DI manhole with Bitumen Painting Cover D400/C250 Round Shape

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DI manhole with  Bitumen Painting Cover D400/C250 Round Shape


1.SMC/BMC/FRP manhole cover 
2.EN124 standard 
3.Against thief 
4.Anti-impact and Anti-causticity 
5.With locking system


We are one of the leading manufacturers of manhole covers, fasteners, pumps, motor shells and other castings and forgings. Our products are made according to different standards, such as ISO2531, EN545, EN14525, ISO4422, ISO7005, DIN3352, BS5163, DIN3202, BS2494, BS4504, EN124 and other relevant ISO, EN, BS, DIN and ANSI standards.

Moreover, our products have been selling well in European, Middle East, Southeast Asian, South African and South American countries for more than 10 years. We can also make the castings and forgings according to customers' drawings or samples.

Presently, we are looking forward to your inquiries and to establishing long term cooperation relationship based on mutual benefits. If you are interested in any of our products, please feel free to contact us for more details.





Our Burglarproof Artistic manhole covers (shorted for FRP manhole cover) are made from composite materials such as glass fiber, resin, quartz, corundum etc..

Applying wear-resistant and climate-resistant materials on the relief sculpture layer so that the products can be long-term used under different environment.

Applying continuous reinforced fiber on the structure layer to ensure the products having sufficient sustaining ability. While some of other composite material manhole covers (for examples, BMC manhole cover) do not contain reinforced fiber, or just contain short fiber (the intensity of short fiber is 20-30% of continuous fiber);

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