Diesel Engine Fire Centrifugal Pump XBC Series

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Product Description:

Performance of Diesel Engine Fire Centrifugal Pump XBC Series

Flow Range:5-1500m3/h

Head Range:10-300m

Power Range:1.1-250kw


Material:Cast Iron,Stainless Steel

Work Pressure:≤1.6MPa

Products Overview of Diesel Engine Fire Centrifugal Pump XBC Series
XBC type diesel engine fire pump is a new type of fire-fighting product that strictly according to the national standard GB6245 "fire pump performance requirements and testing methods" criteria, this series have wide head, flow range, can fully meet various occasions fire water supply in the warehouse, docks and airports, petroleum chemical industry, power plant, liquefied gas station, textile and other industrial and mining enterprises. 
Product has the characteristics of easy starting, strong overload ability, compact structure, convenient maintenance, simple use, high automation degree, it is a kind of advanced, reliable fire-fighting equipment. 

Working Conditions of Diesel Engine Fire Centrifugal Pump XBC Series
1. Altitude: ≤2,500 meters 
2. Environmental temperature: - 25 ~ 55 ºC 
3. Relative humidity: 9 ~ 95% 
4. Seismic intensity: 7 degrees 

Main Features of Diesel Engine Fire Centrifugal Pump XBC Series
1. Automatic starting: when receives fire/pipe pressure/power failure/or other start signal, it can automatic start and devote to full load operation in 15 seconds. 
2. Automatically charges: battery charging automatically from electric power or charging motor in diesel engine so as to ensure its smooth start-up, 
3. Automatic alarm: when diesel engine under low oil pressure, high temperature water and other problems, it would automatic alarm, and alarm and stop when over-speed. 
4. Automatic preheating: make the diesel engine in the spare state, ensure emergency work. 
5. Direct coupled type: below 360kw diesel pump unit adopt diesel engine and pump connected through elastic coupling directly technology, reduces the malfunction points, and shortens start-up time greatly, increase the reliability and emergency performance. 
6. Users can also required another alarm output (non standard delivery); 
7. With remote measure, remote communication, remote control (non standard delivery); 

Standard Scope of Supply of Diesel Engine Fire Centrifugal Pump XBC Series
1) automatic diesel pump unit: diesel engine, water pump, cooling fan, cooling water tank, steel structure base, (water heater), battery, connecting wires, exhaust muffler, expansion joints, automatic control panel (adopt imported British DEEP SEA 520 automatic controller). 
2) according to customer request provide pattern examination or entrust inspection inspection reports issued by national fire-fighting equipment quality supervision inspection center. 
3) according to customer request designed to pump group, the fuel tank, control panel, battery composite integration model. 
4) according to customer request designed to pump group, the fuel tank, control panel, battery, rainproof cabinet combined outdoor type. 

Optional Scope of Supply of Diesel Engine Fire Centrifugal Pump XBC Series
1) 300L - 1000L daily-use oil tank or fuel tank 
2) diesel pump unit and electric pump unit linkage control panel 
3) electric pump unit, constant pressure pump group, pressure tank, etc

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7 hp motor 8 IMPERIAL head pump( will through about 400 ft up ) with 50 mm piping will work for you.
Q:rv water pump?
A lot of the pumps for RVs do cause a slight sputter, Try compleatly filling the water tank, then turning the pump on,. Allow a few minutes to build up pressure and fill the hot water tank, If the sputtering slows, or compleatly stops, your ok. You have to remember that a lot of after market pumps don't work quite as well as an OEM pump. If it's a real bad sputtering, You might need to return the pump.
Q:What motor does the pump use?
Pump should use special water pump motor.Pump motor (pump motor) according to the structure classification, should be divided into horizontal motor and vertical motor. Because of the work characteristics of pump starting torque is relatively small, the starting frequency is relatively small, relatively long time continuous operation and other characteristics, so the majority of pump motor asynchronous motor cage rotor or synchronous motor.
Q:how to fix my water pump to my e34 525i its overheating no leaks?
well before you go through a task like that have u checked for opther options? check it out- First: make sure that your radiator is in good condition, check the belts, the hoses and the coolant level. Make sure that there is no coolant leaks. Check the condition of the shroud for cracks its proper installation. Car fluid or coolant circuit element just changed: Your overheating is probably due to air trapped into the coolant circuit. Use the bleed screw to bleed the circuit. Then bleed again, again, again and again. Nothing had been changed, car is overheating while idling or heavy traffic: 1. Check that the thermostat works and opens. 2. Check the fan clutch. Car overheating while driving. Not stop and go. 1. Bleed the cooling circuit. 2. Check the thermostat. 3. Check the water pump. 4. On the 535i, check the bypass hose located and attached just above the upper hose neck on radiator and runs along the inner walls to the Resivior tank. If it is plugged, the car will overheat. Overheating with A/C on, or very high temperature only. 1. Check that the auxiliary fan is working properly(Bentley manual page 170-4). 2. Check the fan clutch.
Q:My circuit breaker for my water pump is wet and pops? What should I do?
I am assuming that the breaker for your water pump is in a disconnect box on the exterior of your house. If the disconnect is wired to code the disconnect would be fed with a line that also has breaker in your main panel. If this is the case the first thing you should do is identify this breaker and turn it off. Don't go by any labeling on the panel. Use a tester to make sure power is completely off in the disconnect.If power is off you can then pull the breaker out and dry it off. You can also dry the enclosure with a towel. When everything is dry reinstall the breaker and turn power back on in main panel. If it still pops in disconnect, it would be wise just to buy a new breaker , they are not that expensive. Not necessary to start using cleaning sprays.This procedure should solve your problem if everything has been wired to code. If you are not sure about anything I have described, please call a professional. Good luck.
Q:Will a water pump from a 1989 ford f-150 with a 302/5.0 fit on a 1985 f-150 with a 302/5.0?
they should, the best way is cross reference the part go auto zone page check the part numbers see if they match
Q:took car to mechanic put in timing belt engine coolant and water pump now green fluid leaking what is it?
Almost everytime a mechanic replaces the timing belt, they replace the water pump as well since the timing belt usually drives that pump and it's just practical to do both at once... when they do this, they first drain the coolant (green stuff), then remove timing belt, and water pump (what pushes the coolant around in your engine), they then install the new water pump *and are supposed to also replace the gasket and/or put rtv sealant on the mating surfaces to prevent leaking... I'm going to assume they skipped that step, and the result is coolant (green liquid) leaking out of the pump and making contact with hot surfaces of the engine, which would explain the smoke. Take it back to the shop (if safe to drive, may also want to top off your radiator with water) and demand they fix their messup for free, a good shop will not charge you for their mistakes.
Q:98 Toyota Camry water pump replacement?
If you are going to do this, have him buy a book at the auto parts store.
Q:1998 jeep cherokee water pump?
Sound like the new water pump is junk. The water is leaking out of the weep hole. That is a hole designed to leak when the pump bearing is going bad. It is a safety precaution so you don't fry the bearing and lock up your pulley system.
Q:Timing belt and water pump change?
You don't have to renew the water pump. They mention it because it becomes easily accessible during the timing belt replacement. The extra cost should only be the cost of the water pump. So it's often sensible to include the water pump at the same time. If you do it at the next service it will cost you at least the same as you are paying now for the belt job.

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