Different Kinds of 15kv Medium Voltage xlpe Power Cable

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Different Kinds of 15kv Medium Voltage xlpe Power Cable


Main Structures

1. Conductor: Class 2 copper wire
2. Insulation: XLPE
3. Sheath: PVC




1. Voltage Rate: 3.6/6kv, 6/6kv, 6/10kv, 8.7/10kv, 8.7/15kv, 12/20kv, 18/20kv, 18/30kv, 21/35kv, 26/35kv


2. Cores: 1C, 3C


3. Range of Nominal cross section: single core: 25mm2 to 630mm2, 3 core: 25mm2 to 400m2


4. Standard: IEC 60502, BS6622, VDE0276, GB/T12706


5. Application: It applies to the transmission and distribution lines with rated voltage from 3.6/6kv to 26/35kv, to be laid directly in ground, outdoors, indoors and in cable ducts.


6. Max. Operating Temperature: 90°C,can be 110 °C  as per requirement


7. Remark: The cable can be of flame retardant, fire resistance and environment friendly or other property


 Cable Advantages:

1) Competitive price, Excellent Quality and Kindly Services. 
2) ISO9001, ISO14001 & OHSAS18001, CCC, Guangdong Top 500 Enterprises, Guangdong Manufacturing TOP 100 Enterprises, Shenzhen TOP Brand, and other certificates. 
3) 45 minutes reach to Shenzhen sea/air port. 
4) 5 professional engineers and 586 experienced workers. 
5) Our products meet GB, JB, IEC, AS/NZS, BS, VDE, UL and other Chinese or International standards, and we accept OEM, OBM & ODM orders.





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Q:Where can I purchase some type of box to hide or store power cables that are on the floor of my home office?
I just use cheap plastic fishing tackle boxes or tool boxes. Cut or drill holes in the sides or ends for your cables, roll the cables up and twist tie them inside the box, allowing just enough on the outside of the box to reach their connecting points. Works great and it's easy to find black or gray boxes to match your computer so it doesn't look bad either.
Q:I need an extra power cable for my sata hard drive?
Yes, okorder.com
Q:If i bring my xbox into another country, can i plug the power brick and power cable for that country in it?
depends on what country you're going to
Q:shoulkd i get a new set of ground and power and rca cables?
The first consideration is how much power can your speakers handle without self destructing? My opinion is that few can productively handle more than a couple of hundred, and that would be for very brief peaks. The average listening level in a domestic situation is on the order of a few watts - 10 or less. If you really have speakers that can handle that amount of power, and you want to deliver it efficiently, then you need to keep the 2-way resistance of the wires from the amps to the speakers at less than 10% of the speaker impedance. So for 4 ohm speakers (worst case) you want the line resistance to be below 0.4 ohms. For a 50 ft (100 ft 2-way) cable run, that suggests 16 AWG minimum wire gauge for each speaker. Your existing RCA cables should be OK assuming they only carry low level signals. If your present power service and grounding are on a 15 or 20 Amp branch circuit (US) , and no other heavy appliance loads (refrigerator, washer, airconditioner) are on that branch, then it is OK for the new amps.
Q:Can I attach an 8-pin power cable to a video card with a 6-pin port?
yes you can and it will be fine, my 8 pin connectors had clips on the end so i could remove 2 pins and use it as a 6 pin...
Q:some one told me that cisco get this router without AC power it get the power from the network cable?
Let's just clarify a thing or two: Most networking equipment uses AC power. All routers and switches (or, at least 99% of them) must be powered from an AC wall outlet. However, a wireless access point or an IP telephone may receive power from it's attached ethernet cable. Where does the power come from? The device on the other end of the cable must be supplying power through the cable. This is called PoE (power-over-ethernet) and there is at least one IEEE standard for this, and one Cisco-proprietary standard. Typical devices that can supply power are switches (not all switches) and power injectors. A power injector is a palm-sized device that you insert between a non-PoE switch and a client device to inject power into the ethernet cable. The injector must be wall powered to function. Some routers, particularly ISR (integrated services routers) routers can suypply PoE, too. So, usually routers do not receive PoE. Often, switches provide PoE. Usually, access points receive PoE. Make sense?
Q:What causes a laptop power cable to be loose?
the only element you do no longer point out is that if the output is AC or DC. If the connectors are the comparable length, as a ways because of the fact the specs pass, evidently like it is going to paintings. How do you tell if this is AC or DC? Many capability adapters in simple terms say it (AC/DC) with the output archives. If yours does, you in trouble-free terms did no longer positioned it on your post. If it would not say, you should seek for a logo. the logo for DC is 3 dots with a good line section over the three dots. For AC you get a tilde (wave image) over the three dots. The pc furnish is definitely is DC. as long because of the fact the different is DC additionally, then pass forward. in case you do no longer see any image, you may desire to obtain a digital meter which will inform you for helpful. good luck.
Q:Do ferrite beads on audio leads and power cables do anything meaning full?
Generally they are fitted to fix a narrow bandwidth issue, so you would need to know what interference issue you are trying to fix. In most coaxial application this is for the roll off between shielding types.
Q:Why do Craftsman and Porter Cable share power tools?
Porter Cable Angle Grinder
Q:when selecting muticore power cable the current rating of conductor in cosidered individually or total 3 cores?
Generally ,each cable .

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