Desktop water Dispenser with High Quality HD-85TS

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 Desktop water Dispenser  with High Quality  HD-85TS

Desktop water Dispenser  with High Quality  HD-85TS

2015 fashionable designed free standing water dispenser

1. Backup Thermostats : WAKO  (Japanese Brand)

2. Hot Water Tank Insulation foam, UL approved

3. With water leakage detector

4. Easy maintenance, no tool required for replacement

5. Environment Friendly & Energy Efficiency Design

6. High Quality Compressor: Panasonic

7. Major Thermostats : EGO (German Brand)

Desktop water Dispenser  with High Quality  HD-85TS

CNBM was awarded Global Manufacturer Certificate(GMC). Global Manufacturer Certificate (GMC) is a standard established by GlobalMarket Group to identify and certify high-quality China Manufacturers, which includes 8 benchmarks concluded from surveys with approximately 20,000 international buyers.

To become a GMC manufacturer, the manufacturer should submit an application, provide relevant documents and go through an on-site auditing process by the world’s leading certification authority TüV. Only those in accordance with GMC standard can be awarded the certificate.

Becoming a GMC manufacturer means:

00001. High-quality products and high capacity

00002. ?Genuine manufacturer with ISO certification

00003. Substantial export experience and OEM/ODM experience

00004. Prominent R&D capability

00005. Good reputation within the industry

The 8 GMC Benchmarks

Benchmarks                       GMC Members 
Genuine Manufacturer

factory or brands owned, not a trader or broker

employees engaged in manufacturing process

High-quality Products

products certified by the third party

ISO certification obtained and in its valid period

quality control system established

Considerable company Size

or 2,500,000 USD and above export volume

or 5,000,000 USD and above annual turnover

5,000,000 USD and above production capacity

Dedicated  Exp on  team

necessary educational background

foregin language skills

Social and Environmental Responsibility

maintain a healthy and safe working environment

comply with all social and environmental laws of relevant

* TÜV Rheinland Group is a leading provider of technical services worldwide. The Group’s mission and guiding principle is to achieve sustained development of safety and quality in order to meet the challenges arising from the interaction between man, technology and the environment.

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Q:What are the accounting subjects for drinking fountains?
Borrow: low value, easy to consume goods (or fixed assets)Cash in stock (or bank deposit)Then it is amortized according to the accounting policy.The dispenser for sale belongs to the inventory account
Q:How to check the leakage of water dispenser?
The leakage of the water dispenser may be due to the long time heating of the hose and the binding band, the relaxation of the elasticity, the relaxation of the gap between the inlet hose and the heating device, and the formation of water seepage and flow to the circuit, causing leakage. Cut off the power supply, remove the cover of the water cooler, change the tie belt or hose, wipe the water out and dry. Check the line and get rid of the trouble spots. It can continue to be used for some time, but it is not safe. It is better to ask a professional repair master to repair or replace the water dispenser directly.
Q:How long should the interval between washing and sterilizing machines be?
Basically free of any impurities or minerals. But it is impossible to exclude some of the strict water on the market, the finished water will remain minerals, and therefore will form scale.
Q:How to clean the filter bucket on the water fountain?
According to the relevant departments of environmental monitoring and health detection, bottled water dispenser and the cold hot water liner three months without washing will multiply bacteria, viruses, and the residue of heavy metals and even overgrow of red worms, serious harm to people's health.Water dispenser is usually neck barrels of bottled water after the upside down on the fountain of "smart seat", and then by the hose machine the water into two water container, one of which is a hot water liner, a cold water liner, the two water tank in addition to the hot and cold water function outside, it can also play the role of precipitation of impurities in water. People often repeatedly change barrels of water, but ignored the water dispenser's liner still has a certain amount of water, this water will hide pathogenic bacteria, over time, naturally become a breeding ground for bacteria. Consumers misunderstanding of drinking machine that itself is a water purifier, bottled mineral water is clean, even if the water dispenser without regular cleaning and disinfection will not have what problem, so there will be a variety of water bodies.
Q:What's the use of keeping fresh on the water fountain?
The sterilizing function can be realized when the power supply is switched on and the fresh-keeping timing switch is opened. Disinfection of the equipment is, of course, a little longer.
Q:Can I buy a second-hand drinking water machine?
Try not to buy, second-hand not health. Buy a new is not expensive, the family to buy a little more, office use, you order more water, people will send you!
Q:Does the water dispenser need cleaning?
Disinfection and cleaning steps of household water dispenser:The first step: Unplug the power plug, remove the bucket. Remove all the residual water dispenser cavity as the remaining water dispenser outfall where water is a key cause two pollution of drinking machine, so the sewage must first open the fountain behind the remaining water drainage inside, and then open all drinking water switch, more than the water left to the fountain cavity.The second step: use clean tweezers to clamp the sterilized alcohol cotton ball, and carefully clean the water dispenser "smart seat"". Normally, these parts of the dispenser contact air directly and are easy to accumulate bacteria. Scrub with sterilized alcohol to remove dirt and prepare for further disinfection.The third step: general household water dispenser cavity capacity is about 2000 ml, 300 ml of disinfectant dissolved in 2000 milliliters of water, and then filling the entire cavity, 10-15 minutes after the open water dispenser comprises a sewage pipe and water disinfectant discharge switch.The fourth step: 7000-8000 ml of water continuous rinsing water dispenser, the whole cavity after opening all switches, clean water.Fifth step: wipe the back wall of the water tap of the water dispenser with sterilized alcohol cotton.The sixth step: as the water dispenser has just been disinfected, there may be traces of residual disinfectant, so it can not be consumed immediately. Should first pick up a glass of water, smell the smell of disinfectant, if there is, you need to keep the water, until the water can not smell, you can safely drink
Q:The heating indicator of the table drinking machine is bright, but what's the problem of non heating?
Is the water fountain electronic or compressor?. 1., the electronic heating lamp is bright, not heating, no discussion, the heating tank is broken. There are two possibilities for compressor. One is overheating protection. Second, there is a problem with the heating tank. The possibility of changing the heating tank is relatively large
Q:What is the daily electricity consumption of a drinking fountain?
This problem involves many uncertain factors, such as season, (the holding time of spring and autumn and winter is not the same as) you use water, heating time of the heating power holding time + * * insulation power heating power is generally 500-1000 watt holding power of several Watts - ten watt general if usually develop when using power on after power off habits will greatly reduce power consumption.
Q:What's the water stain in the water dispenser?
That can only mean that water is not pure, and now a lot of businessmen to tap water as pure water to buy, buy water later, be careful

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