Diffusible hydrogen analyzer

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G4 PHOENIX DH is mainly used for the determination of welding consumables and welding of diffusible hydrogen content, the instrument is equipped with infrared rapid heating furnace, and configure the samples got big foot diameter pipe for a sample of hydrogen. 10:00 inside the instrument integrates standard unit for correcting the air and using a high-sensitivity detection of long-term stable thermal conductivity detector for the diffusion of hydrogen, the instrument in full compliance with ISO3690 standards and the latest national standards.

Analysis speed, automation of welding samples in just 20 minutes

Can be rapidly heated to 900 ° C infrared furnace with temperature-programmed functions, from the trachea? 30mm

Optional maximum temperature of 1200 ° C tube furnace, from the trachea? 18mm

Can be adapted to analyze EN / ISO 3690 and AWS A4.3 standard large-size standard blocks

Long-term stability with high sensitivity thermal conductivity detector

Built-in 10-point standard calibration gas unit, no standard calibration

In line with ISO 3690 and AWS A4.3 data reporting format

Optional analysis result output format ppm or ml / 100g

By upgrading to achieve total diffusion of hydrogen and hydrogen detection in the same instrument

And mass spectrometry to realize ppb level content testing '

The results measured the diffusion of hydrogen and mercury can be a good match

Analysis speed, just 20 minutes, the mercury method required 72 hours

Automation, simple operation, the mercury method is complicated, the results need to be converted according to the outside temperature and pressure

Safe, no harmful gases or reagents, and mercury method because of the human body and the environment, has been banned by UNESCO

Measuring range:

0.05-1000ml / 100g

Analysis time:

Welding samples are generally 15-20 minutes

Depending on the weight of the sample material


0.001ml / 100g


± 0.01ml / 100g or ± 1% relative

Samples of different materials depending on weight

Carrier gas:

N2 minimum purity of 99.999%

Pressure 2bar

Cooling water (only infrared oven):

About 1l / min

Size and Weight: 460x750x500mm 50kg

Power supply:

When analyzing 230V, 1kVA

Standby 230V, 300VA

System Requirements:

Operating System: WindowsXP


Two RS232 serial ports

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Q:Main features of instrumental analysis
1. High sensitivity: most instrumental analysis is suitable for trace and trace analysis. For example, the absolute sensitivity of some elements to 10^-14g can be determined by atomic absorption spectrometry. The electronic spectra of even up to 10^-18g, the relative sensitivity of the?? - 1 - 1, ng and even smaller?.2, sampling amount is few: chemical analysis uses 10^-1 ~ 10^-4g; instrument analysis sample is often in 10^-2 ~ 10^-8g.3, the analysis accuracy at low concentration is high: the content of impurities in the range of 10-5% ~ 10-9% range, the relative error is as low as 1% ~ 10%.
Q:The principle and application of austenitic gas analyzer?
Working principle of austenite gas analyzerThe use of different solutions to different groups have been absorbed in the gas sample points in the sample of carbon dioxide with 40% sodium hydroxide absorption; in the sample of oxygen by pyrogallol solution of potassium absorption; using ammonia solution to absorb cuprous chloride in the sample of carbon monoxide. Then the content of each component is calculated according to the volume change of the sample before and after the absorption. CH4 and H2 were determined by explosive combustion, and the remaining gas was N2.The advantages of austenitic gas analyzer are simple structure, low cost and easy maintenance.
Q:What can be done when measuring and controlling technology and instrumentation come out?
What I have learned is library testing techniques and instruments, and I have already worked. The first unit is switching power supply, I do R & D design engineers. Now this unit is made of high voltage solid state switch, I am responsible for some circuits, mainly driving circuit design and experiment.In addition, some of my classmates went to PetroChina, Sinopec, and some of them went to some enterprises of the national grid. The specialty of measurement and control is industrial control, detection and so on. So most of them go to factories or research and development enterprises. Specific position to see their hobbies, you can do technical support, research and development, sales and so on.
Q:What kinds of analytical instruments and related applications have been invented by using X rays?
X analysis diffraction of (phase ray diffraction phase analysis) X Xray ray in the crystal materials in the diffraction effect of the material structure analysis technology.
Q:There are usually several forms of noise in an analytical instrument
[NOISE]: there should be no sound in a certain environment. A loud, harsh noise.
Q:What's the weight loss effect?
The degree of hydration of the skin, the physicochemical properties of the permeate, and the water lipid partition coefficient between the drug and the surface of the skin determine the absorption of the topical medication. As cream and ointment can increase the degree of absorption of the skin, and promote the penetration of drugs on the skin, it is best to choose cream or oil (ointment) formulations of external use diet pills.
Q:What is coal quality industrial analyzer, coal quality industrial analyzer, which are the main indicators of coal?
Coal industry analysis includes four indexes: moisture, ash, volatile matter, fixed carbon (calculated), industrial analyzer is used to determine the above industrial analysis indicators of the instrument. The analysis of the traditional industry mainly by muffle oven + "mode determination, relatively speaking, the analysis of low efficiency, more human disturbance; in 2000, began to appear on the market of industrial automation analyzer (represented by the Polytron Technologies Inc, Hunan Sande SDTGA2000) at present, automatic industrial analyzer after more than ten years of development, has been upgrading several times, widely used in the market, and for electricity, coal industry standards and national accreditation standards.
Q:The automatic biochemical analyzer belongs to several kinds of medical instruments
Previously, some registrations were of the three category, and are currently collectively referred to as the two category. Domestic automatic biochemical analyzer which should be the best quality of Nanjing Yi rambe.
Q:What are the useful ZigBee analytical instruments?
Previously used a ZigBee analysis instrument, is ZLG, can analyze ZigBee communication packets, quickly find the ZigBee network when the problems arise.
Q:What's the price of the ore Analyzer?
Analysis of high speed, high precision, realizes the on-site analysis of chemical components such as geology, ore surface, core or have prepared samples. Through real-time multiple sampling, direct assessment of ore grade, and obtain analytical results, not only greatly improve the productivity and production schedule, and the results obtained from the laboratory analysis of the number of time days to a few seconds now.

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