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Detailed Product Description

1.convenient scaffolding system

2.industrial buildings and civil buildings

Convenient Ring - Lock Scaffold Formwork For Industrial, Civil Buildings


Brief introduction

A convenient scaffolding system, especially for load-bearing support, its structure is simple and reasonable, its operation is easy and flexible, and the system is widely used in industrial buildings and civil buildings.

Convenient Ring - Lock Scaffold Formwork For Industrial, Civil Buildings

Competitive advantage

①. Product standardization, produce cost is lowered.

Convenient Ring - Lock Scaffold Formwork For Industrial, Civil Buildings

As the picture left shown, the standard is auto-welded; all the distance between cross plates of standards with different length is 500mm, which makes the auto-welded working method be easily achieved.

②. Spatial tower assembly guarantees high load-bearing capacity.

The main body of RL-scaffolding system is consisted of standard, ledger, diagonal ledger, and diagonal brace. The system forms a whole spatial frame structure that guarantees its high load-bearing capacity.

③.Smart joint design guarantees safe application and easy operation.

As the picture below shown, the “connect head” stuck in the position of cross plate with correct hole, then fix the pins tightly with a hammer, after that, you finish the whole connection work. The joint is safe and firmly.

Convenient Ring - Lock Scaffold Formwork For Industrial, Civil Buildings


Convenient Ring - Lock Scaffold Formwork For Industrial, Civil Buildings

Convenient Ring - Lock Scaffold Formwork For Industrial, Civil Buildings

Convenient Ring - Lock Scaffold Formwork For Industrial, Civil Buildings

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(a) Taking moments about the farther end we have [TN = tension in near end cable nad TF = tension in farther end cable] 51*2.85*9.8 + 68*(5.7-0.58)*9.8 = TN*5.7 or TN = 848.5 N (b) TF + TN = (57+68)*9.8 = 376.5 N
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