Diesel Forklift Truck 11.5-15ton

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Product Description:

Diesel Forklift Truck 11.5-15ton

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:CPCD150


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:Moistureproof Package in Container

Origin:Shanghai, China


HS Code:8427209000

Production Capacity:1000 Units / Month

Product Description

Model: CPCD115-150 
1. The door frame high strength wide view mast and two or three free all day promote the door frame of its scope. Highly choice, can be configured fork move, lateral and various appurtenances provided. 
2. The instrument and seat beautiful reliable combination instrument, steering wheel and small pear-shaped handle all of human body engineering design, reflect people-oriented design thought. 

3. Adjust the load distribution, improve the stability and load capacity. 
4. Overloaded with high strength in drive to bridge the slow, and the planet type wheel edges to slow down, the more suitable for heavy and bad working conditions in the safe and reliable operation of homework. 
5. The engine and hydraulic converter high quality diesel engine fuel injection allocation as the drive source (Japan, domestic engine can be according to users based), easy to type engine cover and highly effective hydraulic torque converter, fixed axis type mesh hydraulic power transmission, effective hang block guarantee the machine good working effect. 

6. The strong power of diesel engine, reliable, economical. 
7. Hydraulic transmission, the planet type wheel edges reducer, stepless speed, simple operation. 
8. Imported heavy KaShi high hfe braking system to ensure that the heavy than braking, brake reliably. 

9. Hydraulic steering system, the realization to light, small in turning radius, flexible steering, it is easy to operate. 
10. With double pump confluence work hydraulic system, reduce oil consumption, energy consumption. 
11. Wide view mast view is broad, easy to observe the driver. 
12. All parts localization, cost-effective, accessories and general high to buy, the daily maintenance convenient. 

13. Lifting height up to 3 meters, and can be designed according to customer requirements height. 
14. Equipped with unique top oil cylinder, facilitate the customer maintenance operation.

AOverall height fork raised (with backrest)(mm)5539588458845884
BMast Lifting height(mm)4000
CFree lift(mm)0
DOverall height fork lowered  (uprough) (mm) 3539388435393884
EBackrest height (from upper face of forks)(mm)1035103510351035
FOverall length (with forks)(mm)5875603060806340
GOverall length (without forks)(mm)4375453045804840
HOverall height(over head guard)(mm)28352875
IOverall width(mm)23702450
JFork length(mm)1500
KFork thickness(mm)82878787
L  Fork width (mm)170200200200
MLateral for adjustment (outside of fork)(mm)508-2012
NOverhead guard clearance (from face of sent)(mm)1000
OCoupler height(mm)630630630630
PFork overhang(mm)757796796804
QRear overhang(mm)819936986936
RWheel base(mm)280028003100
UMin under-clearance (bottom of mast)(mm)275260
V  Min turning radius(mm)4080416042104550
W  Min intersecting aisle ( ° )3580362036203780
XTilting angles(forward backward)(mm)6/12


Diesel Forklift Truck 11.5-15ton

Diesel Forklift Truck 11.5-15ton

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Q:What procedures are required for a forklift licence
The forklift should be known Number one: you need information for the inspection (2) inspection of motor vehicles in the factory Certificate of forklift (original and copy of each) A copy of the owner's code certificate A copy of the business license of the owner It is not directly handled by the legal person (which is required to submit a power of attorney)
Q:4 tons of cross-country forklift lifts the four-meter cross-country forklift
Choose the type of forklift fuel for your own condition Internal combustion forklift: suitable for normal operating conditions, outdoor or ventilated conditions and no special requirements for exhaust emissions Advantage: the price is relatively inexpensive, easy to use, long working hours, low environmental requirements, low maintenance requirements and low cost. Disadvantages: large noise and high emissions.
Q:Is the forklift card issued by the labor bureau or the bureau of quality supervision? Which good?
Forklift license has two kinds: 1. Grade card is issued by the labor bureau skills (primary, intermediate, advanced) the certificate of cover different grade card is different color, green, primary, intermediate and senior red, blue. Such certificates may be subsidized by the title of office; The certificate of special operations issued by the bureau of quality supervision is the same as that of green skin, which can be used for forklift operation. The more important.
Q:Battery lift truck charging requirement
Charge note Do not unplug or turn off the power switch when charging, otherwise the plug and the electrical component will be damaged. When the charging authority is closed, the plug is removed. The truck. When configuring the electrolyte, do not pour water into sulfuric acid, lest the temperature of the liquid surface suddenly rise, and the boiling acid droplets will hurl
Q:How to tell the truth from a forklift?
The original poster hello I'm glad to answer that question for you I hope you will be satisfied with my answer Can check it on the website, now the forklift license administration of quality supervision, pipe, open administration of quality supervision, the web page on the Internet, can have a check the window of the special operations, the input number can be found out is true or not
Q:But they had heard jac forklift, now out a new model seems like three years warranty, feeling pretty good, now dare to do three years warranty of forklift jianghuai should be the first.
But they had heard jac forklift, now out a new model seems like three years warranty, feeling pretty good, now dare to do three years warranty of forklift jianghuai should be the first.
Q:What are the types of forklifts?
Depending on the location of the cargo fork, Fork lift truck. It USES more forklift types. The straight fork is called the balance heavy, its cargo fork in the front of the forklift. Due to the pallet fork out outside the front wheel axis, the overturning moment, in order to balance the goods weight in the rear part of the forklift truck is equipped with a counterweight, to maintain stability of forklift. Side fork lift truck: its cargo fork is on the side of the forklift truck.
Q:How does flexsim implement a forklift truck to move the product to the shelf
For example, a forklift truck lifts the cargo from the staging area to the shelf: First, the temporary storage areas, shelves and forklifts are established.
Q:Is it dangerous to drive a forklift?
Somebody must be shorter than we in the world, than we are stupid, than we are ugly, than we don't have the talent, has created a miracle finished our distant dream. The deaf can be the only one like creation, the blind can break the high jump record, no hand can play the piano to do talent, no hands no feet can become a speaker, legs residue can be Olympic champion... Why is that? It shows that success is never a classic! One, he was desperate; He never complains; Three, he has no limits in his life The forklift is not only about speed, but also about the accuracy of the Angle, which can easily cause a safety accident.
Q:The purpose of the forklift truck
Forklift plays a very important role in the logistics system of the enterprise, which is the main force in the material handling equipment. Widely used in the national economy, such as station, port, airport, factory, warehouse, etc., it is an efficient equipment for mechanized loading and unloading, stacking and short distance transportation. Self-propelled forklifts appeared in 1917. During world war ii, forklifts were developed. China started making forklifts in the early 1950s. Especially with the rapid development of China's economy, the majority of enterprise material handling has been out of the original manual handling, instead of forklift truck is given priority to the mechanization of handling. As a result, demand in China's forklift market has grown at double-digit rates every year for the past few years.

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