diesel generating set diesel generating set

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Prime Power


Standby  Power


Engine ModelEngine Power
FKS-C2220 224B3.9-G124/27
FKS-C2220 224B3.9-G224/27
FKS-C3330 334BT3.9-G136/40
FKS-C3330 334BT3.9-G236/40
FKS-C8880 886BT5.9-G186/92
FKS-C8880 886BT5.9-G286/92
FKS-C10090 1006BTA5.9-G2106/116
FKS-C180160 1806CTAA8.3-G2183/204
FKS-C220200 220 6LTAA8.9-G2220/245

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Q:Does a nuclear power plant get it electricity from its own reactor or an outside source?
The power required to run house loads does come from the generator. If the generator trips off line because of a protective action or because the reactor itself has shut down, then the energy comes from the grid. If the grid has failed (perhaps causing the generator to trip) then power is still possible from a second offsite source. If both offsite sources fail for some reason, then the emergency diesel generators can power the required minimal loads required to cool the decay heat from the reactor.
Q:What kind of fuel does a honda generator use?
Kind of depends on the actual generator you are buying. MOST generators will run on regular gasoline. Your owner's manual will tell you the proper type Other types of fuels generators can run on: 2:1 stroke engine requires a mixture of oil and gas. Diesel Gasoline, Propane, Natural gas.
Q:Calculating how long it would take to use 20kW?
Yup, you missed the obvious. It is not important how big the tank is, simply that when you have used the whole tank you have produced a total of 20kW/hours of electricity for consumption. So as shown by the first person to answer, the tank will last for around 9.5 days. (Assuming the family's consumption is consistent throughout the day.)
Q:I want to buy 5000kva diesel generators from the manufactuerer?
contact them then not us
Q:Did The Tsunami Wash Over The Nuclear Reactors in Japan?
the reactors are right on the shore, the tsunami was right there. and yes it did wash over the plants. that's what caused the backup power to fail ! plus several fuel tanks washed away and water got in almost everywhere, however the containment units remained sealed, at least until the hydrogen steam pressure cracked them ! now the NRC reports there is radiation at deadly levels in the immediate area.japan is downplaying the crisis. and due to unconfirmed plutonium pollution, the area may be uninhabitable for 30,000 years or more ?
Q:Winter diesel generator should pay attention to what?
the no-load preheating time should be a little longer.
Q:would someone tell me how a onan generator works?
Onan is the name of a company that manufacturers generators. Usually small generators for emergency / camping /RV's. A small 8 - 15 hp gasoline engine and a generator. Either electric start or pull rope start.
Q:I'm envisioning more efficient, tall, narrow tires on our vehicles.?
good idea, I've been wondering about that. It will actually be better in snow, as the smaller contact patch will cause the tire to sink through the snow to contact the paving underneath. If you need proof, compare a large heavy car with a light compact. Weight difference is 3 to 1, yet, the tires are about the same width. The heavier car is much better in the snow for the above reason. The thick tires on the light car are only for style. But style has everything to do with tires. Look at the extremely high aspect ration tires (or is it low, anyway the ones only an inch or two between paving and rim). They are expensive, very fragile, damaged by small potholes. Yet they are becoming standard equipment in many brands, ie, you can't get the car without these impractical tires. .
Q:What type of fuel do trains run on?
Indeed, diesel is the primary means of fueling the common diesel-electric locomotive most commonly used today. Others include straight electric locomotives that are typically powered using alternating current transmission (AC), although in years past these used to be powered using outdated direct current transmission (DC). Of note, some of the new environmentally friendly models use battery power to cut way down on emissions and only use backup generators when their batteries need recharged.
Q:why it is necessary to extend the fuel inlet piping in a diesel tank to the low level point ???
If I understand your question right. It will reduce foaming when fueling the tank.

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