watt bulb attracts about one hundred and fifty-200watts, i ought to heavily ask for my funds back. i have checked countless the computers i have owned with a skill-intake meter, and they have a tendency to apply between one hundred and fifty-200watts. skill is measured in watt/hours, so a computing gadget like this left on for an hour ought to apply 200watt/hours of electricity. those computers have had processors contained in the a million.5Ghz-2GHz variety. once you're utilising a very quick processor and also you do a great number of gaming with a posh portraits card equipped, you should probably stick yet another one hundred-150watts onto that. A CRT reveal screen makes use of a honest quantity of skill too - my previous 15inch one averages about 80watts. liquid crystal reveal visual reveal unit instruments have a tendency to be a lot less skill hungry than CRTs. Leaving computers on even as they are no longer in use isn't only a waste of money yet obviously also an uneccessary contribution to international warming. yet another aspect to bear in mind is that digital elements have restricted lifespans, in a lot of situations measured in tens or 1000's of 1000's of hours. Capacitors (you'll discover a great number of those on your skill grant and on your motherboard) have shorter lifespans than many different elements, significantly shorter in the adventure that they are run in warmth or warm environments.
Q:what connects a monitor to the processing unit?
The monitor needs a power cable and a data cable. The data cable will plug in to the video socket on your PC.
Q:what a power cable ? ? ? ?
A power cable is an assembly of two or more electrical conductors, usually held together with an overall sheath. The assembly is used for transmission of electrical power. Power cables may be installed as permanent wiring within buildings, buried in the ground, run overhead, or exposed.
Q:How to hook up power control cable to factory deck?
Q:How much amp does an ordinary power amplifier cable might have?
Yes many people use welding cable as long as its sufficient size, its usually the exact same thing as car audio power wire. 200 amps for how long? The longer the run of wire, the thicker you need. What gauge is it?
Q:i recently got a tv but i need a power cable?
Compare it with the one plugged into your computer. Most any store that carries computers or home electronics will have that kind on hand, possibly even a box full of leftovers in the back of the service department. If the cord is thick it's built to carry more power and you should get a similarly rated one to be safe.
Q:The living room to the bedroom cable does not work
Submarine cables and ordinary power cables are used for power transmission, the general power cable in general steel armored after squeezing the outer jacket can be, the submarine cable in the outer jacket outside the cover and mixed with asphalt Steel armor layer to increase the mechanical strength and corrosion resistance when laying. Electrical technical parameters and the same as the ordinary power cable, the main consideration to provide cable laying when the submarine channel conditions and the sea environment. Another large length of the submarine power cable also consider the cable intermediate connector technology is reliable (in case of accidental damage or body failure). The difference between the submarine cable and the cable are said, if the need for submarine cable, in addition to the basic provision of electrical performance and other parameters need to provide laying environmental factors such as buried depth, sea water temperature, sea soil thermal resistance coefficient The

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